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Best BJJ Gi reviews


BJJ Gi – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you just want to find what the best BJJ Gi is and don’t have the time to read the whole article, we have you covered. After looking at some of the most popular BJJ Gi reviews, we have concluded that the product that most customers love the most is the FUJI BJJ Uniform 7000-A3. Once you take a quick look at it there’s no wonder that this model is so beloved, as it offers great quality at a price that is hard to beat. With this option, you get an award-winning Gi that has been recognized by many worldwide publications as the most trusting BJJ Gi in the world. The premium cotton blend that this option uses will make you feel cozy without sacrificing on durability, this model is guaranteed to last you a long time. If the FUJI BJJ Uniform 7000-A3 is unavailable, we recommend the Venum Contender  as your second option.


Top features to consider


Finding a good Gi can be a bit tricky as the amount of options and brands to choose from can make you feel overwhelmed. Because trying every option that the market has for sale is not possible, we want to give you a helping hand. In the buyer’s guide below we have gathered some useful information that we hope will make it easier for you to narrow down your choices.



Lightweight yet durable


The reason why the weight of the product needs to be considered is that a lightweight design can give you an edge over your opponent. A Gi that is lightweight will mean that you will have fewer things holding you down, allowing you to move around easily and perform for a longer period of time without feeling tired and getting bogged down by your attire.

Similarly, you need to be careful that you don’t trade weight for fabrics that are low-quality and are not able to perform as they should. You want your purchase to last you as long as possible; you don’t want it to get ripped off easily.

If possible, you should try and get a feel of the product before buying as this will allow you to see the quality of your purchase as well as if you feel comfortable while wearing it.



The cut


The cut of your product is a factor that needs proper care because if you want to compete, you might be needed to follow certain rules. Depending on the competition, you might be needed to follow a few regulation such as the size of your pant legs and the inclusion or exclusion of sleeves.

Even if you don’t plan on competing, the cut of your Gi is important because you need to follow your personal preferences. You need to keep in mind that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable. You can customize your pick in whatever way you might want, as long as you feel great wearing it.





Not all Gis need to come in a bland and colorless design. There are plenty of options available that offer a great variety of colors and graphic designs for you to choose from. Of course, if you don’t feel like customizing your purchase, there are also standard alternatives for you to choose from as each model tends to come in more than one color and design.

Customizing and choosing a model that features colors and graphics that go well with your style is crucial. Wearing something that you feel good in and that represents you will make you feel more confident and give you a boost of energy that might just be what you need to win.



Top rated products



To further ease your task of finding the best BJJ uniform, we have come up with a list of some of the best-received choices on the market today. You can read our list below. These are the products that customers seem to love the most due to their great quality, affordability and comfort.



FUJI BJJ Uniform 7000-A3


With titles such as the most trusted BJJ Gi in the world, the FUJI BJJ Uniform 7000-A3 gives you the guarantee that you are purchasing a top of the line item that will never disappoint you. It comes in a large variety of sizes for you to choose from so that you get the one that fits you perfectly. It’s made out of a premium cotton blend which means that you will feel extremely comfortable while wearing it.

Because you want a durable product, the FUJI BJJ Uniform 7000-A3 features a thick collar and a multi-layered reinforcement across all the stress points. This means that no matter how many time you roll around, stretch or have your item grabbed by the opponent, the chances of it tearing apart are small.

To better suit a larger pool of potential customers, the FUJI BJJ Uniform 7000-A3 comes in 4 colors that you can choose from. What’s great is that if you want to buy one as a gift for your kids, you can, and you can even get a pink one that is perfect for little girls.

Taking care of the product is as easy as it gets since you will just have to wash it in the washing machine. It does not need to be washed by hand.

Buy from for ($82.96)




Venum Contender


If you want a model that looks great and is both comfortable and durable, then the Venum Contender can be your ideal pick. It uses fabrics that are 100% cotton which means that you feel comfortable while wearing it and your skin will be able to breathe naturally. You also won’t have to fear rashes as the fabric is soft and does affect your skin in any way.

The cotton jacket uses a pearl weave which is the most popular weave for competition attire as it makes the Gi lightweight and durable. With the pearl weave, you won’t have to worry that a light option means that you will have to trade some of its durability. Air can also pass easily through the fabric allowing for a better air circulation, making you feel refreshed and allowing sweat to evaporate.

The collar is reinforced with an EVA foam that can help you resist grips as well as allowing you to counter the attacks of your opponents more easily. The pants are also reinforced inside of the leg and ankle cuffs, the areas that need more protection so that your Gi will not only last longer but will also be able to protect you better.

Buy from for ($169.99)




Venum Elite


If you don’t mind having to spend more for your product, the Venum Elite  might appeal to you as it offers great quality in a durable and comfortable build. For beginners, the price might be a bit too much, but if you are an advanced practitioner or just a beginner that wants to advance quickly, investing in a high-quality Gi could be your best option.

The 100% cotton design allows the user to feel comfortable when wearing this item, especially as the fabric allows for air to travel in and out. This means that you will never feel overheated or drenched in sweat while wearing the Venum Elite. Your body will be able to regulate its temperature naturally, and your sweat will also evaporate quickly so that you never feel uncomfortable.

Whether you use in your daily training or in a major competition, this product will be able to face each obstacle effortlessly. Even after many cycles of washing, the quality and durability of this option make it pass the test of time. You will have a product that will last you for a long time. As a plus, it also looks good, and it will certainly make you look and feel your best.

Buy from for ($169.99)




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