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We, at, feel strongly about education in all its forms. We have a challenge you may want to consider if you love writing and are currently studying for your degree in Marketing, Management, Journalism, or Creative Writing.


About us

We’re a team of online marketing specialists who have experienced with a variety of sports over time. Since finding the right equipment for the type of exercise modern consumers practice is a daunting task, we have decided we should give prospective buyers a hand with selecting the right products for their specific requirements.

Most of the articles that we publish tackle the matter of choosing the right gear in accordance with the age and skills of the user. We make an effort to try and focus on the crucial factors that need some mulling over so that each and every one of the people who end up here is able to make an informed decision.

With all this in mind, we’ve decided to organize a yearly scholarship of $1,000 which will be awarded to one applicant.




$1,000 awarded to one winner.

This opportunity will be made available every year as we strive to give a helping hand to students who might be struggling with managing their finances while studying for their degrees.


Eligibility and requirements

All of the applicants have to study for their undergraduate or graduate degree. U.S. citizenship is not required.

The topic of the post you will need to write as a part of your application is “The benefits of contact sports for teenagers’ health”. Discuss the importance of integrating a sports and exercise routine in the life of adolescents and how it impacts their well-being, health, and view on life and productivity. Debate the challenges of overcoming youth obesity as it is a pressing issue in the United States ( and not only) that puts children’s health at risk. Although this requirement is not mandatory, the psychological advantages of contact sports could also be a major part of your point.



Payment will be made via the educational institution where the applicant is studying. Contact information for both the applicant and said organization need to be attached to the email.


Selection process

All of the applications should be emailed to Dek23scholarships at by the end of the month of November 2017. This opportunity is a yearly scholarship, so you have the chance to apply next year, as well. To better organize the entire process, we kindly ask you to email the documents with the subject ‘Dek23 scholarship application’.

The article has to be at least 2,000-words long and should be emailed in the form of a .doc or .docx document. You will also be required to provide proof that attests the fact that you are currently studying for your degree in the domains mentioned above.

The Dek23 team will announce the winner no later than ten days after the deadline. The winner will be contacted via email. Should the winner be unable to reply to said email in the course of one week after having received it, we will award the prize to the second best application.

We reserve the right to publish the content on the website and give credit to the author so that he or she is able to showcase it in his or her resume.


Additional information

Correct spelling, grammar, as well as punctuation are a must. All of the information included or quoted in the article has to be genuine and based on trustworthy resources; we suggest the use hyperlinks in order to refer to the sources you have utilized. You are free to use images that are in the public domain.  Plagiarism will automatically disqualify the applicant.



Amount awarded – $1,000

Deadline – November 30th, 2017

The scholarship will be organized every year.

Applicants must be students of a college or university.



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