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Best Baseball Shin Guards Reviews


Shin pads for baseball – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you don’t have the time to go through thousands of reviews and you just want to know which are the best baseball shin guards, this short paragraph will tell you everything you need to know. We have done research online, through reviews, sales figures etc and we have found that the Mizuno G3 is the best because it offers exceptional fit and knee protection thanks to its exclusive detachable K-Pad. Your knees and lower legs get superior protection when hit by a blunt object such as a fast traveling ball, a wayward baseball bat or even your playmate’s baseball cleats when encased in these fantastic shin guards for baseball. Your mobility is not compromised in any way so you can move around in the ice easily thanks to the flexible protective triple knee cup. The stainless steel buckles on the shin guards ensure durability and secure attachment. If the Mizuno G3 is unavailable, you can confidently choose the Easton Youth Black Magic as it is almost just as good.


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Top features to consider:



Baseball athletes need baseball shin pads to protect them from serious leg injuries. A great shin guard delivers enough protection while still being comfortable enough to wear during play. It offers a kind of protective plate worn on the baseball player’s shin to shield it effectively against injury when the tibia or shinbone gets hit accidentally during the game. When the shin bone is kicked accidentally, it could cause bleeding and hemorrhaging of the surrounding blood vessels and nerves. To ensure you have a good pair of shin guards, these are the elements to look into.



Tough construction


Offering reliable security while reducing the risk of suffering from debilitating injury or even permanent damage, the products that get the best baseball shin guards reviews are made of varying combinations of foam rubber, fiberglass, plastic, nylon and polyurethane. Fiberglass shin guards offer rigidity, light weight and sturdiness. They offer protection and support that come with a price. Shin guards of polyurethane are lighter than fiberglass but may not be the best softball shin guards because they have decreased impact protection and softness prone to wear and tear.

Polyurethane shin guards are the heaviest and most rigid and provide the greatest support. Plastic shin guards do not have much to offer in the way of comfort but deliver a good amount of support. They will not handle abuse as much as polyurethane or fiberglass. Remember that your choice of shin guards should offer a good balance in weight, support and impact resistance.



Ankle protection


In terms of ankle protection, you will have to make a tradeoff between maximum mobility and absolute support and protection. Foam or plastic discs may be what some shin guards have for ankle support, but such discs are readily available as separate components to cover the sensitive parts of your ankle. Professional or advanced baseball players do not really go for ankle protection because of restricted mobility. However, during recovery from an ankle injury, ankle protection may be a necessity when you still want to be able to play.





You want the shin guards to offer a perfect fit. Ideally, they should be positioned one inch above the top of your shoes and should end about a couple of inches below your kneecap. Those who are 5 feet 4 inches tall should get senior shin guards or those made for adults. Players shorter than 5 feet 4 inches should use junior shin guards. Both senior and junior shin guards have medium and large sizes available.



Top rated products



There are plenty of brands and models available for baseball shin guards, so the athlete is not really short on options. However, this makes decision making a real pain but hopefully, the above buying guide should help you make a sensible choice we have showcased the best products below to help you enjoy an easier shopping journey.



Mizuno G3 Samurai


1.Mizuno G3 Samurai Shin GuardsThe Mizuno G3 Samurai shin guards boast revolutionary construction that makes them durable and comfortable while ensuring lightweight performance. Easily everyone’s favorite pair of baseball leg guards, these shin guards feature an innovative detachable K-Pad, a Mizuno exclusive, which delivers superior knee protection along with reliable fit. T

he flexible protective triple knee cup encases your knees in a solid shell to ensure more than enough shielding from unexpected hits during play, so you can continue to be at your best till your team posts a victory. The stainless steel buckles provide secure, non-slip attachment while ensuring durability and toughness to withstand abuse and wear and tear.

The stainless construction of the buckles offers resilience against chipping and corrosion even with constant contact with perspiration. This pair offers extra protection to your shins without compromising on your ability to move around the baseball field. The movable/ detachable toe cap delivers extended protection to your feet so you can own the game.

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Easton Youth Black Magic


2.Easton Youth Black Magic Leg GuardsThe Easton Youth Black Magic are the ideal youth shin guards for baseball for youngsters just beginning to explore their potential in the sport.

This beginner’s set of gear carry a dependable double kneecap design that covers your knees in a hard enclosure to deliver rigid enough protection during play. The protective PE shin plate design ensures ample protection against sudden blunt impact that could cause pain and tissue damage. The stitchings on the various components are cleanly executed to ensure seamless protection at all times.

With thick webbings and linings, the shin guards will not compromise on your safety on the playing field. The stainless rivets provide a nice accent to the overall look of the shin guards while securing the components together to deliver solid protection from top to bottom. Be confident of secure attachment to your legs thanks to the reliable belt system that also delivers a snug fit without reducing your mobility on the field.

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Easton Junior/Youth Black Magic


3.Easton Junior Black Magic Leg GuardA fantastic beginner’s set of gear, the Easton Junior/Youth Black Magic shin guards offer young baseball enthusiasts reliable protection against the unexpected hits and bumps that can happen on the baseball field.

These shin guards offer a great fit even to children who are small for their age, from ages 6 to 8. The baseball leg guards are easy to adjust to ensure a snug fit and are also easy to take off and put on, so your child can join the action while being protected from lower leg injury or tissue damage.

The clasp with flat metal hook delivers secure attachment while ensuring a reliably snug fit. It stays securely in place while flexing easily with the player’s movements. The double kneecap design acts like a tough shell that ensures solid protection to the knees without restricting mobility.

The protective PE shin plate design delivers ample protection from wayward kicks and hits during rough play. The shin guards offer exceptional protection and comfort for the youth player.

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Mizuno G3 Youth Samurai


4.Mizuno G3 Youth Samurai Shin GuardsCarrying the patented innovative K-Pad that is easily detachable, the Mizuno G3 Youth Samurai shin guards ensure top to bottom protection for the young player. The shin guards deliver superb knee protection and genuine snug fit with the exclusive K-Pad.

The shin guards also feature a reliably flexible protective triple knee cup that encloses the knees in a shell-like structure to offer consistent protection against blunt impacts that can come from an errant ball or a playmate’s baseball cleats. The knee cup works like a ‘floating’ knee pad made up of three pieces instead of a single one, with two smaller pieces covering the thighs and knees and one long piece covering the shin. The attachment between the longer piece and the two smaller pieces delivers a separate configuration to enable easy mobility.

The stainless metal buckles are designed to ensure a comfortable customized fit without restricting movement. The stainless buckle is resilient against rust and chipping to deliver lasting use. Get more protection on the inner shin with the lightweight Grip Tech DryLite Screen that wicks away moisture while ensuring breathability and comfort.

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