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Best body punching bag reviews


Body punching bags – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you’ve been having trouble figuring out just what the best body punching bag is, you’ve come to the right place. We take great pleasure in giving out a helping hand to prospective buyers, which is why we have put together a short buying guide. Check it out if you want to learn how to correlate your needs and preferences to the specs of the bag you’re looking for. As a side note, read as much info as possible before finalizing your purchase.

Body punching bag


Top features to consider:





Unlike regular punching bags, Bob punching bags can be filled with a limited kind of materials. One of the most popular ones is urethane foam, but fillings vary greatly from one product to the next.

The base of a unit has to be filled with something as well, but that’s mostly taken care of by the user. Water and sand are the most common fillings for the base.





As with any other product, a body punching bag is completely worthless if it isn’t usable. All things considered, you should want to know that the height of a unit can be customized.

Furthermore, the item has to be transportable, in case you want to move it from one room to the other.





If you have the possibility, devote some of your spare time to reading some consumer reviews, as other buyers can tell you just what to expect from a product.



Top rated products



To notably improve your buying process, we have compiled a list of the three most acclaimed Bob punching bags out there on the market. All the following alternatives have been granted excellent user reviews, on the part of American and worldwide buyers. It sure wouldn’t hurt if you considered them.



Century BOB XL with Base Unit


1.UFC MMA 100 lb Training BagThe Century BOB XL variety might just as well be the best body punching bag out there on the market, at least judging by its features and the ratings it has gathered over time.

This is a freestanding heavy bag made of plastisol and filled with urethane foam. As previously mentioned in the buying guide, urethane foam is one of the most common and acclaimed fillings of bags nowadays. The base of this variety can be filled with up to 270 pounds of sand or water, depending on what the buyer has available.

Since the base is round on the edges, this model can be transported both easily and in a timely fashion.

Additionally, this bag can be customized according to various heights, thus allowing multiple users to benefit from its capabilities. Both home and professional users can greatly improve their training sessions with the help of the Century BOB XL, as can people who regularly go to the gym.

Over 80% of the individuals who have purchased this item believe it’s worthy of a 5-star rating.

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BOB Xl Body Opponent Wavemaster


If you are looking to train like a pro, having a realistic punching bag is one of those things that can truly help you advance in your preparation. An anatomically correct punching bag that resembles the torso of a real person can teach you more useful things about where to strike, compared to a traditional model. The BOB Xl Body Opponent Wavemaster offers you the best way to kick and hit to get better.

The bag has two height adjustments, one for 5’6” and one for 6’. Male users say they prefer kicking the mannequin at the higher height, but for women who are shorter, the availability of adjustable height indeed comes in handy. Once the model is delivered to your door, you will only need to fill the base with sand or water.

You will appreciate having a rounded base for smooth rolling away, and storage since the punching bag can reach a total weight of 270 pounds when you fill it completely. Offering you the best setup for training like a professional athlete, the BOB Xl Body Opponent Wavemaster is a great option when you feel like regular punching bags simply do not do it for you.



The way this punching bag is constructed helps with more realistic training, as you will be able to tell where to hit the opponent to touch the weaker points.

The model comes with two height adjustments, 5’6” and 6’, which helps if different people are training with the bag or you want to achieve different results in your martial arts training.

The base is made from polyethylene, and it can be filled with either sand or water, depending which one is more convenient for you.

A nice thing about the base is that it is rounded, which means that you will not have to empty it before storing it away; only rolling it to its rightful place will do the trick.



According to some buyers, filling the base with water does not seem to offer the same stability as sand would, and that may be an issue.

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Century Boxing Body Opponent


Having a sparring partner is invaluable, as you will be able to hit exactly where it hurts and hone your skills without having to rely on your friends to be able to take a punch for the sake of your training. The Century Boxing Body Opponent is both an anatomically correct mannequin and a punching bag, offering you the best conditions for sparring to your heart’s content, without worrying about your sparring partner’s well being.

The model offers seven different height adjustments that vary from 60” to 78”, making it one of the most versatile realistic punching bags on the market. The vast majority of buyers is satisfied with being given so much room for choosing, and a wide variety of people who are martial arts trainees can use it with great success.

The base is made from polyethylene and very sturdy. Fill it with sand, for more stability, or fill it with water, to fill the impact of your kicks and punches more. The total weight of the mannequin when its base is filled is 270 pounds, but this should not bother you since you can roll it around and find a place for it without emptying it.



You can use this anatomically correct mannequin for target practice since you will be able to tell where to hit to make your punches and kicks more effective.

The model has an adjustable set of possible heights, so it is easy for different people to train with it, or for a single user to adjust the height as they see fit.

You can use the base with either sand or water, as it can accommodate both fillings and it does not leak, causing a mess.

As the punching bag ends up weighing 270 pounds when filled, the rounded base is a cool feature that will help you with easy relocation.



Some buyers mention that they are not crazy about all the sloshing sounds that are caused by kicking and punching the mannequin when the base is filled with water.

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Century Body Opponent Bag


2.Century® Body Opponent BagCompared to the item we have showcased above, this one is considerably more affordable. In fact, some might say that it is one of the best punching bags for the money. While some online marketplaces sell it for a higher price, Amazon customers can take advantage of the retailer’s sale discounts and get it at a lower cost.

As is the case with the formerly described Century unit, this one has an adjustable height, allowing multiple users to benefit from the sports advantages that such an opponent bag offers.

The low profile base of this product can be filled with up to 270 pounds of either water or sand, depending on the customer’s personal preferences and/or budget.

The product is backed by a 1-year consumer warranty. This is a 100% original American product, designed and manufactured in the United States of America.

Over 100 individuals have written positive reviews on this variety, and some have even gone as far as state that it is the best investment that they’ve ever made.

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Bobby Bully


3.Bobby BullyEven though it is manufactured by the same Century brand, the Bobby Bully is not as complex or modern as some other products we’ve consulted. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth having a look at, since it is by far the most affordable body punching bag we have stumbled upon. Buyers can purchase it for as little as two hundred and sixty dollars, depending on the retailer of their choice.

As it is to be expected, a low price automatically suggests a more limited number of features. The Bobby Bully can be customized according to just 2 height adjustments, unlike the previously mentioned models, which both feature 7 height adjustments.

Since this is a bag destined for the use of children, the mannequin is kid size. Some petite women may find it easy to use just as well, but it has been specifically designed to be utilized by kids. The manufacturers are offering a 1-year warranty on this item.

There are no negative reviews on this variety. It’s said it offers great value for the price.

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