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Best BOB Punching Bag Reviews


BOB punching bags – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Punching bags come in various forms, but one shape is considered to be more effective for martial arts training than others. BOB punching bags are different from the regular punching bags that look pretty much like bags in a cylinder like shape, with little differences between them. They also have a base for stability, but the main difference consists in the fact that they have human like manikins that the user can kick for more accurate training. If you are looking for the best BOB punching bag, you will find this guide helpful for your goal.

A.1 BOB Punching bag


Top features to consider:





Besides looking life like, BOB punching bags must also be made from materials that feel as they supposed to when kicked. Good quality materials also prolong the life of the manikin, and will provide you with more training hours.



Height settings


A useful feature for BOB punching bags is the ability to change height settings. Since no two people are created equal, it is good to have some way of adjusting your punching bag for the best training results.





Your punching bag should be able to take a lot of abuse and also to remain stable while you attack it from all sides. Get a model that has a stable base, so you can really use it in your practice.



Top rated models



If you are looking for the best BOB punching bag, you will find the next selection to be quite handy when you go shopping for such a product. They are all great BOB punching bags and they can help you improve your martial arts practice with increased results.



Century BOB XL


1.Century BOB XLMartial arts trainees know very well how difficult it can be to find a proper sparring partner.

The Century BOB XL is one of the best models you can find right now and it will offer you the opportunity to land punches and kicks without ever complaining. The life like torso will give you a good idea of how it would be to fight against a real opponent.

The freestanding bag is very heavy and it offers great stability so you can train for as long as you want, without having to drag the bag back to its place all the time.

The manikin is designed to offer proper striking surface so you can practice your hits to the head or to the body.

The manikin is made of plastisol, a compound that does not deform easily, and it is filled with urethane foam, so it can provide you with an accurate means of training.

Considered one of the best punching bags around, this item is a must have for martial arts trainees.



This bob punching bag has it down to the last detail, from the lifelike upper torso to the scowly face. You will enjoy hitting it hard because of how it delivers a bounce-back effect that gives satisfaction with every strike.

Suitable for school, home, and aerobic boxing, this model allows you to practice hitting a real human at the right spots to help you find which punch provides the most impact.

Because of the realistic nature of the punching bag, you can practice a variety of hitting techniques that can be more destructive.

You can fill the base with approximately 270 pounds of water or sand to provide a solid and sturdy structure to practice on.

This piece of equipment is made from high-strength plastisol padded with urethane foam to ensure a durable construction. Multiple users can take turns because of its adjustable height.



Like most other free standing bags, this one produces a lot of noise when it is hit really hard.

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BOB Xl Body Opponent Bag Wavemaster


2.Century BOB XL with Base UnitIt is always advisable to get as much as possible from your training bag, in order to improve your techniques.

The BOB Xl Body Opponent Bag Wavemaster is preferred by many, because it offers you the type of realistic training you need in order to reach perfection.

Two height settings are available, so you can adjust the manikin according to your height. The manikin has a longer torso than other models, so it can offer you a larger surface for landing your shots.

A good choice for body shot training, this model enjoys a large number of positive reviews from users. Now you can improve your practice, by adding a realistic punching bag to your already existing equipment.

If you want to move the punching bag around, you will find it easy to do so, due to the rounded base. You can simply roll the item on the floor, until you reach the spot where you want it stored or located for starting your training.



Delivering satisfaction with every strike, this punching bag lets you work on a variety of punching techniques so you can be better at your game. Created with a longer torso, it has more striking space to facilitate body shot training.

Not only punches but also kicks can be developed effectively using this exceptional realistic punching bag. The bobbing motion offers the satisfaction you want when striking.

With two height settings available, this model can be adjusted to fit the height of the user. No need to alter your punching technique just to deliver a good strike.

Moving the unit can be done with ease thanks to its rounded base. You simply need to roll it on the floor to get it in position or to store the bag out of the way.



This unit is good enough as it is except one customer would prefer the base to be smaller for a closer punching distance.

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Century Bobby Bully


3.Bobby BullyNot only adults, but kids as well love martial arts, and they could use a proper punching bag to land their shots and kicks, too.

Century designed this particular model in order to help young martial arts trainees to perfect their techniques. Designed in child size, this manikin will look realistic enough in the training room, to help the trainee land their kicks with more accuracy.

Getting what is best for your kid should be the rule of thumb when you are searching for a good punching bag. Your young one will be able to get the most out of their training sessions and you will be surprised to see how easy they become more proficient in their training.

The manufacturer offers one year limited warranty, so your kid can kick it and punch it for a lot of time, before it will show signs of wear and tear.

In order to offer your child the best means of training, purchasing the Century Bobby Bully will help them hone their skills and enhance their technique.



Designed with two height adjustments, this punching bag provides a good means of teaching young children about self-defense. Its realistic bully configuration enables a kid to learn how to face up to one of the life’s realities.

Suitable for practicing sparring techniques or target training, the bag is suitable as well for young students of martial arts. It is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used in the home, at school, or at the training gym.

The surface is made gentle on the hands to prevent injury to the nerve endings and the muscles and joints. This mannequin ensures safe and worry-free striking.

With the base unfilled, the entire unit is light so positioning it in the right spot or storing it can be done easily. If the base is filled, you will need some assistance to move it.

Enabling users to learn how to hit with accuracy using the proper technique, this model enables young kids to unleash tension in a nondestructive manner.



One customer would prefer the base to be more substantially constructed.

Buy from for ($229.99)



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