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10 Pilates instructors studios you should know about


Pilates is a fitness system developed by Joseph Pilates; he created a method, the so-called Contrology, where the mind controls the muscles creating a fusion of body and mind, allowing one to move with grace and balance. People practice it on a special mat, and they claim that it transforms your body, making you thinner, building strength and toning. Whether or not it is effective is still a discussion topic, but people are more and more into it. Here are some of the best instructors and studios in this fitness system.

Erika Bloom

With 15 years of experience in Pilates training, Erika Bloom is one of the most well-known gurus in New York, offering advice and training too for many important people and celebrities who want to stay fit.

She claims to be passionate not only by the sport itself but also by the way a human body works, using both science and spiritual belief and incorporating both into her teaching. She owns additional training certifications in other related areas, such as yoga, gait analysis, and others. For these reasons, she is one of the most popular gurus around.


John Garey

Incorporating modern principles and old techniques, John Garey developed a training method that is adapted for the contemporary men and women, gaining recognition for the multitude of courses he offers to those interested.

His methods target breathing, pelvic and rib cage placement and scapular movement. The exercises are, sometimes, available on media channels and social networks and can also be found on his sites and in the articles he published.

Organizing workshops, he shares his knowledge with the many who want to use Pilates to stay fit. Understanding the importance of easily reaching out to people, he is active on the internet and can easily be found online, either via his websites or YouTube account.


Jennifer DeLuca

Before pursuing a career as a Pilates guru, she trained with Romana Kryzanowska and went on to open her own studio some years ago. In the meanwhile, it became increasingly popular with many different categories of people.

Known for sticking to classical methods and practices, she will offer guidance and training in the classic version of this fitness system. Understanding the necessity of convincing people to take up the sport, she wrote a book for those lacking motivation in 2003. She is also trained in yoga, dance and barre, allowing this vast experience to come together with the primary Pilates training.


Brett Howard

A former professional dancer, the instructor used to be one of Kryzanowska’s students, training with her before starting his own career in this field. He took part in the New York Pilates Studio Teacher Certification program back in the late 1990s and became the educational director for the United States Pilates Association.

He travels around the world, organizing workshops for those who want to become teachers themselves, but he also owns a studio called Pilates Haus.


The Pilates Center

All trainers working at this center are certified and recognized on a global scale for their contribution to the fitness system.

Two sisters, Amy and Rachel, both of whom trained under Romana Kryzanowska, are the main instructors at the center. Their goal is to teach Pilates to as many people as possible, improving their health and are also committed to preserving the integrity of the classical methods.

They founded their studio in 1990, so they have quite a lot of experience that might be useful to those searching professional gurus.

Rael Isacowitz

Recognizing that Pilates was to benefit from an increase in popularity that would happen in the 1990s, Rael Isacowitz understood that there was a great need for a structured Pilates teacher training program.

Without them, maintaining the integrity of the original method would be impossible. Being an athlete and a dancer as well, he easily created his first course, which would later become an industry leader. Open to innovation, the studio designed systems that supplement the original work of Joseph Pilates. Known for excellence and professionalism, the BASI studio is possibly the most important of all teacher training facilities out there.


Kelly Kane

Opening the Kane School in 1999, she quickly became one of the most renowned Pilates teachers worldwide. Like many others on this list, she was trained by Romana Kryzanowska, but Kelly Kane decided to add parts of her personality in the training programs.

Her approach involves more focus on anatomy and the mechanics of the human body and includes experience gained from other disciplines such as massage therapy, yoga, and others.


Susan Moran

With almost 30 years of experience in Pilates teaching, the former student who learned and perfected the techniques under Kryzanowska is also the owner a studio which opened in 1995.

Moran developed the well-known Power Pilates training program, instructing many thousands of future teachers across the United States. Currently, she is the president of Apogee Life Institute, developing education and online programs for the world of fitness.


Shari Berkowitz

Besides from being a trainer and Pilates guru, Shari Berkowitz is an ergonomics and biomechanics specialist known as the owner of The Vertical Workshop, a leading provider of educational material in this domain.

She also organizes many workshops around the world, and can even teach others over Skype and via her dedicated blog. Besides, she has a program dedicated to showing one how to become the most efficient and effective athlete.


Metropolitan Pilates

Located in Seattle, Metropolitan Pilates is one of the best known classical studios in the world. While staying true to the original methods developed by Joseph Pilates, the instructors also incorporate other teachings into their courses and offer private, semi-private and group classes.

Open to technology, they can be contacted easily via their websites and blogs. A special teacher certification program is also provided, as well as continuing education for Pilates instructors who desire to improve their performance in time.



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