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5 tips for spring fitness for men

Last Updated: 16.04.19


With the snow melting and the sun shining, and your sweaters about to be kept in storage, it’s also time to re-energize your motivation to get fit and stay fit. With the great outdoors beckoning, you may want to revamp your routine and aim for spring fitness.


Set realistic goals.

So you’ve been a slacker during the winter by not working out much. However, you won’t need to make up for all that time by deciding to do outdoor cardio half an hour a day for six days every week. This can only make you feel frustrated, resulting in you giving up on your workout program altogether.

It is best to post your exercise plan in locations that you will often look, such as your smartphone’s calendar app or at your work desk.

For you to be more committed to your fitness goals, get a workout partner or exercise buddy. Make sure they have similar goals and have a schedule that fits your own. Get together just before dinner or before work, but always at the same time at least four days every week.


Get inspired to keep your workout routine by investing in it.

If winter time found you still hitting the treadmill or the gym, your running shoes may be due for a serious upgrade at this stage. Technically, running shoes last anywhere from 300 to 400 miles, but if you use your running footwear when running errands as well, it could quickly eat up the mileage. Get fitted at a specialty store for running footwear.

Worn-out cotton T-shirts should be replaced with tees, tanks, and shorts made of breathable, moisture-wicking fabric. Remember to seek comfort in your workout wardrobe.

Do your routine while wearing ankle or wrist weights. You can walk to the store, walk the dog or clean the house while using those items to build resistance that enables you to tone up and strengthen your legs and arms.

Get some quality waterproof lotion with at least SPF 15 or greater to protect exposed areas of your body. Just because you’re male doesn’t mean you’re immune to sunburn.


Throw out what’s unhealthy and non-conducive to healthy living.

Shop for fresh veggies and fruits. Check out nuts, dried fruits, and fish as well. Get rid of unhealthy options such as popcorn and chocolates. These also include white bread, sugary-filled cereals, pretzels, chips and even 100-calorie snack packs, which are virtually useless.

Spring clean your iPad as well. It’s easy to download a fresh workout playlist anyway.

Revamp your thinking too. Stop developing your goals merely because you want to look good. Aim for sustainability and functionality instead, or ask yourself whether you can maintain your workout regimen for years to cope with the stress of daily existence.


Optimize your daily activities to ensure they support your fitness goals.

You can easily burn around 208 calories by skipping rope in only 20 minutes. You can augment this with short sprints, walking lunges and jumping jacks.

Do stretches before and after workouts. You can walk your hands forward, touch your toes or do lunges. You can also swing your legs while twisting side to side or while standing. After the workout, do a typical touch-and-hold routine.

You can stay flexible through dance classes, Pilates or yoga.



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