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5 tips for spring fitness for women

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Any path to weight loss could easily be strewn with broken promises and fad diets. Even the investments you make on exercise equipment could easily go to waste when the gear only ends up gathering dust in the closet.

Springtime is always a very good time to take your fitness up a notch, with longer days plus warmer weather serving as fantastic motivations to get up and move. You won’t even need to begin marathon training as long as you are doing a greater amount of physical activity than the usual.

Here are five tips for ladies planning to pack in some spring fitness with the changing of the season.


If weight loss is your ultimate objective, set your expectations correctly.

Bear in mind that working towards your goal will take both time and effort. Do not expect the first to the second weeks to give you stupendous results. The results will only come if you do your best to stay consistent.

Focus only on the positive things by not weighing yourself every day. The weighing scale should not be the joystick that controls your emotions. Weighing in should be done fortnightly or weekly to see real results.


Stay consistent.

Decide to pursue your fitness goals 80 percent of the time each time. This way, you won’t feel guilty about missing a workout or indulging yourself on occasion. It is when you develop a positive relationship with exercise and food that the guilt won’t creep in.

Nothing creates a more negative impact on weight loss goals than getting fatigued due to overtraining. It is the quality of training you do that counts more compared to the quantity. Let your body rest and recover. When you finish your workout, consider how good you feel. Getting started may be difficult, but the endorphins kick in once you finish.


Listen to what your body tells you.

As mentioned above, you need not overtrain to obtain good results. How your body responds during your workout is a good enough indication of how effective the regimen is, and this is not just on the muscle mass and body fat aspects.

Make sure you can maintain your lifestyle and that you can do your workouts for the next decade and beyond.

Somebody else’s bodybuilding routine from many decades ago is not designed for you. One telling point is when half of your workout is spent resting to get the adequate strength to start on the next set. The same thing applies to doing hours of steady-level cardio and seeing little to no results.


Make sure your workout routine caters to your long-term goals.

When you’re young, it’s easy to focus on the aesthetic side of things such as being able to wear a hot bikini in the summer by doing endless yoga, hitting the gym and being there for hours, doing cardio, subsisting on nothing but salad for weeks and lifting weights. However, ask yourself if you can maintain that for years when your priorities start shifting.

As you get older, your fitness goals should shift from the merely aesthetic to the sustainable and functional. Of course, it’s still okay to want to look good, but your focus should be more towards coping with a stressful lifestyle.


Realize that workouts need to be optimized.

You won’t need to spend many hours at the gym just to stay on course. With the right routine, even less than an hour at the gym can leave you with sufficient stamina to handle the rest of the day. There’s also minimal risk of injury to yourself and less downtime due to that.

Using free weights when training saves time. Incorporate some anaerobic intervals between each set of push-pull routines to engage opposing muscle groups. This enables you to make the most of your time and complete all sets in a single day. Some go-to exercises are ball slams, skipping, thrusters, box jumps, kettlebell swings and prowler runs.

Working out in a three-dimensional manner optimizes your gym times. This means you use your whole body for stability and your core to achieve balance while making a greater range of motion.



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