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A guide to bowling in NYC


If you often dedicate your free time to bowling and you’re interested in finding a bowling alley that will match your preferences in NYC, this post might be of help. While bowling is an activity many people of various skills, professions, and ages resort to for their spare time, it is a bit different when it comes to alleys.

You might love bowling yet not every bowling alley you get to try. The alleys you will find in New Your City are usually classified into three types. You will thus find the Traditional Alley, the Bar With Bowling alley, and the Entertainment Center type of alley. If you want to know what this city has to offer as far as bowling alleys are concerned, then here are some places you might want to add to your must-try list.


If diversity is what you have in mind when it comes to this spare time activity, then the alleys you will find in Queens will surely cover many of your preferences. This borough is home to different bowling alleys, so if you happen to visit the place or live there, be sure your bowling needs will find their feed.

Whitestones Lanes is the first place that comes to our mind since it is open 24 hours a day. Who said bowling for breakfast? Served! This 48-lane traditional alley is preferred by people of all ages ranging from high-schoolers to families and even seniors. With cool visuals and music playing in the background, this is a place where you can add that old-school touch to your bowling experience.

Another place you might want to try while in Queens is the highly-appreciated Gutter Bar LIC, located in Long Island City. Although it houses only eight lanes, which means that you might have to wait for a lane to be available on weekends, the place includes a bar, just like its name suggests it, where you will get to enjoy some of the best breweries in NYC. Plus, the generous floor plan allows larger groups to play.



Bowling in Manhattan can truly be a rewarding experience given the bowling alleys you can try there. All major alleys are Entertainment Centers, so you will get the full benefits of going out with your friends. The first place to try is Frames Bowling Area where you will find 28 lanes waiting for their bowlers. It makes a great place for parties, too.

Since it is an Entertainment Center, you will also get to enjoy a ping-pong area, a bar with billiards, and if none of that matches your mood, perhaps the karaoke bar will help. Yet the best time you can have bowling in Manhattan, according to heavy players, is Bowlmor in Times Square. 48 lanes, a New York-themed decor, two bars, and some delicious snacks to rebuild your energy are all part of the experience offered.

If you want to couple your bowling fun with dating, then Lucky Strike is the place to strike. Boasting a cocktail lounge decor, plush couches, 26 bowling lanes as well as ping-pong, billiards, and other games, this place is definitely worth checking out.



Bowling in Brooklyn can only be as varied as this borough is. Whether you’re with your family, a few friends, or your date, the bowling alleys available will cover many needs, moods, and preferences. Melody Lanes is one of the first places we think of when it comes to a Traditional Alley in this area.

Offering 26 lanes, this place if where you’ll find both newcomers and old-timers as well as some of the best fried foods in this area. In case you’d like a bar with bowling, an interesting place is Gutter Bar. Although it houses only eight lanes and that means you could wait quite a bit on weekend nights, the bar has gathered appreciation from the people who tried it.

Shell Lanes should not be missed out, either, in case you’re interested in seeing the authentic side of Brooklyn and go out with your family or some of your good old friends.

The Bronx

A bowler’s experience is not complete without the bowling alleys found in the Bronx as some of them are considered to be the best in NYC. If you reach this borough, you might want to try Van Nest Lanes for a real 70s experience. The aesthetics and music are reminiscent of that period and are free of any modern update. Hand scoring gets that experience even one step closer to that era.

Therefore, it is worth trying whether you’re a first-timer or a more experienced bowler. Also worth being mentioned are two other traditional alleys, Bowlerland in Eastchester and Gun Post Lanes in Laconia. Offering what is appreciated to be the best bowling carpet in NYC, these two places should make it to your list of options when visiting the Bronx.


Staten Island

If this borough is on your to-visit list and bowling is part of your hobbies, then rest assured that you will find alleys to help you feed your enthusiasm for this activity and do so satisfactorily. Rab’s Country Lanes is worth trying if you’re more into traditional alleys.

What’s great about this place is not only that the 48 lanes will enable you to find a free lane with greater ease and can accommodate many players but you can reserve a lane for just 15 minutes if you are a single bowler interested in a few quick games. Plus, Rab’s High Roller Lounge will spice up the bowling experience with some cool beers.

Although there are many other bowling places where you can score big and advance your skills, the ones we have selected are part of the most popular spots preferred by experienced bowlers and novices alike. Give them a try and let us know about your experience.




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