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Adidas Performance Pro Youth Review

Last Updated: 11.04.19


1.2 adidas Performance Pro Youth


Why is this product worth it?


There are several reasons why these shin guards from Adidas are worth it, but the most important one is their ability to protect young players lower legs. The hard outer plate is capable of stopping impact force, and it is also backed by soft cushioning for comfort and added protection. The Performance Pro also come with attached ankle guards that provide support, and can even be adjusted so the shin guards can grow with your child. What really makes these shin guards worth it is the smaller size of the shell, along with the low profile design that is perfect for younger players. This ensures that they have the protection they need right where it is supposed to be.

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User feedback


These shin guards have received a couple of comments on Amazon, but these poor reviews are mainly due to issues with sizing. Like most soccer shin pads for young players, finding the right size can be challenging. Adding to the problem is the fact that Adidas products often run smaller so parents are often surprised when the shin guards don’t fit. To help customers choose the right shin guards for their kids Adidas does a have sizing chart on the company’s website.

Other than issues with sizing these shin guards typically receive positive reviews. Some have remarked on the shin guards impressive durability and “expensive” look. Other reviewers have commented on the exceptional quality, along with the affordable price. Parents have even written that kids love how the shin guards look and feel, and that it is easy to get young players to wear them on the soccer field. Even though issues with sizing remain, overall consumers agree that the Adidas Performance Pro are a good value for your money.

1.1 adidas Performance Pro Youth


Our verdict


We do recommend these shin guards for youth soccer players, though we also caution parents to be wary of issues with sizing. Simply measuring your child’s shin can help you find the right size, but we also understand this is something that not everyone wants to do. The durable and comfortable construction, along with the attractive design does help make these Adidas shin guards something that we think parents should consider.


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