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Bauer Senior Nexus 4000 Review


The Bauer Senior Nexus 4000 shin pads are designed to provide remarkable comfort and protection during the game. They let you get control of the ball without having to worry about getting struck on the legs by errant hockey sticks, cleats or the puck. Engage the opposing team members in skirmishes to gain supremacy on the ice without thinking about where your shot blocks should come from. Use the legs to thwart attempts by the opposing team to get the ball in. Designed with a wider profile compared to standard models, the shin guards offer a greater coverage around the legs while adhering to a classic fit. They protect your lower legs from accidental hits and strikes during the fierce fight for control of the ball or puck.

3.Bauer Senior Nexus 4000

The shin guards are equipped with an innovative two-strap system supplemented with a multi-segmented design for total flexibility and freedom of movement. There’s nothing more annoying than being weighed down with your equipment, but these shin guards are made lightweight and flexible so you can enjoy complete mobility on the ice. The hydrophobic mesh liner is layered with MD foam to offer adequate cooling and venting so your legs don’t feel boxed in on all sides or overly warm during the play. The anatomically correct shape of the ribbed knee delivers total flexibility as well, since you won’t have to bear stiff coverage on the most used parts of your legs. You get optimal range of motion while decreasing the risk of serious injuries.
The shin guards deliver increased energy absorption.

The shell is rigid and thick in the transverse aspect to provide enough resistance to sharp impact and unintended but direct hits. These shin pads make a sensible investment so you can have all the protection you need to execute those winning moves that will help your team dominate the turf easily. Play wicked defense on the ice by blocking shots most effectively using every part of your body including your lower legs. Enjoy game time fully by being a most versatile player who can play both offense and defense and without worrying about getting injured on the lower leg because of the reliable quality of your protective gear.


This product is currently unavailable. Click here to see a list of other Bauer models.



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