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Bauer Senior Vapor X60 Review


The lightweight Bauer Senior Vapor X60 shin guards deliver support to the hockey player by protecting the lower legs against hard, blunt objects during play. You could easily get struck on the leg by a wayward hockey puck or ball. Moreover, a team mate’s or opponent’s hockey cleats could easily land a fierce accidental kick to your shins , which could cause extreme pain when you play without proper protective gear. Of course, you wouldn’t want to be hampered in any way by your game equipment, so these shin guards are incorporated with flexibility without compromising on protection. Move on the ice freely, position your feet close to the ice as you slide on your skates, and get amazing control of the hockey puck without the fear of getting struck accidentally, which can happen more often than you think.

1.2 Bauer Senior Vapor X60 Shin Guard

Dynamic players need all the protection possible to ensure that they don’t get hit on the leg and suffer pain and injury when a hard, blunt object hits their shin. You can stay for the duration of the game on the ice since the shin guards offer comfort and adequate protection for your lower legs. Block shots like a pro, battle it out to gain control of the puck, use your stick in a skirmish, even use your legs to ensure that efforts by your opponent to hit the goal are thwarted successfully. These shin guards deliver exceptional protection so you can focus on your playing moves and surprise everyone with your game prowess.

The shin guards have a calf wrap that goes all around to the back of your calves and close up on the front to give you a snug and comfortable fit. The calf wrap ensures that the shin guards do not move around easily but still give you enough flexibility to move unfettered on the ice. The calf wrap around to the back of your calves then back to the front for easy fastening and securing. The Velcro attachment offers an easy way to pull the shin guards on. The thermoformed rib cap also ensures a personalized fit as well as reliable protection.


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