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Best 8 Lacrosse players of all time

Last Updated: 08.05.19


Did you know that Lacrosse is a sport derived from a type of game played by the Native Americans, called baggataway? While Lacrosse, as it looks now, is a far cry from what the ancient sport played by the Native American Indians was like, it manages to engage a lot of attention, both from people who want to learn how to play it and from those who love watching it. Find here the most famous names in Lacrosse history, if you’re going to find your inspiration.

John Grant Jr.

Professional Lacrosse would not be the same with this name written on top of the list. Some say that John Grant Jr. is an example of how passion can help one overcome obstacles in life. Even after suffering a terrible knee injury, he continued his career as a professional Lacrosse player. At the time of his injury, which happened in 2009, he was considered among the best attackmen in the game.

He turned to backing after his injury occurred, and, in this position, he still managed to impose himself. The infection he suffered due to forcing his knee throughout competitive events almost made him quit again, but he returned to the field and won three championships, while under the banners of two different teams.

He won titles in five different years, and the MVP awards he got in 2013 and 2014 make him the best Lacrosse player in the history to date.


Casey Powell

Powell’s best season was 2014, but he won essential titles in 2001, 2008 and 2013. By 2015, he scored 468 points throughout his career, a feat of sportsmanship and dedication that is not easy to achieve even by the most prominent players in the field. It must be noted that Casey Powell scored more than 200 goals and assisted in scoring other more than 200, and he is considered the one to hold the top position as far as such achievements are concerned.

The reason why Lacrosse experts consider that 2014 was the year with Casey Powell’s name stamped all over it, is his ability to score 30 goals, complemented by 33 assists, something that, again, is not so easy to reach.


Jay Jalbert

Attackmen may be the ones to draw most of the attention on the battlefield when it comes to Lacrosse, but let’s not forget that this sport is played by teams, and teams count on other positions, too, and not only on the ones who score. Jay Jalbert is the best example, as his career as a midfielder makes him earn a place in everyone’s hearts.

His aggressive style of play did more than bring essential victories for the teams he played for. He practically made the entire way at looking at how a midfielder plays completely different from what most people thought possible.

His technique to dodge, clear, run to defense and off the wing, created a new style of midfield play that is now considered textbook. Even as a midfielder, he managed to score 30 goals during the 2004 season, along with 12 assists, and, let’s not forget, 96 groundballs.


Paul Rabil

Paul Rabil’s career is not abundant in goals or amazing moments, but his role as an influential member of the team made him stand out, and that is why he deserves a place in this selection of the best Lacrosse players of all time.

During his first years at Boston, he was not considered a prominent player, but, when Boyle came to the team, his role finally became clear. From that point forward, Rabil put his incredible athletic shape to good use, making for an excellent decoy so that his team could quickly score the victory. The only title he won with his team was in 2011 when Boston scored the Steinfeld Cup.

Brodie Merrill

Experts of the sport think that Merrill is the one player who managed to recreate the longstick position and offered those training for defensive positions a new style of play to try. This midfielder spared nothing throughout his career to prove how vital such a role is for the entire team.

He won titles with his team in 2005, 2008, and 2009. During the 2009 event, he managed to score 14 groundballs, which counts as the height of his career as a professional Lacrosse player.


Ryan Boyle

With four titles under his belt, Ryan Boyle is among the names you should know if you are passionate about Lacrosse. He was the first whose jersey was retired when he concluded his career, and the decision made by Boston was rightful to the last bit.

During his younger years, Boyle made a purpose on the field to help attackmen score, so his career is mostly abundant in assists, rather than goals. As he grew older, he became a crucial cohesive factor for his team, and everyone recognized him as the essential element on the field.


Brian Dougherty

Some say that Brian Dougherty will go down in history as the Lacrosse player who managed to enhance the save technique to the point that it no longer needs any improvements. His nickname was “Doc”, and everyone appreciated his ability to move fast despite his rather impressive size. He won three titles, in 2003, 2006, and 2007, and his best season was 2006.


Mark Millon

This player is known for the innovations he brought on the field. His signature technique is the question mark dodge. Getting past seasoned defensemen is not an easy feat to accomplish, and that is why Mark Millon came with new ideas to make the defense crumble in front of him.

He won a significant title in 2002, but it was a rather advertising gimmick that put him in the spotlights. During a final season game, he wore a heart monitor, and everyone witnessed how the man’s heart rate remained relatively even, despite being on the field. His calm in every situation helped him become a better player.



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