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Best adult soccer shin guards reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Soccer shin pads for adults – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you don’t have time to go through hundreds of online reviews and you just want to know which are the best soccer shin guards for adults, this short paragraph will tell you everything you need to know. We have done our research online, through reviews and sales figures and we have found that Vizari Malaga are the best due to their hard PP shell that is able to provide plenty of impact protection. The shin guards are also designed to be lightweight, and come with foam padding on the back for comfort and added protection. If the Vizari Malaga are unavailable you can confidently choose the Adidas Performance Ghost as they are almost as good.



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Shin guards are a required part of your uniform, especially in organized leagues. The pads are designed to protect your shins from hard kicks, and can prevent many soccer related injuries. Choosing a pair of shin guards is not as easy as it might seem. There are a few factors that need to be considered and the tips included in this buying guide will help you choose the best adult shin guards.

A.1 Vizari Malaga Shin Guard


Top features to consider:





There are three basic designs of shin guards and each has its own advantages. Wand system guards are designed to help dispel the force of the impact before it is felt in your shins. These shin guards use a mix of hollow and solid wands to provide protection, and often come with foam or fabric cushioning to ensure comfort. Shield style shin guards are the most common and are constructed from layered material underneath a hard outer shell. These guards are designed to stop impact force before it hits your shins.

There are also OSi shin guards which are molded to a player’s legs to ensure a perfect fit. OSi guards are constructed from layered fiberglass that is formed to fit your legs when wet. If you aren’t sure which ones will be able to provide you with adequate protection the position that you play will help you determine which shin guards are the best choice for you.





The materials used to construct the shin guards will affect their ability to provide you with the protection you need to stay safe on the field. Fiberglass shin guards are lightweight, durable and will give you the support and protection you need during fast paced soccer games. Fiberglass shin pads are relatively comfortable to wear, but you are sacrificing flexibility. It is also priced higher than other materials.

Polyurethane shin guards are supportive, but they are also heavy and can be uncomfortable. Foam rubber pads are lightweight, comfortable and affordable, but are not as durable as those made from fiberglass. You can also find plastic shin guards that are inexpensive and supportive, but they are not designed for comfort or durability.



Other considerations


Some of the best soccer shin guards come with ankle protection. Typically constructed from foam or plastic it helps to prevent sprained ankles, while also providing additional support. While the ankle cups can limit mobility, it can help injured players get back out on the field even if they are still recovering from an injury. Sizing is another important consideration, especially if you want to be comfortable and have protection. The shin guard should be 2 inches below the kneecaps and one inch above the top of your cleats.



Top rated products



With the right pair of shin guards on you can confidently chase after opposing players and dive into any action with only minimal concern for injuries. While there are a few factors to consider before you grab the first pair that you see this guide should allow you to find the shin guards that best suit your needs.



Vizari Malaga


1.Vizari Malaga Shin GuardThese shin guards with ankle protection are a great choice for athletes recovering from recent injuries or for those who just need a little extra support.

You can choose from a variety of fun and fashionable colors, and the shin guards can be worn underneath or over your socks depending on which feels comfortable to you.

They come with a hard outer shell that is constructed from  durable plastic and come with foam padding on the back for added comfort and protection.

What really makes these shin guards from Vizari stand out is the fact that the velcro strap closes in the front to avoid irritating your legs if you decide to wear them underneath your socks.



Because there’s nothing less appealing than the thought of experiencing excruciating pain on the shins during soccer games, these shin guards shield that delicate segment of the leg from getting hit by a wayward cleat or a teammate’s ball pass. These shin guards offer adequate protection without compromising comfort.

The shin pads are built with a lightweight polypropylene shell for protection. Polypropylene is known to have a high flexural strength thanks to its semi-crystalline nature, which contributes to flexibility, moisture resistance, fantastic impact strength plus easy damage repair of these shin guards.

Th shin pads also come with a foam-padded backing to ensure comfort. The shin guards will not bite into the skin of your legs even when worn for an extended period of time.

For extra protection, the shin guards have a hard shell with a foam backing. The lightweight polypropylene shell not only protects the shins but will also not restrict your mobility and agility during the game.



Like any other wearable gear, these shin guards should be ordered only after the buyer has ascertained their actual size, as some adult consumers think they run a bit small while parents who bought these for their children think they are too big.

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Adidas Performance Ghost


2.adidas Performance Ghost GuardOften considered the best adult soccer shin guards the Performance Ghost are designed to provide you with plenty of protection, while also being comfortable to wear.

The colorful outer shell is constructed from a durable plastic to protect your shins from impact shock, and the synthetic lining ensures a comfortable fit. The guards are also designed to be lightweight so you don’t have to worry about lower leg fatigue.

Adidas designed these shin guards to help you improve your performance on the field which is why they come with a compression sleeve.

Not only does this provide you with a secure fit, it also aids in recovery time and can even improve circulation.



Part of the Ghost Guard collection from Adidas, these shin guards offer a good fit for the beginner as well as the advanced athlete. They are versatile enough to be worn by athletes with any level of soccer playing skill.

These shin guards are equipped with a highly-protective, hard-shield front plate that deflects the blows you might receive from all the rough play in the soccer field. Your shins stay safe while enclosed well in the shin guards.

To ensure extra comfort, these shin pads have a soft and durable cushioned lining, which prevents the guards from cutting into the skin of your legs especially when they are worn for an extended period.

The cushioned compression sleeves provide an effortless and quickly adjustable fit. No need to lace up as the sleeves provide customized fit.



The compression sleeves have a lot of stretch in them so they do not really prevent the shin guards from slipping down during intense play.

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Diadora Scudo


3.Diadora Scudo ShinguardsThere are several reasons why these are considered the best shin guards for soccer. You can choose from three fashionable colors so you can easily match your team uniform.

The hard protective shell is capable of stopping impact force before it hits your shins, and since the guards are constructed from durable polyurethane you know that they will last throughout the season.

To ensure comfort during the game the outer shell is ventilated. This allows plenty of air to flow through so you can stay cool and comfortable.

Diadora also designed these shin guards to be worn with a sleeve so you can easily get a secure and comfortable fit.



These shin guards slip on like a footless sock so you need not lace up anything or grip and pull straps just to put them on. The shin pads offer an easy wearability so you can simply pull them on and join the game.

Made of synthetic material, the shin guards are durable and tough to withstand the elements while providing the right level of protection from the kicks and strikes that might come your way on the soccer field.

These shin pads help you focus on your game thanks to the ventilated shell that ensures breathability. You wouldn’t have to take a break just because your legs feel uncomfortably hot, as the shin guards have a clever ventilation system.

The included shinguard sleeves provide a quick and effortless fit so you can wear the pads with confidence and ease. The high-impact polypropylene shell provides a superb capability of dissipating potentially pain-causing forces delivered with a blow on the shins.



The shin guards tend to run really small according to one customer who bought them for her child. The size chart is not included on the product page.

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