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Best affordable boxing gloves


Affordable boxing gloves – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Getting the best affordable boxing gloves is not an easy task, but we got you covered. Praised by all the top review sites and loved by all its users, the Everlast MMA is by far the model to look for. With thick foam padding and a resistant exterior, these superb boxing gloves will keep your hands well protected during training, regardless of the type of bag used. Sturdy and durable, they are the perfect model for all those who want to take their boxing skills to the next level. Firmly secured in place by high-quality Velcro wristbands, they are considered to be the number one training gloves in use today. The open thumb design helps with landing each punch just as you like. If Everlast MMA is out of stock, then you can get the ProForce Leatherette gloves instead as they share almost the same features.



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Top features to consider:


Used in an impressive number of sporting competitions and training sessions, boxing gloves are some of the most important equipment pieces you will need daily. Helping you get the best possible deal, we read all the best affordable boxing gloves reviews and found out the most important features that you must look before making a purchase.



Protection factor


The number one factor everyone should keep in mind before buying a new boxing glove set is their protection factor. Often overlooked, the extra protection offered by a good glove is essential in keeping your fists and wrists safe during sparring or bag punching.

Without proper protection, after repeated blows and hits, the skin and deep tissue will get bruised and will start to hurt. Together with larger and more critical injuries, these problems may lead to training breaks and even more important medical issues. Look for gloves with extra padding, additional foam or extra protective layers. Always remember that a good protection factor is the number one aspect found in all the high-quality boxing gloves.



Wearer comfort


Regardless of the training regimen or bag type used, all good boxing gloves must be stable and a perfect fit for your fists. Using a loose fit glove is never a good idea as it can lead to early fatigue, improper muscular alignment, and even wrist injuries. To make sure that your future boxing gloves will offer you maximum comfort during training, choose the appropriate size depending on your hand measurement.

Additionally, look for models that come with good, solid wrist straps. These straps ensure a better wrist grip and a tighter glove fit. Keep in mind to avoid buying one size fits all models, as they usually tend to be more unreliable and less comfortable than the rest.





The third most important aspect to look for is the model’s strength. The best boxing gloves for the money are made from durable and highly resistant materials that will not get damaged and ripped apart with ease. Able to withstand a lot of punishing, these gloves will offer the same protection factor as on the first day.



Top rated products



Searching through countless models available, we found the best affordable boxing gloves that you can get right now. Durable, comfortable and offering great protection, these excellent high-quality contact gloves are reviewed below.



Everlast MMA


Considered to be one of the best affordable boxing gloves, the new and improved Everlast MMA is a real champion in its class. Built for protection, comfort, and stability, this superb glove set is a perfect choice for anyone who wants a cheap alternative to professional boxing gloves.

Designed to offer enhanced protection, this boxing glove set comes with a full one inch of closed cell foam padding. With this much protection, you will be sure that your knuckles will barely feel a thing when punching even the heaviest bags.

Easy to put on and off, these boxing gloves use solid, wide, Velcro wrist straps. Enhancing balance and stability, and offering a superior grip, the wrist closure is a great addition to an already excellent glove. Perfect for both training and sparring sessions, these stable gloves are essential for daily practice.

With an open thumb design, the Everlast MMA delivers a compact and solid punch every time. Taking the pressure off the wrist and knuckles and protecting your skin from bruising, these high-quality, affordable boxing gloves are a must have for anyone who wants to keep training without interruptions. Durable, safe and highly resistant, these are often considered by their buyers the best inexpensive boxing gloves money can buy today.

Buy from for ($24.99)




ProForce Leatherette


Designed for a broad range of contact sports, these excellent boxing gloves earn top praises from both users and expert reviewers alike. Made from durable leatherette material, the ProForce Leatherette can resist a lot more than any plastic models.

Compact and perfectly shaped, offering high protection value, these superb contact gloves are made for winners. Used for boxing, karate, fitness or even cardio training, the ProForce Leatherette is one of the most versatile and adaptable glove sets money can buy today. Having such a wide range of use, these boxing gloves are often regarded to be among the best investments a contact sports initiate can make.

Easily fitted to any fist size, they come with easy to use hook and loop wrist closures. Delivering superior comfort due to their vented interior panel, these gloves keep your hands cool and sweat free even after a long training session.  

Excellent for any contact sport and used by men, women and even children, these highly versatile affordable boxing gloves are a perfect choice for all those who want to get a simple, hassle free glove set.

Buy from for ($21.4)




SKL Sanda


Designed mainly for beginners and light contact sports, these high-quality boxing gloves are among the most comfortable and straightforward models you will ever buy. Perfect for anyone looking to learn boxing without having to invest too much money, these are the gloves that will get you started.

Created from durable Bicast leather, the SKL Sanda is designed to take plenty of blows. Padded and solid, these boxing gloves will protect your fists, offering users plenty of room for mistakes. Using a Velcro strap for stabilizing and better fitting, these gloves can be utilized by a wide range of hand sizes.

Unlike the more advanced models, these simple and flexible gloves need almost no adjustment time; just put them on, and you will be ready to train or fight. Comfortable, simple and durable, these very affordable contact gloves are best used in light training and sparring sessions.

Used by many, the SKL Sanda boxing gloves offer plenty of protection at a fraction of the cost of any other contact glove set. Comfortable, easy to strap in and adjusted to your fists, these boxing gloves are simply too affordable and useful to ignore.

Buy from for ($12.17)




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