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Best airsoft clothes


Airsoft clothes – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you are running short on time and you are looking for the best airsoft clothes money can get you, we are here to lend you a helping hand.  Based on the research that we have carried out by analyzing sales figures and price to value ratios, we have concluded that the Propper Men’s 65P/35C ACU Trouser is the model that you should invest in. Made from a mix of poly and cotton, this product is both lightweight and durable. Also, these trousers come fitted with no less than eight pockets that might come in handy if you intend to carry supplies with you. As a plus, the product features an authentic military design, and, consequently, can be used as camouflage when needed.  If the Propper Men’s 65P/35C ACU Trouser is unavailable or you’d prefer something different, we suggest you consider the Propper Men’s 50N/50C ACU Coat.



Comparison table





Top features to consider


Purchasing good airsoft clothes is not an easy task, especially not for the novice players. What is more, because the internet is filled with countless airsoft clothes reviews that can sometimes be dreadful to read, knowing what product to select is even more complicated. In an attempt to make this job easier for you, we have put together a handful of features that you should pay attention to when shopping in this line of products.



Lightweight & durability


When shopping for the best airsoft apparel to wear while playing airsoft, the first feature that has to be taken into account is the gear’s weight. Because airsoft involves a lot of moving, our suggestion to you is that you settle for clothing items that are lightweight and that won’t hinder your movements. From this point of view, we have to point out that clothes made from poly are probably the most suitable.

Also, because you will most likely get shot every now and then, be certain that you purchase a clothing item that is rip resistant and easy to clean.





Additionally, before placing an order you should consider whether or not you want to invest in camouflage gear. The main advantage of camouflage models is that they can keep you hidden from the members of the opposing team.

However, when choosing a model like this, make sure that you are happy with the product’s pattern and colors.

Yet, all possible buyers should know that the market is filled with alternative models that do not feature a camo pattern. Consequently, the latter design is more versatile, as it can be worn on a day to day basis.



Protection against the elements


Last but not least, do not forget to check if the model you like can protect you against the elements. The reason why this aspect is crucial has to do with the fact that one cannot always 100% count on the weather when playing airsoft.

So, if you don’t want to fall victim to a change in weather, our advice is that you look for a waterproof and windproof model that can keep you dry at all times.


Top rated products


Because we know that selecting a product of this type from the myriad of models up for sale is quite a challenge, we have put together a list of high-quality items that you should take into account. So, read ahead and make your choice!



Propper Men’s 65P/35C ACU Trouser


One of the most popular models that current users love is the Propper Men’s 65P/35C ACU Trouser. Affordable and comfortable, this pair of trousers is made from a material that contains 65% polyester and 35% cotton.

Therefore, these pants are easy to walk in thanks to the fact that they do not weigh a lot. Even more so, the fabric used in is rip-stop as well as fade, shrink and wrinkle resistant. By settling for this model you won’t have to worry about cleaning them because the DuPont Teflon fabric protector that they contain can repel stains and liquids.

However, the feature that makes the model quite appropriate for all airsoft players out there is the fact that it features internal kneepad inserts. Thanks to these inserts, you’ll be able to painlessly crawl while hiding from your enemy. Additional features of the product include external openings for knee pads that have hook and loop closures as well as a drawstring waist that secures an appropriate fit.

Moreover, this model comes equipped with eight practical pockets that can be used to store ammunition and other useful supplies. According to previous buyers, the product is well-made and extremely durable.

Buy from for ($39.99)




Propper Men’s 50N/50C ACU Coat 


If you are searching for a camo coat that can keep you safe and protected, we suggest you try the Propper Men’s 50N/50C ACU Coat. Made from the same type of material used in the manufacturing of the previous item, this coat is said to be dependable and suitable to wear while out playing airsoft.

Likewise, when designing this item the manufacturer tried to replicate the authentic military design. As a result, all the pockets and the pouches that the coat has are consistent with military specifications.

Another aspect that should be known is that the coat features felled seams throughout that are said to enhance the model’s durability and a bi-swing back that allows the person wearing it to have a wider range of motion.

Moreover, the hook and loop sleeve cuff closures of the model make it easy to fit. Besides, the three-pen pocket on the sleeve and the minimized shoulder pockets offer enough room for you to wear an OTV over the coat.

Although the fabric used to construct this model is quite breathable and lightweight, if you intend to use the coat during the cold season, be advised that it will not keep you warm.

Buy from for ($39.99)




Maddog Tactical Paintball Rip Stop Coverall Jumpsuit 


If you are not a big fan of the classical pants and jacket camo gear and you are looking for a feasible alternative, we recommend that you give the Maddog Tactical Paintball Rip Stop Coverall Jumpsuit a good look.

According to the manufacturer, this jumpsuit was designed to cater to the needs of those playing paintball or airsoft. The main purpose of this camo model is to shield your clothes from dirt and direct abrasion.

Furthermore, this model was constructed to provide you with comfort. In order to do so, the product features an easy-to-wear fit that has a secure button closure as well as a padded collar, elastic wrist cuffs, and an elastic waistband area.

If you want to purchase a model that has enough pockets where you can store your possessions such as your keys, ID or other personal items, you should know that this jumpsuit comes outfitted with pass-through pockets and a chest storage pocket.

When it comes to cleaning the model, it is worth noting that this product is machine washable. So, you won’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning it in between uses.

Buy from for ($39.95)




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