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Best airsoft goggles reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Airsoft goggles – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Airsoft goggles are the most important thing that one must own before going to the airsoft match with his friends. These guarantee your safety and protect your eyes during the game; however, with the variety of products nowadays available on the market, it might be hard to decide what to buy. In order to help you decide, we have read user submitted reviews, product specifications as provided by the manufacturers and professional opinions on safety goggles and have come to the conclusion that the best airsoft goggles are the Rothco 10357 Army Desertec. The smoke gray lens is impossible to shatter with any airsoft weapons as this item has been extensively tested to make sure that they are shatterproof. The high UV 400 protection together with an adjustable strap offers comfort and can be adjusted to fit almost any user, while their design is intended for the roughest users. The digital camo makes them look great and professional, while their price is affordable. If this item is out of stock, another pair of airsoft goggles for sale is the Outgeek Airsoft Half.



Comparison table





Top features to consider


If you have just bought an airsoft weapon, you must surely be eager to test it and take it to the field. We understand that you no longer have any patience to browse the market and find the best goggles for airsoft, and, given the variety of products and prices, it can be challenging to find what you are looking for. We have written a buying guide to help you decide what to think about before buying a product.



Important details to think about


Some tactical goggles offer a higher degree of security when compared to others. Even though all are crash tested before being put for sale, their roughness and durability vary significantly with their price and from producer to producer.

An active player should, therefore, seek to acquire the rougher and safer ones since the risk of injury is significantly higher in an active game than in passive target shooting.

Someone who uses his airsoft only for target shooting can buy some less resistant ones because ricocheting balls lose much of their power and do not have the speed and energy of a direct hit.

If you want to take your family with you to your airsoft games and let them try it too, adjustable glasses and masks are better than a unique size. Even though most items have adjustable straps, there are producers that do not include them in their designs.

The same goes for masks – buy the adjustable ones if you want to share them with other people. If you are the only one who will wear the protective gear, you can buy a fixed size that best suits you.



Price range


There is a significant difference between prices of the many different items that you will encounter on the market. Usually, a cheaper product might mean that it is less durable, but this is not the case.

All goggles have to be extensively tested before being put up for sale; no matter how cheap they are, there is a certainty that they can resist a direct hit. This is a result of some lenses having extra features as compared to others: some include an anti-scratch coating or UV protection; some of the best anti-fog airsoft goggles also fall into this category. Basic items do not have these extra benefits.

Talk to a professional airsoft player about what extra features you should look after, apart from the basic product.





Many airsoft goggles are suitable for many different tasks outside of the paintball fields. A lot of users have claimed to use them often in everyday life, while others have bought them for purposes that do not include target practice or replicas and battles.

Take into consideration the fact that some are anti-fog, while others tend to get foggy in high temperatures. For example, if you are working in a windy area with a lot of dust and need a way to protect your eyes, buy some tactical goggles that have a foam padded backing and anti-fog systems.

These will stop the dust from harming your eyes while preventing the formation of fog. High UV protection factors make them good for airsoft players living in sunny areas, but also for hunters, hikers or fishermen. Versatility usually comes at a cost – these all-purpose tactical goggles are a bit more expensive.



Top rated products



Knowing that finding the perfect airsoft goggles is hard, we have gathered some of the best products on the market, which offer as high value for the money as possible. Our team has written a few airsoft goggles reviews to try and give you a hand in picking a good pair.



Rothco 10357 Army Desertec


Since airsoft replicas are non-lethal and always subsonic weapons, some users might omit the enormous risk they take when firing them without safety goggles. It is forbidden to go into a match without them, and all professionals believe that even during safe target practice they should be worn.

Safety was the major goal when designing the Rothco Tactical Goggles, a comfortable and unbreakable item that any airsoft player should look at.

Guaranteeing maximum eye protection is what this item does best. The goggles feature smoke gray, shatterproof polycarbonate lenses that have been intensively tested with all types of replicas, to ensure that their quality is as high as possible.

To expand lifespan and durability, the lens has a special, anti-scratch coating. UV 400 protection is another feature that makes this a top choice since direct sunlight can be bothering when trying to aim a replica. An anti-fog design is also utilized.

The Rothco Army Goggles feature a lightweight design with a foam padded backing and adjustable strap, to guarantee for a comfortable and easy use. Their design makes them windproof too, expanding their use beyond the airsoft field into everyday life.

Actually, many people who have absolutely nothing in common with airsoft have praised their quality and versatility. The digital camo pattern replicates the one used by many branches of armed forces around the world, for a plus of realism.

Buy from for ($26.2)




Outgeek Airsoft Half


Outgeek offers its customers a complete face protection set, which includes a steel mesh mask and a pair of tactical goggles. Built to satisfy the toughest players on the field, both security items have been carefully crafted from high-quality materials: the mask is a mesh made from low-carbon steel, and the lens is made from ABS plastic.   

The steel mask was designed to not hamper breathing and aiming down sights, while the goggles are meant to offer maximum protection at the lowest costs. Light and portable, both items are a one size fits all type, meaning that they can be worn by children and adults without any other items needed.

The adjustable straps guarantee a good fit and comfortable use. Plus, the mask can be gently bent to fit the player’s face.

In order to maximize security, the goggles have been tested in the roughest ways possible, including a hail of rounds fired from less than 5 meters with weapons that have a muzzle velocity of 300 or more feet per second. Users have appreciated the versatility and rugged construction of this set, which is suitable for their children too.

Buy from for ($14.98)




Valken 47545 Echo


Many owners have come to the conclusion that these are the best cheap airsoft goggles available on the market. The Valken Airsoft Goggles have been designed to offer as much comfort as possible without sacrificing their protective features.

This item has a really cool design and is suitable not only for airsoft sports but also for hiking, biking or other outdoor activities that require eye protection. Color options include clear, gray or yellow frames.

Valken manufactured these goggles with the intention of offering the highest value for the money. Fitted with indirect vented foam carriage, they offer maximum dust protection while still providing sufficient airflow, making the product fog-proof.

Users have tested it in high temperatures with excellent results. The product meets most high impact requirements standards enforced, and have been tested thoroughly to make sure that they are safe.

Comfortable use is provided with fully adjustable elastic straps with a quick release system; they attach to the temples, providing a secure fit. Wearing a lower face mask can push the goggles up a little bit, but with careful adjustment, this issue can be fixed. These seem to be the best anti-fog airsoft goggles available for less than 15$.

Buy from for ($13.4)



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