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Best airsoft gun reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Airsoft guns – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Airsoft guns have become very popular in the past years, which saw an invasion of products on a once limited market. With so many different models, all imitating real firearms, it can be hard to decide what product to buy. In order to help you, we have analyzed feedback offered by players, opinions, and discussions between differently skilled users and producer specifications and have concluded that the Umarex Walther P99 is the best airsoft gun available. It is a lightweight sidearm that shoots at about 380 feet per second, making it ideal for close to medium range combat. The special blowback function is designed to imitate the recoil of a real gun, contributing to its realism; besides, it has a metal smoothbore barrel which ensures durability and long lifespan, together with accuracy and ease of maintenance. Since this is the desired item, it might be sold out; if so, there is another airsoft gun for sale that you should take into consideration: the Umarex 2276008-COZ.



Comparison table





Top features to consider


With the constantly improved and diverse designs available, finding a good airsoft gun for your needs can be tricky and time-consuming. There are some factors that you can take into consideration, and we have written a short buying guide, to show you some of these and to give you a hand in deciding what product to acquire.



Important aspects


There are two kinds of airsoft players – those who actually fight in organized matches and those who use replicas to relax and practice target shooting, healthy activity for your body and mind.

Some airsoft weapons are very powerful and accurate at long distances, so powerful that in fact, some courses might not allow users to fire them at other players (or not at a distance of under 30 meters). These products are intended for target practice rather than actual matches and usually are single shot, manual rifles.

For those who want to play the game with others should consider a semi-automatic or automatic airsoft replica that also has less velocity and is not too powerful.

Think of the budget you want to invest in this hobby. Prices range from 10$ to 1000$ or even more, depending on the type, build, velocity and brand.  If you are a beginner, it is not recommended to go for the most expensive products available, but instead, choose a cheap airsoft gun that is not hard to replace when broken.



Propellant, speed, and accuracy


All weapons are, first and foremost, characterized by their action and by the muzzle velocity of the BB. The action refers to the way the round is fired from that gun. Some replicas can be spring powered (usually very high power sniper rifles and cheaper pistols or shotguns have this feature) – these are single shot only weapons.

They can also be electric (an electric motor drives the shooting mechanism), Green gas powered or CO2 powered; the difference between the latter is that CO2 airsoft guns have to be loaded with a capsule, whereas, with the Green gas ones, the ecological gas is loaded into a built-in tank, from an exterior source.  

Muzzle velocities are higher in CO2 and Green gas replicas, but spring powered sniper rifles can shoot at even greater speeds.

Accuracy depends on the barrel length, velocity and build. Some weapons tend to have a tougher trigger, so when pulling it, accuracy might decrease a little bit (this happens with inexperienced players).

Short, high-speed replicas can be as accurate as longer ones but with lower velocities. CO2 and Green gas pistols are very accurate at close or medium range, long barrel designs enabling accurate fire at up to 40 meters in good weather conditions.



The user is a detail that needs attention


Finding the best airsoft gun depends on what you expect from it. If you have tried various designs already, it might be easier to know what you like and dislike when it comes to airsoft replicas.

In case that the weapon is meant for a trainee or a beginner, cheaper products that focus on durability and ease of use rather than power or accuracy are recommended. A professional with a high budget can obtain all these features.

The weapon type should be chosen in concordance with his or her way of playing the game. Pistols are very good for highly mobile users, as are SMGs and shotguns. Assault rifles balance power with mobility and sniper rifles sacrifice the latter for high muzzle velocity and accuracy. Depending on the level of experience, the other characteristics should be chosen to best fit one’s needs.



Top rated products



While it might still be pretty difficult to obtain the perfect airsoft gun, since this depends greatly on your skills, preferences, and budget, there are a few options that stand up, thanks to their features. Below, we have a list of airsoft gun reviews that have been acclaimed for their performances while remaining low-budget purchases, in order to help you find your favorite product.



Umarex Walther P99


The Umarex Walther P99 airsoft replica is one product that definitely caught our attention while we were doing the research. Acclaimed by professional sportsmen and amateur players alike, the airsoft gun offers as much value for the money as is available in this category, and it has caught our attention due to the huge number of positive reviews provided by customers.

The P99 is a sidearm that has seen widespread use, both by authorities and civilians around the world. The licensed replica of this well-known sidearm is a CO2-propelled 6mm airsoft pistol, appreciated for its heavy build, compact size and high power of fire.

The gas propels the 15 projectiles that can be stored inside the magazine at about 380 feet per second, making it an ideal choice for close to medium range activities, including target practice and training. It is a semi-automatic pistol (once cocked, it will fire every time you pull the trigger) that has a durable and accurate metal barrel, designed to maximize performance.

The blowback function imitates the recoil a real weapon would have, by using a fraction from the gas used to launch the ball. The Walther P99 replica features a solid and heavy construction, making it drop proof; the size is identical to that of the firearm it copies, so it fits in any real holster. Available only in black, the handgun is made to ensure you have a great time on the playing grounds.

Buy from for ($61.79)




Umarex 2276008-COZ


For airsoft players and especially for snipers, having a lightweight and resistant sidearm is essential, and great attention is offered towards acquiring one. This product is a powerful companion that offers players pinpoint accuracy at close to medium range, while also being reliable and easy to utilize.

The Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer is a CO2 replica, using gas stored in a small capsule to shoot the balls. It is economical and allows for up to 200 rounds to be fired before the capsule has to be changed. The front blade sight is fitted with a white dot, making it easier to aim at targets in lower light situations.

The product also has an accessory rail, so a tactical flashlight or a laser dot sight can be mounted on it without any further modifications needed. The velocity is about 400 feet per second with a fresh capsule, and it only drops when the CO2 is almost entirely gone.

Built from plastic and metal, the airsoft replica is pretty durable while keeping the weight at a minimum of about 1 pound. The metal magazine can hold up to 15 rounds. The affordable item is appreciated for its ease of use, fast fire and economic action that makes it efficient on the airsoft terrains.

Buy from for ($29.99)




Desert Eagle 90505


The world-famous Desert Eagle handgun has been featured in almost all first-person shooter video games. Therefore one might expect it to be extremely desirable as an airsoft replica. This massive handgun, which has an official license from the manufacturers of the real weapon, offers power and accuracy at an affordable price.

An all metal build is the first thing that users have appreciated at this product. This confers the airsoft replica a realistic feel, besides from its 1:1 scale. Reliable and durable thanks to its metal body, the pistol is drop proof and is hard to break down even by inexperienced users (these might find shooting it difficult because of its weight).

It also features a blowback function to enhance realism, a function that has been cited as hard-hitting on an inexperienced user. It takes training to master this gun, but once you do it, the experience is fun and entertaining.

An interesting feature about this gun is that it has two firing modes – semi-automatic and fully – automatic, the latter enabling it to shoot as long as the trigger is pulled and the magazine has BBs. The measured velocity is about 390 feet per second with .12g BBs, but the producer recommends using .20g BBs.

Keep in mind that the blowback function is realistic and might alter its accuracy in full-auto fire. The gun is delivered in a black version, a design that has gathered praise for its simple yet elegant look.

Buy from for ($113.66)



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