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Best airsoft gun under $50

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Affordable airsoft guns – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Due to the constantly growing popularity of airsoft, owning a replica became more and more desirable with the mainstream public. Since not everyone can afford to spend a fortune on a realistic weapon, the bigger companies have also manufactured cheap versions that have been sold with great success. Due to the many items currently available, it might be difficult to find the best airsoft gun under 50$. Based on reviews, feedback from the consumers and product specs as provided by the manufacturers themselves, we have come to the conclusion that the best airsoft gun for the money is the Taurus Millennium PT-111. This compact and lightweight sidearm is officially licensed and features a high strength ABS construction that makes it reliable and drop-proof. The magazine capacity is 20 rounds, which is pretty high for a pistol, and the muzzle velocity of about 200 feet per second make it good for training and close quarter combat. In case that this item is sold out, there is another gun put up for sale that is just as good: the Desert Eagle 90221.



Comparison table





Top features to consider


With the ever-growing number of replicas available for very low prices comes difficulty in deciding which one to buy. Finding the best airsoft handgun implies a time-consuming search and might not always yield the desired results. To give you a hand, we have written a buying guide that treats some details that you need to take into consideration before prospecting the market.



What you should think about


There are some important details that need to be taken into consideration. The best airsoft guns under 50 are great for beginners, but professionals or collectors might be disappointed by their lighter weight or plastic exterior. Keep in mind that even though their price is affordable, they can still be quite powerful and provoke injury if adequate security equipment is not worn.

The airsoft guns under 50 are usually in the 20-30$ price range, and are great starters – some CO2 models are also available at almost 50$, and these are more powerful, semi-automatic replicas that can be used in games without problems.

Good for training and recreational use, the budget products can be used by inexperienced users without problems. Those who are new to the sport can see if it is for them by buying one of these items, which will not take too much money away.



Making compromises


High-end replicas are powerful, 1:1 scale imitations of real firearms and they sometimes even have the same weight or include wood on their external parts such as grips or stocks. Cheaper ones usually lack one of these characteristics, so you must make up your mind about what you want to sacrifice.

An inexpensive product might be powerful but not true to the scale or weight of the real model. A 1:1 metal replica that is available for under 50$ might lack power or accuracy, and one that is both realistic and powerful is surely a single shot variant of a perhaps semi-automatic rifle.

Make up your mind about what you really want and what is not so important to you. Reliability might also vary depending on the other performances of the gun, but this aspect should not be a concern – if properly used, most designs have been rated as hard to break down by most buyers.





Most designs are compact and lightweight, since, instead of using metal parts, they are made out of ABS polymer or other plastic materials. These do not sacrifice durability and long lifespan, but power can be reduced as well as weight. If you are new to the sport, picking up the heaviest replica is a bad idea, and this is where these models become helpful.

Since these replicas are made of plastic, you should take greater care when using them. Hits, drops or water might damage them for good and render most of them useless.

However, some have been designed to survive all kinds of abuse and are known for their reliability and roughness, in spite of bad treatment. Luckily, their build usually requires lower maintenance than you would see inexpensive airsoft guns, but lubrication and cleaning should not be neglected.



Top rated products



We cannot offer you exactly the kind of airsoft replica that you want. In order to help you and make choosing an item easier, we have written a few airsoft gun reviews. The items featured below have gathered appreciation from customers and have the best value for the money available for under 50$.



Taurus Millennium PT-111 


While we were searching for cheap airsoft guns, this is the first product that we came across. This compact, lightweight and robust airsoft replica offers excellent value for the money and price reductions are often available. It is an acclaimed choice by many players and trainees around the world, who have praised its features and design, officially licensed by Taurus.

The Taurus PT-111 is a spring powered pistol, meaning that is a single shot replica that needs to be cocked before firing. The firing mechanism enables a muzzle velocity of about 180 feet per second, as measured with .12g BBs, but the gun has no hop up.

It can hold 20 rounds in the included magazine, so you do not have to worry about running out of ammunition. Even though it is not very powerful, safety equipment must be worn when shooting the airsoft gun.

Compact design is a key feature for sidearms; this one is a lightweight item that can fit in the player’s pocket. It is made out from ABS polymer and weighs only 172 grams. The dimensions are 160mmx110mm, as offered by the producer.

Users have appreciated the fact that it is very good for the money spent, especially if you unsure about the sport. It is also safer to use since it has a low muzzle velocity.



Many buyers appreciate how lightweight and compact this model is; this makes it easy to pack in your backpack or even hold it inside a pocket.

You will get the necessary magazine with your purchase. It can hold 20 rounds so that you can shoot to your heart’s content without running out of ammo.

Featuring a low muzzle velocity, this pistol is a better choice for novices than other airsoft guns on the market, for the simple reason that it is safer.

The ABS construction keeps its weight to a minimum and promotes ease of use, as well.

Buyers appreciate the safety mode that does not let the user fire the gun by accident.



When tilting the gun downwards, the BBs will fall down the barrel, which can be very frustrating.

Accuracy is dependable only for short distances, according to some of the people who have tried this gun.

Buy from for ($7.99)




Desert Eagle 90221


This 1:1 scale replica of the world-famous Desert Eagle pistol, popularized by video games, movies, and action bestselling books is what you should be looking after if you want a cheap model that looks just like the real one.

Affordable and durable, this airsoft weapon offers a great feel and accurate fire, making it good for training purposes and even close quarter matches.

The spring pistol needs to be cocked before firing every shot since it relies on compressed air to shoot the BB. It has a magazine capacity of 25 rounds, so you will not have to spend too much time reloading it during target practice.

With a muzzle velocity of about 175 feet per second, it is safer to use than other more powerful weapons, making it great for beginners or for those who want to get a taste of airsoft, to see if they like it or not. It has a fixed hop-up system, but the BAXS accuracy system makes it capable of hitting small targets at 25-30 feet.

The Desert Eagle is delivered with a magazine and practice rounds. It has fixed front and rear sights, like all pistols, and the weight is approximately 1 pound.

The lightweight design makes it good for training purposes since inexperienced players might have some troubles in using a 1 kg airsoft replica. Customers liked its reliability and ease of use.



A realistic replica of the famous gun, this model feels great in your hand and helps you increase your accuracy.

Its magazine can hold 25 rounds, so you will have plenty of ammunition to fire at your enemies when you are out on the airsoft field.

You can count on the superior precision of this gun since it comes equipped with the company’s BAXS Accuracy System that guarantees excellent results at 25 feet.

Weighing just one pound, it is an ideal airsoft gun for a beginner who needs manageable equipment to practice.

Buyers receive the Desert Eagle replica along with the necessary magazine and practice rounds.



Be aware of the broad handle that might make the gun difficult to hold if your hands are too small.

A buyer commented on how fragile the clip is if you try to load it to the max.

Buy from for ($22.34)




Crosman ASGM47 Voodoo


This product is one of the cheapest airsoft replicas that can be bought these days without being a pistol. Shotguns are popular weapons in games, where players use them for close quarter combat or their immense stopping power – it is no wonder that airsoft manufacturers have been trying to offer as many models.

With a magazine capacity of 19 rounds, this spring powered shotgun is great for beginners or for recreational purpose. It shoots at up to 150 feet per second; it is a single shot weapon which needs to be cocked every time you want to shoot it. The hooded front sight and rear peep sight make it easy to aim, and the plastic polymer used to build it makes it lightweight and very user-friendly.

The replica is delivered with a sling for easy carrying, a few practice BBs, and the magazine. Available only in black, it also has an adjustable stock that can be taken apart, making it more compact and mobile.

It does not have iron sights, these should be bought separately, but it can be aimed by using the tactical rail. Users have appreciated its value for the money and reliability – it does not jam and is pretty hard to break down.



Shotguns make powerful weapons, and there’s no wonder that this shotgun replica is so popular among airsoft enthusiasts.

With a maximum magazine capacity of 19 rounds, this weapon will help you through even the most intense match with friends.

Made from polymer, it is a lightweight weapon that you will carry around with ease, without feeling encumbered in any way.

You will get a sling with your purchase so that you can carry the weapon on your back while trying to find the best position on the field.

The adjustable stock allows you to make the weapon more compact, which will come in handy when you travel to your airsoft destination of choice.



Loading the gun seems to be troublesome, according to one reviewer.

There is no optics included with your purchase, so you will have to focus on the target using only your eyesight.

Buy from for ($36.99)




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