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Best apartment punching bag reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Punching bags for apartment – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you are here to find out about the best punching bag for apartment, but you don’t have time to read all the research put together by our team, here is everything you need to know in this short paragraph. After reading consumer reports, reviews, expert opinion and forum comments, we reached the conclusion that the Flexzion is the best model you can currently find. The bag is delivered unfilled, so you will be able to fill it with anything you like, be it plastic bottles, fabric or anything else you deem a good fit. The chain attached to the bag can swivel 360 degrees, so you will have guaranteed freedom of movement, while you keep punching at the bag. The canvas that makes the cover is resistant to wear and tear. In case the Flexzion is out of stock, we strongly suggest getting the Ringside 40, as it is a model that can serve you almost just as well.


Top features to consider:


Many people today want to stay in shape, but this is not always possible, due to hectic schedules and long working hours. A home gym is an immediate solution, but using an entire room for setting up a full range of equipment for fitness may not be convenient for anyone. Getting a punching bag is a great solution because it takes up little space and you can train as you like. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when you are shopping for a good punching bag for an apartment.



Filled or unfilled?


One of the first aspects to consider is whether you want your punching bag to be delivered with filling inside or not. The models that are already filled can be very heavy and hiking them to your apartment from ground level can be a real hassle. Instead, the best punching bag for apartment reviews recommend getting a model that is easier to deal with.

That means that an unfilled model is a better choice. There is another advantage besides being easy to manipulate. You can choose the filling you like, be it plastic bottles, old clothes, fabric and so on. Depending on what kind of feel you want to get from your punching bag, you can change the filling as you like.



Resistant materials


It is paramount that your punching bag is capable of withstanding a lot of wear and tear. Even if it is only intended for apartment use, it should be durable, so you can train every day without having to worry that the bag will start showing signs of heavy use. Vinyl and heavy duty canvas are among the most common choices because of their ability to withstand a lot of kicking and punching.



Needed accessories


Besides the bag, you will also need it to come with a chain or straps for attaching it to the ceiling. This chain must be durable so that you can train without any mishaps. The best heavy bag reviews agree that getting a model that is already assembled is a better choice, no matter how you look at things.



Top rated products



You will find the best punching bags for apartment for sale listed below. Gathering a lot of positive reviews from users, these punching bags strike the right balance between pricing and performance, offering you a great deal for your money.



Flexzion Heavy


If you are looking for a high-quality punching bag for home use and you have little space at your disposal for such a purpose, the Flexzion is exactly what you need. Everything about this bag is crafted to serve well and be durable, so you will not have any reason to complain about its sturdiness. The canvas is heavy duty and comes in army green.

The bag is delivered without any filling, and it weighs only 5.4 pounds. This means that you will be able to carry it up the stairs until you reach your apartment without any problems. You can just fill it once you find the right place for it and start using it. When you need to move house, or you want to take the punching bag with you on longer trips, you just have to empty it, fold it and pack it for easy carrying.

The punching bag comes assembled with a rotating chain and swivel. It is easy to hang the bag to the ceiling, so you can start using it right away. The chain allows 360-degree rotation, which will grant you plenty of freedom of movement. A versatile bag that delivers high performance at a good price, the Flexzion has already conquered many buyers’ hearts.



The heavy duty canvas is very resistant and will have the punching bag serve you for a long time without showing signs of wear and tear.

The punching bag is delivered without any filling, leaving the choice of filler to your discretion, be it that you want to fill it with plastic bottles, clothes, cotton, and so on.

The necessary chain for hooking the bag to the ceiling is delivered with your purchase, and it is already attached, so you will not have to lift a finger.

The size of this bag recommends it, being large enough to fill with different materials, depending on the kind of effect you want to obtain. The length is 39 inches, and the width is 11.8 inches.



Some buyers mention that the filling process can be tough, which is why there are people who prefer getting a model that comes pre-filled, for minimal hassle.

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Ringside 40


The Ringside 40 is an excellent choice if you have teenagers at home who need to vent off some energy, but you can also use it, in case you don’t need a heavy punching bag. For small spaces, this model is ideal, since it will take up very little space. It will be a task to find the necessary space to accommodate it so that your kids and even you can start training as you see fit.

The punching bag comes unfilled, and the manufacturer recommends it filling it with old clothes. The maximum capacity is 40 pounds, so this is about how many old clothes you will need for filling it up. Although you may choose to fill it with a lower quantity of filler, it is recommended to fill it correctly, to avoid the bag getting heavier at the bottom and softer at the top.

Made from durable materials, this punching bag is great to have and use for a long time. The cover is made from vinyl, and the straps are made from nylon, both resistant materials that will not break with ease. While you will pay a decent price for this punching bag, you will also be happy to make such a sound investment.



This model is a great punching bag for those who want to be able to stay in shape and practice martial arts at a leisurely pace since it accommodates a filling weight of 40 pounds.

The cover is made of durable vinyl, so you will be able to use this punching bag for a long time.

The nylon straps are great to have, because they will support the weight of the bag once filled, so you can kick it and punch it to your heart’s desire.

The model is delivered with a spring clip hanger, so you can quickly hook it up to the ceiling and start training.

Because the bag is provided unfilled, you will be able to fill it with everything you want, for maximum results.



Because it is a bit on the small side, not everyone will enjoy it, in case they need to train harder and they need a heavier bag to punch.

Buy from for ($38.73)




Everlast 4004


If you prefer already filled punching bags to those that come unfilled, you will discover an excellent choice in the Everlast 4004. Made by a company with a long-standing tradition in making sports equipment, this model does not disappoint.

Keep in mind that there are models created by Everlast that are larger and heavier, and that this particular one is designed to fit in smaller homes, such as an apartment.

The manufacturer includes the needed chain for hooking the punching bag to the ceiling. This means that you will only need to hook it up to a mounting bracket and then start to enjoy your home based training sessions. Because it comes already filled, you will not have to worry about a thing in this respect either.

The 40-pound bag is recommended for those with kids growing up, as well as for those who want to indulge in a bit of training, but without going full MMA in their home gym. Otherwise, this punching bag is everything you would expect from a model created by a company whose name has become synonym with boxing over the years. The Nevatear vinyl used for the cover is very durable, and you will not regret this decision.



The solid construction of this punching bag recommends it for prolonged use since there will be no problems with the bag showing signs of heavy usage too soon.

All the needed accessories for hanging this bag to the ceiling and starting to use it are provided with your purchase, making this model convenient for anyone.

This model comes already filled, so, if you prefer not to take care of the filling yourself, this is a great plus.

The Nevatear material used is a type of vinyl that resembles leather both in visual aspect, as well as resistance.

It can be utilized for a broad range of training types, from fitness to martial arts.



A mounting bracket is not included with your purchase, and you will have to buy it separately, as some buyers indicate.

Buy from for ($79.96)




Home punching bags – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you simply can’t go over the buying guide and product reviews we have carefully prepared below, this short paragraph should serve you just as well. We have studied the merits of every product on the market by looking at reviews and ratings in expert review sites for athletic equipment for comparison with actual user feedback. Our in-depth research has led us to an undisputed consumer favorite as of this writing, the Flexzion Heavy. Shipped to the buyer unfilled, this heavy bag’s empty stuffing design allows you to fill it up with your choice of material, from old clothes, plastic bags, cotton, and others so you can enjoy the functionality you want and the rigidity level you need. This product ships with the necessary hardware for setup including a 360-degree rotating chain and a swivel for hanging. This 39-inch long bag can be used for martial arts, general fitness, martial arts, kicking, punching, and practice. Consumers love this punching bag so much it might not be available at your favorite sellers but feel free to get the second best option, the Fireball Orange Aqua Training Bag Head Hunter.


Top features to consider:


Providing great cardio workouts, boxing will also not max out your credit card and enables you to unleash your huge rage on a fixed object. Because you can’t simply run out and start hitting things, you need a good punching bag for this purpose. How do you know if that punching bag for sale on Amazon is the one for you?



When checking out any product in the best punching bag for home reviews, make sure it has the right weight


A really heavy bag is not an affirmation of your testosterone level or how high your masculinity level is. Being delusional has nothing to do with an optimal punching bag experience. Although a really hefty bag offers more resistance in that it fights back, bear in mind that you also want good cardio. Start with an 80-pound bag, as any lighter and you’d be exasperated with the high degree of swinging.

An 80-pound bag provides an adequate amount of resistance and movement so you can keep pace with its swinging and even do some fancy footwork while you’re at it.



Study the filling of every product in the best heavy bag reviews to determine which one you like


The weight of the bag has much to do with the type of filling it comes with. There are three types of filling available. A hard fill bag has a shredded fiber fill encased in a one-inch closed cell foam liner. Soft fill bags feature a bit more give because of the enclosing two-inch liner. Water-filled bags are a league of their own.

You can distinguish one fill from the other by the level of stiffness of the bag. This can also be determined by the way the bag holds its shape as well as its effects on your body when you do workouts.

Aside from holding its shape well, a hard fill bag is also quite solid. Don’t expect a lot of give either, so this type of filling will be the toughest on your body, especially on your bones and joints. A lighter version of a hard fill bag, a soft fill bag has a little more give that reduces the impact on your joints and bones while making it easier as well on your hands.

Water-filled bags offer an out-of-the-ordinary workout in that they offer plenty of give. This means they are easy on your joints while being able to hold their shape. In more ways than one, hitting a water-filled bag is very much like striking the human body, which is 75 percent water by the way.


A good punching bag comes with a good covering and an easy setup


There are canvas bags, Nevatear or composite material bags, and various quality leather bags. Good-quality leather coverings are not prone to tears or cracks. Canvas bags come at a close second. Steer clear of unbelievably cheap vinyl bags.

A free standing bag or a heavy bag stand offers the best mounting option if you have no strong roof or nowhere to hang a punching bag. If you have the space for it, you might hang a heavy bag on the ceiling or wall. Some of the vibrations can be reduced if you set up a heavy bag with a spring between the mount and the chain.

A simple thing such as a good-quality punching bag can turn out to be one of the hardest to find on the market. Do refer to the above buying guide to help make you an informed buyer. The best products have been showcased below.



Top rated products



Although we are not exactly cut out to be experts on punching bags, we have endeavored to provide good product advice via the descriptions below. The products have gotten rave reviews as of this writing, so we believe they deserve our endorsement as well.



Flexzion Heavy


Definitely not a poorly-constructed punching bag, the Flexzion Heavy is a professional-quality canvas punching bag that comes in a rugged army green color. This heavy-duty punching bag is designed to withstand the strikes and punches you unleash on it. The covering material is strong and the stitching is seamless and well-executed.

The bag ships unfilled so setting it up is easy. You have a choice of what filling to use in it, whether old clothes, plastic bags, cotton, and other suitable materials. You won’t need to roll the bag into position or need assistance when attaching it or mounting it via the included chain. The bag is great for boxing practice as well as kicking, punching, martial arts, and general fitness.

This punching bag makes a great piece of gear for use in your home or at the gym. It is made with canvas and polyurethane for durability so you can use it for a long time. It ships with its own 360-degree rotating chain and swivel to facilitate hanging or mounting. It is a strong and sturdy product that can take your punches and strikes without falling apart.

The seams and stitching are done seamlessly for reliable performance and product integrity during your intensive workouts. Practice your powerful punches while fine-tuning your technique and streamlining your footwork with this amazing punching bag.



This punching bag ships unfilled, which enables the buyer to choose their preferred filling setup for it, whether plastic bags, cotton, old clothes, or anything conveniently accessible to the user.

The bag ships with the needed hardware for installation and setup, so you won’t have to make any additional purchases for out-of-the-package functionality.

The bag is well constructed to withstand the beating it will get when used for a variety of sports and fitness purposes.

The punching bag delivers great performance and dependable functionality for genuine value for money.

Setup is easy to do even by a single person since there won’t be too much lifting to do and the bag doesn’t even have to be rolled on the floor.



Some users prefer the larger 49-inch punching bag that offers a broader striking surface.

Removing the filling will not be easy to do, according to one customer who used rubber mulch.

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Fireball Orange Aqua Head Hunter


The Fireball Orange Aqua Head Hunter is a great-looking slip ball that any avid boxing enthusiast ought to have in their collection of workout equipment. This hybrid punching bag ships unfilled to allow greater flexibility to the customer on how much water to fill it with and how great the resistance should be. You can decide on those components based on your punching ability and strength.

This speed ball is suitable for developing your working angles, uppercuts, and head movement. It is made of a durable, flexible material that ensures lasting use while hitting the slip ball feels like striking the human body. This is a multipurpose workout bag that can be used indoors or outdoors. It is suitable for both home gyms and commercial gyms.

This slip ball is also designed to last so you can use it for your workouts without worrying that it will come apart immediately with the pressure of your strikes. Weighing in at 35 pounds once fully and properly filled, the ball can go just about anywhere. It also makes a nice sparring tool. This slip ball comes with the needed items for easy filling and setup including a screwdriver, water hose, and the hose filling nozzle.



The slip ball design enables you to use this hybrid punching bag to work on your speed and punching accuracy.

This hybrid punching bag is easy to bring anywhere because of its unfilled design, which enables you to use the included items to put water inside.

The water-filled bag offers a realistic kind of workout that approximates that of hitting the human body because of the remarkable similarity of its resistance level.

This punching bag is made of a durable yet flexible material that has the needed toughness to withstand the strikes and punches.

The slip ball/punching bag is versatile enough for both home and commercial gym use and enables easy filling and setup.



Because this hybrid punching bag offers a different level of workout, supplies may run out quite easily.

This is a product from a lesser-known brand and this could be misconstrued by some to mean poor quality, which is the exact opposite.

Buy from for ($69.99)




Ringside 012LB Tsunami


The Ringside 012LB Tsunami ships unfilled to give consumers the opportunity to choose how much water to put in it and to determine the level of resistance they want from their workout equipment. Because it is a water-filled bag, this product provides a natural human-like resistance when hit.

The filling enables the bag the swing in a moderate way so you can work on your moves and striking angles to see which one scores The bag delivers a realistic punching experience every time, helping you develop your agility, punching technique, and power without committing too much money on a single piece of workout equipment.

This punching bag/ speedball is constructed of a uniformly-walled rubber material and can take anything you throw at it. You can fill it easily with water in minutes and then hang it using the supplied steel chain for immediate use after opening the package. Because the filling is just water, there won’t be too much strain and pressure on your wrists, hands, shoulders, and joints.

This hybrid punching bag helps improve your punching accuracy, agility, power, and flexibility. Its unique shell design ensures enough toughness to take the beating you will give it during workouts. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this product delivers lasting functionality.



Because this punching bag is designed to be filled with water, it offers the kind of resistance that is as realistic as hitting the human body.

The impact of every punch is readily absorbed into the water bag, and this makes it easier on your joints, wrists, and hands.

The punching bag is designed to help improve your punching power and striking agility, as well as your hitting accuracy and flexibility.

Because it ships unfilled, the bag enables you to decide on the level of resistance you want when putting water inside it.

The bag comes with a durable, uniformly-walled rubber material that enables it to stay tough against anything you might throw at it.



Just a few people may be aware that Ringside carries this type of hybrid punching bag, so the product is not that popular yet among boxing enthusiasts. Despite that, this product holds it own among more well-known speed bags.

Buy from for ($42.49)




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