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Best athletic cup reviews


Athletic cups – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Not everyone has the time to read our detailed buying guide and product descriptions but we designed this paragraph to be just as informative for the shopper. To find the best athletic cup with all the features that consumers want, we did intensive research. This led us to a clear favorite based on consumer surveys, the Shock Doctor Boys Compression Brief. Designed with moisture wicking, 4-way stretch fabric, this youth brief moves when the wearer does, allowing freedom of mobility. It also keeps sweat away from the skin to ensure comfort during long hours of playing. To secure the protective cup in place, the briefs feature an internal mesh cup panel that also provides good ventilation for enhanced cooling. The BioFlex Cup shields critical areas from blows or strikes to prevent deep tissue injury. Since buyers typically go for the Shock Doctor Boys Compression Brief more than other products, it can go out of stock quickly, but consumers still have the Diamond MMA Groin Protector as the second best option.


Top features to consider


A blow to the groin, no matter how accidental, can cause even a grown man to roll over in pain, sometimes with tears in his eyes. The pain can be excruciating, and protection from the products featured in the best athletic cup reviews provides a good level of assurance to this end. What do you want to check out in this kind of device?



A groin guard ought to have the proper size


For the groin protector to provide optimal functionality, it should offer a snug and tight fit against the body of the wearer. Fortunately, the majority of protective gear makers simplify size option selection. The main element to take note of is the waist size of the user. The best youth athletic cup ranges between 19 and 30 inches, while men’s sizes vary from 28 to around 46 inches.

A loose-fitting cup will allow the impact of a blow to penetrate into the testicles, resulting in great pain and potential internal injury. A cup-brief or cup-jockstrap that doesn’t provide a firm hold on the protective cup and doesn’t hold it tight against the body should be supported by a tight-fitting pair of nylon/spandex athletic briefs.

This ensures sufficient support, lift, and protection to the testicles.



The protective gear should have a top-notch construction


A lightweight design is a must since extra weight can impede your freedom of mobility. That said, protection should not be compromised with flimsy materials in the construction.

Unbelievably, there was a time when athletic cups for sale came with a perforated steel construction. While this offered maximum protection, comfort was sacrificed. Thanks to advanced fabric technology, this kind of equipment is now made out of carbon fiber or tough polymers, in addition to some being made with steel shields.

To make groin protectors comfortable, manufacturers use a gel pad around the edges to prevent the primary protective material from digging into or pinching the skin. The pad also serves to protect from chafing and irritation when the wearer moves.

You want a machine-washable cup. Check for the care instructions to make sure.



You should get ample support from the athletic groin protector


The protective device should not move around even if you do. You can choose from three different styles: athletic cup shorts or athletic cup briefs; jockstraps; and impact shorts.

The first type is the most common since they come with a form-fitting underwear style for superior comfort. They have a pocket in the front, which holds the athletic cup securely. This type is excellent for use under athletic uniform bottoms.

With a pocket for the cup, jockstraps feature a connected waistband along with retention straps that wrap around under the wearer’s backside. This style has become less popular with the introduction of compression briefs/shorts on the market.

Impact shorts also have an athletic cup pocket along with hip guard and thigh guard pockets. Best for high-impact sports, this kind offers unbeatable protection.



Top rated products



We may not be star athletes or experts in athletic gear but we believe the athletic cups should have the features these products described here come with.



Shock Doctor Boys Compression Brief


You’ll love how the Shock Doctor Boys Compression Brief is constructed from moisture-wicking, 4-way stretch fabric, which moves as you move while keeping perspiration away from the skin. When sweat dries up, it can result in unwanted odors, not to mention skin chafing and irritation due to bacterial growth.

Thanks to the internal mesh cup panel, this compression brief keeps the athletic cup securely in place. It also keeps ventilation at optimal levels for improved cooling and added comfort. Providing a secure and comfortable fit, this protective device comes with a convenient elastic waistband that provides a personalized fit.

The Shock Doctor BioFlex Cup is an innovative companion to the compression brief, giving you real value for the money. The device is engineered to protect areas that are highly critical. The protective cup features a body that molds seamlessly to your frame without restricting your movement. It also allows optimal airflow and comfort.

The gel perimeter supports the need for protection and comfort as well. Thanks to the antimicrobial stretch fabric used in the brief, the skin stays dry and cool no matter how intense the gameplay becomes. The cup can be removed easily for washing. The athletic cup can be used by all ages of athletes.



Made out of a 4-way stretch, moisture-wicking fabric, this compression brief lets you move freely and also keeps sweat at bay.

The moisture-wicking fabric also prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria that might cause irritation and chafe on the skin as well.

The athletic cup stays in place securely thanks to the internal mesh cup panel, which allows good ventilation for a cool and comfortable feeling.

Thanks to the innovative elastic band, the brief provides a personalized fit around the body regardless if the user is a ten-year-old, a teenager, or an adult.

The included BioFlex Cup protects highly crucial areas from accidental strikes and blows so you can be at your A-game all the time.



One user notes that the listing description for this product does not include the sizing information to help customers with weight and age group selection before ordering.

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Diamond MMA Groin Protector


Thanks to its co-molded elastomer design, the Diamond MMA Groin Protector provides athletes dependable comfort plus protection to dominate in the game. This is coupled with the polycarbonate core that absorbs the impact of accidental blows to the groin when the action turns physical in the field.

The revolutionary product comes with a proprietary design that helps protect the delicate nerves and muscles of the male groin using an ergonomic, soft elastomer edge. The athletic cup core features a flexible yet rigid polycarbonate material, which is the same type of plastic used in the manufacture of bulletproof glass.

Approved by urologists and doctors aside from being developed by top designers and Stanford University engineers, this choice ensures a high level of groin protection compared to others in its class.

This is a full protective gear set that includes the jockstrap system as well as the athletic cup. The cup stays in place using the dedicated straps so vertical and lateral movement is minimized without hindering your free motion during the game.

Suitable for high-impact sports athletes, this model comes in a variety of sizes to provide a truly customized fit, and in a nice combination of black and blue colors as well.



With the co-molded elastomer design, this groin guard delivers dependable protection along with comfort so male athletes can focus on the game.

The polycarbonate core absorbs the impact of accidental strikes to the groin, so you won’t have to worry about deep-tissue injury when the action gets tough.

The sensitive muscles and nerves of the male groin are shielded adequately using the cup’s proprietary design and the rigid yet flexible core material.

This groin protector is a result of engineering ingenuity created by top designers and Stanford University engineers.

It has earned approval from urologists and doctors and is guaranteed not to impede the free mobility of the athlete during use.



According to one user, an exceptional fit is provided by the jock strap, but the athletic cup tends to apply a high degree of pressure on the inside of the thighs so check for proper sizing.

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McDavid Classic 325CFR


Ideal for athletes who experience a lot of action in the field or the ring, the McDavid Classic 325CFR helps reduce the incidence of injury by protecting the sensitive male groin. There’s no telling when an accidental blow below the belt could hit you. Thanks to this protective gear, the male athlete can stay consistently on top of the game.

This groin guard provides support for the male athlete who wants to excel in his sport. It allows the sports enthusiast to give total performance without worrying that he could suddenly be brought down by a strike to the lower body. This athletic supporter comes with a Flex Cup to hold the testicles in place while providing support to the entire groin, keeping the critical parts out of the way and from harm.

The woven elastic waistband is thick enough at 2.5 inches for a secure and supportive fit around the body. The knit athletic jock strap holds the flex cup in place via a pocket dedicated to the component

The classic, minimalist design enables wearing under athletic uniform bottoms. Made out of 75 percent polyester and 25 percent latex, this supportive and protective gear ensures comfort and the right fit for free mobility.



This athletic support is designed for the male athlete who wants nothing less than a top performance from their sports apparel including protective gear.

It is made using high-quality materials, with 75 percent polyester and 25 percent latex for a good level of stretch and flexibility to promote free mobility.

The included Flex Cup provides the protective element to the groin, keeping the testicles enclosed in a flexible but rigid material at all times.

Thanks to the 2.5-inch woven elastic waistband, the athlete enjoys a personalized fit around the body without the material digging into the skin.

The classic, minimalist design enables the use of the protective gear under athletic garments quite conveniently, while the cup’s soft, impact-absorbing sides and edges follow the shape of the body for comfort plus cushioning.



The fabric covering of the Flex Cup is a bit tight so one customer thinks there may not be much room for the delicate parts to fit inside. The key is to get the proper size, though.

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