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Best badminton equipment

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Badminton equipment – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


You can’t play badminton without having proper gear. If you want to purchase the best badminton racket but don’t have the time to do an accurate research, let our team of experts advise you. According to their findings, the Wilson Strike WRT85700U3 is an excellent choice because it is lightweight and ideal for any badminton skill level. Featuring an oval head shape, the unit enables more control and feel while striking the shuttlecock. Thanks to the balabanced light head, handling the racket is a total breeze. Moreover, the product is made from Wilson Nylon which adds durability. If the Wilson Strike WRT85700U3 is not available, make sure to check the CSI Cannon Sports Badminton 215, another great option.



Comparison table





Top features to consider


Badminton enthusiasts need to own a few pieces of gear if they want to engage in this fun and interesting sports activity. The most common tools are the badminton racket and the shuttlecock. However, there are other aspects involved that you might want to consider. We’ve made a selection of the most important badminton equipment that you usually find for sale in specialized stores.

Even though talent and practice are mandatory for a good badminton session, in reality, you’ll need the best badminton equipment if you want to improve your game. Therefore, you should focus on spending your resources on products that actually help deliver great results while playing badminton.



Badminton shoes


One significant detail that you need to be aware of is finding the best badminton shoes. Contrary to popular belief, a good pair of shoes is an asset for any badminton player. While being on the field, you need to move quickly in order to anticipate the moves of the opponent.

It is a known fact that people that engage in badminton sessions move around the badminton court at a fast pace. Plus, they dash and change direction with every stroke of the badminton racket. Moreover, they are prone to twisting and turning. So they need plenty of support especially for their feet because they are in direct contact with the ground.

The reason why you must opt for professional badminton shoes instead of regular sports shoes is that these are specially designed for badminton movements. They feature a thin but supportive sole that increases the lateral support so that the players are able to keep the feet close to the ground. This way, the shoes enable them to bend their ankle fast in order to change direction, without exposing their feet to injuries.

Besides the sole, badminton shoes must be lightweight in order to provide faster feet movement.

Since we expose the feet to so much effort it is quite understandable why we need to invest in the best badminton trainers. Even if you buy a good pair, you’ll notice after a period that they tend to wear out. This happens because your feet make all the effort. Therefore, the soles will offer less support while the strong upper leather gives up due to the force exerted on it.

To prevent this issue, you should purchase more than one pair and wear them according to the weather and the field conditions. If one pair of shoes is deteriorated, you can easily replace them, so your feet stay protected all the time.

You need to pick your badminton shoes with care and opt for a model that fits the shape and size of your feet and ensures a comfortable position.

According to several badminton equipment reviews, you shouldn’t wear running shoes or thick soled shoes because they keep your feet up too high on the ground and lessen the support you need in order to perform the moves correctly. Plus, you risk having your ankle sprained.



String tension


The string is another crucial point because its interaction with the shuttlecock is related to the way you feel the stroke. Depending on your skill level and your game style, you should pick a certain string and tension that works best for your needs.

String manufacturers come with a variety of string characteristics that feature certain ratings. These are usually found on the back of the string package.

As far as the string tension goes, the best badminton tricks claim that if you can hit harder, you’ll need to opt for a tighter tension. Lower tensioned strings are more suitable for a trampoline effect.



Badminton racket


First thing, you need to understand that badminton rackets are made of 3 parts, such as the head or the hitting surface, the shaft, and the handle.

Rackets that boast heavy heads have more swing momentum which makes them ideal for power hitters or those that enjoy an attack.

Also, badminton rackets that are more evenly balanced in terms of head and body ratio are a tad faster and flexible. You should opt for this type if you want to control your shots easier. Plus, this option is great if you’re looking for the best beginner badminton racket.

On the badminton court, you’ll see two types of head-shaped rackets. There’s the classic model which is rounder and the isometric racket which is squarer. Players like to use isometric tools because they provide a larger effective hitting area.

If you decide to take a look at the product description of badminton rackets, you’ll notice something related to the balance point. This refers to the area located on the shaft of the racket which is measured from the handle end. The balance point lies between 290 and 310 mm.

A higher value of the balance point means that it is closer to the head of the racket. Players that want to hit with power prefer this type because rackets are heavier than normal. On the other hand, a lower value translates to a balance point closer to the handle and it is designed for badminton players that need to have better control over their shots.

If you decide to add grip to the racket handle, this will interfere with the balancing point of the racket. Adding a lightweight grip is a better choice if you need more power.

Badminton rackets are built from steel, aluminum, graphite, or composite materials. You need to choose the material according to your game skills. Also, it depends if you intend to play on a regular basis or you’re just a recreational player.

A junior badminton player should be more than pleased with a steel or aluminum frame which is a little on the heavier side but adds more stability. After progress is visible, there is the possibility to move towards lighter rackets since the arm muscles are more developed.




In your search for the best badminton shuttlecock, you should learn that they are made either of feathers or synthetic materials. Although feather shuttlecocks ensure a better performance, they are brittle and more fragile, so they won’t last for long. Synthetic shuttles are more durable but fly slower on initial impact.

Shuttlecocks made of feathers come off the springs at a faster speed but slow down as they reach the ground. Therefore, the game seems to go faster when using a feather shuttlecock. Professional badminton players are prone to choosing this type because they have more control over the strikes.



Badminton clothing


Choosing badminton clothing is quite an easy task. Besides the fashion statement, you should look for items that are light and unhindered.

If you can, get yourself shirts that are slightly loose and comfortable and allow your arms to move.

Because badminton is a healthy activity that increases your level of sweat, you’ll need proper clothing gear that allows your skin to breathe. Also, sports clothes made from an absorbent fabric are the best option. There are plenty of brands on the market that sell workout clothes made of a cooling synthetic material that ensures a dry sensation during training.

You can wear long fitness trousers if you like but it is advisable to opt for shorts because you’ll be making lunges and running and you can’t have any obstacles during the time you spend on the badminton field.


Top rated products


After carefully reviewing the feedback given by customers and experts in the field, we’ve managed to put together this list of products that showcase the most important features mentioned in our buying guide. Take a look and see if you see something worthy of your attention.



Best badminton racket


The racket is one of the most important pieces of equipment. You should choose one that matches your playing abilities as well as your personal style.

One thing you need to consider is the weight of the racket. If you’re new to badminton, a lightweight racket is your best option. Also, an item that features a lower balance point such as two will provide you better control.

Experienced players might find appealing units that are a tad heavier and are outfitted with a higher balance point. This kind of badminton rackets allows more power when striking the shuttlecock. Keep in mind though, that they are less easy to control because of the extra weight.

Another essential feature is related to the string tension. You can check it by pressing your palm against the strings. If you like to strike using force, you’ll need a higher tension. Tension standards tend to vary from region to region because temperature affects the string tension.



Wilson Strike WRT85700U3


Whether you want to replace your old badminton racket and upgrade to a newer model or you only want to improve the quality of your previous one, you’ll be more than pleased with the features presented by this badminton racket model.

Suited for badminton players of all levels, the racket boasts an oval head shape that increases the level of control and the feel when striking the shuttlecock. Furthermore, the unit has a tight string tension and an ideal balance point that ensures easy handling while playing badminton on the field.

Due to the Nylon string construction, you can rest assured that the racket won’t break anytime soon. Also, the shaft is made of a durable carbon fiber that enables a flexible and powerful strike. Plus, the reach is increased because of the lower kick point.

Because the badminton racket is incredibly lightweight, it allows you to benefit from quick stroking speeds and recovery. Aside from that, you are able to deliver quick serves without putting too much effort on your wrist.

In order to ensure optimum sweat absorption, the product comes with a special grip that protects the racket, as well as a head cover, for safe storage and easy transportation.

Buy from for ($24.27)




Best budget badminton racket


When searching for a good badminton racket if your budget is limited, you need to understand that there are several brands that manufacture high-quality rackets that aren’t pricey at all.

Once your badminton experience begins to improve, you can invest in a unit that has more features and costs more. Otherwise, you should look for basic rackets that allow you to learn and master the skills of badminton.

After you develop an instinct and you learn about the things that matter most, you can upgrade from a cheaper racket to one that is heavier and features a higher balance point.

Usually, badminton rackets that are outfitted with an oval shape don’t cost that much but still allow to have powerful strikes. Also, beginners should go with a lower string tension and a less heavy racket.

You need to be aware that an expensive racket won’t improve your abilities. You need to get proper gear such as shoes, clothes, and shuttlecocks if you want to get to a professional level.



CSI Cannon Sports Badminton 215 


Thanks to the aluminum and steel combination, this badminton racket is an excellent acquisition for any badminton enthusiasts.

Rackets that have tempered steel in their composition are more durable and heavier. Plus, they allow you to have a better grip and more control over the strikes and the balance. Aluminum, on the other hand, is less heavy than steel but brings more flexibility to the unit. In addition to that, it has gained so much popularity among badminton players because it has a special ability to exert more power on the shuttlecock.

This badminton racket is extremely lightweight and allows you to have full control while being in the court. It is perfect for beginners and advanced players, and it features a length of 26 inches.

Moreover, the product features a tempered steel shaft that is quite flexible. There’s no need to worry about sturdiness because the unit is equipped with top grade nylon strings. Plus, the string tension is perfect, and the balance point allows you to have a proper strike.

In order to provide enough comfort, the racket comes with a soft leather handle that enables a safe and secure grip.

Buy from for ($15.99)




Best badminton set


Badminton is a classic game that is fun to play and requires a refined level of skill if you want to perform to the fullest. If you want to get the best of this fun type of outdoor activity, you need to get a badminton set that has every piece included. This way, you save precious time and money that you could spend practicing badminton.

Indeed, you can purchase a badminton racket and only after a while get the net, poles, and stakes that are usually found in badminton sets. But that would mean learning this game without having a proper gear and a field to do so.

If you have a large family and you enjoy camping outside in nature, you’ll need tools for entertaining. Depending on your budget, you can get a set that features smaller net. This is suitable for people that don’t want to use so often. Plus, it doesn’t take much space, and it is easier to pack.



Baden Champions Series G203-00


This professional badminton set has everything you need if you want to play this sport and benefit from maximum performance.

The product is made from top-notch materials and features an official net that has a professional size. Moreover, the set is specially designed to withstand any type of weather conditions.

Included in the set, you’ll find four tournament grade badminton rackets built to last many hours of practice. Also, the net is extremely well stitched and made according to the regulation size so you’ll benefit from a genuine badminton experience when using the set.

There’s no need for you to worry about the height of the poles because you can adjust them in order to let the kids play as well. Plus, the poles are made of a heavy-duty powder steel so you can rest assured they won’t fall or break during the badminton game.

The unit takes only a few minutes for setup. As a bonus, the set offers a sturdy bag where you can store the set and take it with you if you want to play outside. The carrying case has straps, so transportation is a total breeze.

The net and the boundary lines are bright and colorful, so you can see them even in low light conditions.

Buy from for ($60.99)




Best badminton shuttlecock


No matter your skill level, you should benefit from good equipment if want to improve your game in the badminton area. So you’ll need to know the difference between types of shuttlecock and what options suit you best.

Choosing the perfect shuttlecock is important because it represents a significant investment from your part.

Badminton shuttlecocks can be bought in two different types, feather and nylon. Feather shuttlecocks are made of natural duck feather and provide a solid cock base. The other type, nylon, is made of synthetic material.

Each of these options has both advantages and disadvantages. Nylon shuttles are more durable and last a longer period of time, while feather is considered a better option by professional badminton players.

Also, feather shuttlecocks take high initial speed, so the latter makes easier for players to place their shots more accurately. Nylon shuttles are capable of flatter trajectories and don’t need to be replaced so often.



Yonex Mavis 2000 4420541


You should check this shuttlecock model if you want to benefit from well balanced and accurate flights while playing badminton.

The main reason this product is a great choice is that it is able to resemble so much the feeling a player gets when using real feather shuttlecocks, such as goose or duck feather ones.

These synthetic shuttlecocks are outfitted with a radical wing rib design. The best part is that the each tube comes with a half a dozen shuttles. Furthermore, the tip and the base of the shuttle use a special cock made of rubber for the manufacturing process. Thanks to the large pack you can rest assured you won’t be left with no shuttlecock in the middle of the game. When one piece breaks, you can easily replace it with another one.

You’ll notice a blue tape around the cock which means they provide medium speed. For example, green tape and cap translate to slow speed whereas red tape and cap is a sign for fast speed. These smart type of labeling the product is unique and used only by this brand.

They are specially designed for tournament and amateur practice in order to offer accurate flight and performance.

Buy from for ($13.54)




Best badminton shoes


Most people tend to focus more on the badminton racket and forget one crucial detail, which is the shoes. If you want to move freely and efficiently on the badminton court, you’ll need a good pair of shoes. Since badminton is a sport that forces you to move quickly in all directions, you need a proper pair that prevents your feet from injuries and accidents.

The first aspect you want to consider is the sole. Badminton shoes need to ensure comfort, traction, and grip. You opt for a pair according to to the type of court you are playing on.

If you usually play badminton on wood or PU, you should get trainers with rubber soles. If you can’t find shoes made especially for badminton activities, you can always opt for volleyball shoes, a great replacement.  

This sport enables you to move fast in different directions. Therefore, you need to look for a good cushion that absorbs the impact. Also, try to get shoes that are lightweight and fit your size.



ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 8


Shoes aren’t to be neglected if you decide to play badminton. Just like you invest in a proper racket and shuttlecock, you should aim for the same quality when in the market for badminton shoes.

This pair does an excellent job at absorbing the shocks that you expose your feet to while being on the court. Also, they provide plenty of support for the ankle thanks to their forefoot gel and special cushioning system. This means that even during the impact phase your feet stays intact and does not change position.

Moreover, the shoes boast a perfect fit and provide exceptional traction and grip, features that are essential for any badminton player that wants to play in safe conditions.

Due to the Trusstic System technology, the item is able to reduce the weight of the sole and retain the structural integrity of the shoe, at the same time.

The shoes feature a synthetic exterior and gum rubber on the outsole. This ensures plenty of breathability for your feet in addition to comfort and ventilation. Plus, the shaft is measured quite close the arch, precisely in the low-top area.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




Frequently asked questions about badminton gear


Which badminton racket is best for beginners?

Those that are new to badminton must choose a racket that is suitable for their level of skills. Ideally, the racket should be lightweight and made of graphite or carbon fiber materials. Also, a good racket for beginners must provide plenty of flexibility and strength.

If you want to increase your performance, the unit should have an aerodynamic shape and a heavy head so that the strokes are more powerful. Try to avoid heavy rackets because they are difficult to use if you don’t have experience.


What badminton racket do the pros use?

Because professional players are more experienced and have already developed their skills, they can rely on their abilities and opt for rackets that are a tad heavier. Also, they go with high string tension because they need to strike the shuttlecock as far as possible.

Plus, they don’t mind a higher balance point because they can handle the weight shifted towards the grip. If the racket comes with a heavy head, you gain more power due to the momentum.


What badminton string is the best?

In terms of badminton strings, you need to understand that this is an important part of the racquet and can make a difference in the way you play. The higher the number is, the tighter it is strung. This means that less power is transferred from your arm to the shuttle. If you are a beginner, you should be satisfied with a lower level of tension. Once you improve your game, you can upgrade to a higher level.  

What badminton equipment is needed?

Even though people tend to believe that they only need a badminton racket in order to play well, in reality, you need an entire equipment if you want to be certain that you’re safe and sound on the court. Therefore, don’t overlook the strings, the shoes, the clothes, and the shuttlecock. Shoes are mandatory because you need proper support for the ankle. Also, clothes should be made from a special fabric that allows your skin to breathe.


Are badminton shoes necessary?

When you play badminton, you need to pay attention to your feet. While some people prefer to opt for regular sports shoes, you should avoid them and choose badminton or volleyball shoes, the last option being a good alternative. Badminton shoes keep your feet in place and provide a soft cushion for your sole. Plus, they should be lightweight and a true fit to your feet size. Make sure your ankle stays in place because you’ll be running a lot in all directions.


Are badminton and tennis the same?

Even though tennis and badminton seem similar because they both use rackets, they are completely different. Tennis courts are larger than badminton courts while the tennis rackets are a heavier than those used for badminton. Aside from that, tennis players manipulate the ball using several types of spin. On the other hand, badminton players only drop shots. If in tennis they use balls for making strikes, on the badminton court you’ll see only shuttlecocks, made of feathers or nylon.



Best badminton brands


Yonex is a Japanese manufacturing company specialized in sporting equipment for badminton, golf, and tennis. Among the products offered by Yonex, we can mention rackets, clubs, shoes, shuttlecocks, and tennis balls.

Described by many as a world leader in golf, tennis, and badminton equipment, the manufacturer provides clothing for several national badminton associations all around the world. Furthermore, it is a partner of the Badminton World Federation which organizes the World Championships.


Wilson Sporting Goods Company is a US-based sports equipment manufacturer from Chicago, Illinois. For almost 30 years, the company has been a foreign subsidiary of the Amer Sports Group.

The company produces different types of gear for a variety of sports, such as baseball, basketball, badminton, softball, Canadian football, American football, racquetball, golf, soccer, paddle, platform tennis, squash, tennis, and volleyball. Ever since 1979, the US Open use only Wilson tennis balls.


Carlton Sports is a leading manufacturer of badminton rackets and shuttlecocks that was established in 1946. In addition to the fact that company claims to have sold more nylon shuttlecocks than any other procedure around the Globe, Carlton used its unique knowledge and expertise and introduced in 2009 the Carlton Badminton System.

This consists of a systemic approach that delivers scientifically validated improvements in order to provide new technologies. Also, the manufacturer has introduced a number of advances related to the badminton equipment manufacturing system.


Victor is one of the most established badminton equipment manufacturers known worldwide. For up to 60 years this company has produced different types of badminton rackets and shuttlecocks.

Also, it has been awarded by the Korean national badminton team for sponsoring them with professional gear. Victor rackets feature impressive top-notch technology, robust frame quality, and superior materials. The products manufactured by the company have gained international recognition such as the Badminton World Federation and the Badminton Asia Confederation.


This company delivers outstanding badminton products and other types of sports gear that is quite affordable but made from high-quality materials. Anything from rackets, shuttlecocks, carrying bags, racket grips to racket sets, each product is carefully reviewed in order to reach the customer needs and demands quality. Besides, the items are quite affordable and can be purchased online. Pieces of equipment made by Senston stand out with their vivid colors and unique design.




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