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Best badminton racket


Badminton rackets – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


We encourage our readers to do any type of physical activity or sport as often as possible. For those who want something lighter but still pretty competitive, badminton may seem like a good option because the equipment is rather cheap and you don’t require any special courts either. However, the most important item in this sport is the badminton racket, and finding a good one is not always easy. There are plenty of options available on the market, so it is hard to pick the right one when you don’t know what you’re really looking for. After reading plenty of reviews, we came to the conclusion that the Wilson Strike is the best one because it features a composite T-joint, is lightweight, and is suitable for the single-player game. If the Wilson Strike is not available for purchase, we suggest opting for the Franklin Sports Elite Performance because it provides similar quality for an affordable price.



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Top features to consider


If you’re in for a good badminton racket, you need to take into consideration various aspects. The online market is full of options, so finding the best badminton racket could prove a difficult task without proper research. Thus, we do suggest reading some badminton racket reviews yourself and see which items would best suit your purposes.



Leisure activity or performance?


The first thing you need to clarify when searching for a badminton racket for sale is which type of sport are you going to perform. Will badminton be nearly a weekend pleasure or would you like to practice it further, and transform it into a performance sport? Your answer will certainly influence your shopping choices, as well as the overall quality of the equipment.

Keep in mind that regular badminton rackets are sold for small prices ranging from a few dollars to a few dozens, while a professional racket can cost as much as a tennis racket, meaning several hundreds of dollars.



The weight of the racket


One of the most important features you need to take into account when shopping for your badminton racket is the product’s weight. As a general rule, lightweight rackets are easier to use, so they are mainly intended for beginners or children. They usually weigh around 90 grams and are easier to control.

A lightweight racket also means fewer chances of injuries on shoulders and wrists, so we do suggest look these items up first.

On the contrary, a heavier racket will provide a better balance and is more durable, but you will also require more strength to keep it in your hands. As a result, you may get injured on your wrists, so we suggest opting for wristbands to prevent accidents.





Another important aspect to keep into consideration is the flexibility of your badminton racket. Usually, there are three main types of badminton rackets – flexible, medium, and stiff. However, some producers also introduced the medium flexible and the medium inflexible products for those who do not necessarily identify the three main types aforementioned.

As a general rule, flexible shafts will bend and unbend easier, being much more responsive to your wrist movements. As a result, they will be a bit harder to control and won’t provide an increased power serve.

A stiff racket, on the contrary, will bend a bit harder but will provide increased control and power to your serves. You will be able to easily calculate the trajectory of your serve and predict your opponent’s next move with more ease. It will require more force from your behalf, but stiff rackets are generally preferred by professionals.

If you’re not really sure which type of racket you should purchase, we suggest going for the medium flexibility or medium-stiff rackets to get used to the game. After you are acquainted with the general rules, you can easily change your racket or adapt your game according to your new findings.


Top rated products


Below you will find a list with the top products we consider you should be checking for, if you’re looking for a new badminton racket.



Wilson Strike


The product is probably not the best choice for beginners who get acquainted with the general rules of badminton. This racket weighs around 98 grams and is mainly intended for power players or single players. The product features composite t-joints, and it comes strung. The flex on this item is stiff, meaning you will have to put in more effort to control your serves, but you will also be able to serve with enhanced power and increased speed.

The product comes with a regular, colorful design and is sold for a very affordable price online. The grip is made from synthetic fibers which will keep your palms dry and retain all excessive sweat. However, you may find a bit uncomfortable to wear during long-term training sessions. The rough synthetic fibers could cause blisters on the long-term.

Most of the clients who purchased the product were pleased with the overall quality of this badminton racket, saying it is quite easy to use and provides a good grip. The stiff flexibility is definitely a plus for those acquainted to speed serves and increased power. In addition, thanks to the increased tension on the strings, you will be able to send accurate return hits.

Buy from for ($28.5)




Franklin Sports Elite Performance


Just as the name suggests, this item is specially designed for performance and will deliver just that. It weighs only 84 grams and is intended both for beginners and professional badminton players.

The tight string technology provided by this racket allows the player to return hits precisely every time, due to the increased tension on the strings.

The frame of the product is made from sturdy carbon fibers allowing the racket to transfer as much energy as possible while keeping strong and robust. The frame was specifically designed to last you a long time and resist scratches and repeated impacts with rough surfaces. As a result, we consider this product as being one specifically crafted for professionals.

The racket is made using superior quality materials to not only last you a long time from now on, but also remain durable, stiff, and help you perform better on the court. The featherlight design won’t cause additional pressure to your arms or wrists, preventing injuries.

Last but not least, the performance grip was also built to provide the maximum balance between performance and comfort. It is made from synthetic fibers that will absorb humidity and help you stay focused.

Buy from for ($34.09)




Senston N80 Graphite Single


What we like about this product is the multitude of colors in which it is available, one to suit all your needs and requirements as a badminton player. The product is also shipped with a racket cover made from fine, waterproof materials to protect the racket from harsh weather conditions or scratches, and also to be easy to carry around whenever required.

The weight of this product, according to some of the buyers, is around 86 grams, including strings, which makes it perfect both for beginners and for professionals. It comes pre-strung with a good cord pressure, so it is ready to be used.

The frame and shaft are both made from lightweight graphite without using metallic materials which are stiffer, harder, and heavier. As a result, you will benefit from an ultra-lightweight design with amazing grip. Both the strings and the frame are powerful and resistant to shocks, without changing their form in time.

Most of the customers who purchased the product praised the item for being extremely lightweight, yet also solid. According to the same customers, this racket is worth every penny, so we suggest giving it a try.

Buy from for ($45.99)




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