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Best badminton shoes

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Badminton shoes – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you want to be able to move without any restrictions on the badminton field, you need to buy the best badminton shoes because this sport forces you to move in any possible direction at a higher pace. Because this requires a proper research, let us give you a helping hand. After carefully reviewing several customer feedback, expert results, and social media activity, we’ve concluded that one excellent choice of badminton shoes is the ASICS Gel-Rocket 8. These pair of shoes ensure a perfect fit and a great deal of traction because of their forefoot gel feature and special cushioning design. In addition, the unique technology they’re equipped with ensures the shoes retain the structural integrity even after hours of practice. If the ASICS Gel-Rocket 8 is somehow unavailable, don’t forget to check the ASICS Gel Rocket 7.



Comparison table





Top features to consider


Although the majority of people worry only about the badminton racket and shuttlecock, in reality, shows are vital for any player, no matter his level of experience. The best indoor badminton shoes are the ones that allow you to move quickly, without having to worry about injuries or accidents. Moreover, they must provide a great degree of comfort as well as a strong grip and powerful traction. There are several models for sale that provide these features. If you read the buying guide showcased below, you might learn a few important tips.





Contrary to popular belief, the best budget badminton shoes are vital if you want to move on the badminton court at a fast pace while dashing and changing directions to get that perfect strike.

Basically, during a badminton session, you twist and turn and make all sorts of movements that are only possible if the shoes are outfitted with a special sole. This is responsible for determining the strength of the grip and how much time it needs to last to prevent any incidents.

Usually, badminton players can be seen playing on courts made of wood or rubber floors. Therefore, when searching for the best cheap badminton shoes, make sure you opt for a gum rubber sole.

Since soles made of rubber a tad harder and less flexible compared to gum rubber, you might feel a lack of traction on rubber or wood surfaces. So it’s better to spare the rubber and get gum soles that are outfitted with an ergonomic design.





It’s no wonder the vast majority of the badminton shoes reviews consider the cushioning vital when talking about badminton shoes.

A badminton game is all about making heavy lunges forward, hitting the shuttlecock back to the other player and then moving to another angle, anticipating the next move. It’s logical why you need to make sure your knees are safe at all times. In order to do so, you must wear a cushion that is able to absorb the impact and keep your feet strong on the ground.  



Size and fit


Just like any type of sports shoes, you must purchase items that are a snug fit. Otherwise, your feet can suffer from unpleasant tears, blisters, and muscle sores after each badminton game.

Always make sure you consult the sizing chart provided by the shoes’ manufacturer and measure your entire feet before making the final decision.



Top rated products



Here you have a list of products we believe are worthy of your attention. All of them were selected based on the indicators presented in the buying guide.



ASICS Gel-Rocket 8


You shouldn’t neglect the quality of a badminton pair of shoes because they are the ones responsible for the way you strike the shuttlecock and the level of grip.

Just like you look for a professional badminton racket that suits your personal needs and preferences, the same rule applies to shoes because you can’t play this fun and engaging game without having support for your entire feet.

This pair of badminton shoes is incredibly useful for absorbing the impact caused to your knees when running on the field.

Moreover, thanks to the forefoot gel and the integrated cushioning system, the product ensures plenty of support for your ankles, especially during fast moves. No matter how much you lunge or twist your feet, you won’t feel any strains or muscle sores.

Besides, these badminton shoes are a snug fit, so you don’t have to worry about blisters or other injuries. They increase the level of traction and enable a powerful grip, features that are extremely useful for a badminton player.

Because they are outfitted with the Trusstic System Technology, this pair of shoes can reduce the weight you apply on the soles and maintain intact the structural integrity of the shoes.

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ASICS Gel Rocket 7


Ladies that are badminton enthusiasts must wear something that not only looks and feels good but also provides safety while focusing on hitting the shuttlecock.

Since badminton is a great outdoor activity that allows you to move your entire body and boost your metabolism, you need a proper gear to let your body move freely, without any restrictions.

Made of a perfect textile and synthetic combinations, this pair of badminton shoes allows your skin to breathe, leaving your feet dry and fatigue-free.

Moreover, the sole is built from a durable sole that ensures your feet stay on the ground even when making quick moves. Plus, it increases your level of traction, allowing you to focus solely on hitting the shuttlecock with your entire force.

Besides the shaft that measures up until the arch of the ankle, these shoes boast a Trusstic System technology that lower the weight of the sole unit without compromising the structural form of the shoes.  

Ideal for badminton activities played on any type of surfaces, the product’s rubber outsole is manufactured from a special compound that contains more natural rubber than traditional sport’s shoes. Therefore, the traction and the speed are thoroughly enhanced.

There’s no need to worry about the knees due to the forefoot gel cushioning system that attenuates the impact.

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adidas Performance Barricade


Besides a great design, sports shoes designed for badminton activities need to feel comfortable. Plus, you shouldn’t be exposed to accidents such as your feet slipping off the surface or twisting your ankle when running to strike the shuttlecock.

Because of this, you need to invest in a pair made from a breathable mesh that absorbs all the moisture and sweat and leaves your feet cool and dry. Also, no matter how many hours you spend practicing your badminton skills, they don’t lose their form nor to they cause blisters or muscle sores.

This pair is exactly what you’ve been looking for because the sole is made from a durable but also flexible rubber and the shaft measures approximately low-top from the arch. If you want to clean the shoes or get the bad odors away from the interior, you can easily remove the insole without causing damages.

The best part is that the shoes are outfitted with a special cushioning technology that lets your feet feel great even if you do extreme physical efforts. This way, both your knees and your ankles don’t get affected by the impact and pressure you usually expose them during a badminton game.

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Badminton trainers – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Whether you’re a seasoned player or just someone who enjoys playing badminton from time to time, getting the best badminton trainers is essential to protecting your feet while benefiting from superior performance. The downside is that, with so many attractive models available everywhere, it can be hard to know which one offers the best performance for the price. This is a question we have tried to answer by looking at some of the most popular consumer choices and comparing features. After intense study, we have found that the Asics Gel Rocket 7 offer the most features for the price. These shoes come with a solid construction, breathable uppers, as well as tough soles for an improved grip and comfortable liners. If you find that this model is no longer available, you may wish to check out the Mizuno Wave Lightning RX2 as well.



Comparison table




Top features to consider


There are quite a few things that can improve your badminton game, but besides owning a quality racket, there’s nothing better than to invest in the best trainers for badminton you can find. However, the tough part is actually finding a pair of shoes that offer a good performance on the slippery surface of an indoor court while also ensuring that it fits properly.

Here are a few things you might want to consider before getting a pair of badminton shoes.



Go for a solid construction


If you want to get some good badminton trainers, then you definitely need to ensure that they have a strong build. Many sports shoes come with uppers made of artificial leather, a material which has the same strength as normal leather, yet it is more breathable.

You also want the upper to either be seamless or to use strong seams, especially considering the rigors of badminton. The midsole needs to be made of a shock-absorbing material, while the outsole should be strong yet flexible.



Breathability and comfort


You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a decent pair of badminton shoes. You can always find cheap badminton trainers that come with essential characteristics such as breathability. You want these shoes to have a proper ventilation which usually implies mesh patches on the upper, as well as other systems incorporated into the midsole.

With breathable shoes, you won’t get your feet wet even after prolonged games so that you can play at your best without discomfort. A good lining and a soft footbed are also necessary to perform well in badminton.



Flexibility, shock-absorption, and traction


When looking at badminton shoes for sale, you also want to ensure that the sole is flexible enough to allow you to run, jump, or make sharp turns without being hindered by a rigid frame. You also want the midsole to offer a good amount of shock absorption to protect your feet from repeated impacts.

Also, make sure that the sole offers a good traction and grip to keep your footing even during intense point battles.



Top rated products



If you’re searching for a reliable pair of shoes but can’t spare a day or two to read dozens of reviews of badminton trainers, then you can benefit from having a look at the following products. We tried to pick the products that offer the best features while also taking into account what clients had to say about them.



Asics Gel Rocket 7


The Asics Gel Rocket 7 is a pair of shoes that are perfect for a variety of indoor court sports such as volleyball and badminton. These shoes are quite popular among both amateur and professional players due to their solid construction and lightweight design.

One of the things that set the Rocket 7 apart from other shoes is the innovative combination of various materials which results in a resistant upper that still has an amazing ability to breath. What this means is that you get to benefit from a proper support so you can jump and smash to your heart’s desire without getting your feet wet from excessive sweating.

These shoes come with uppers that are made of synthetic leather, mesh patches, and synthetic overlays, all held together by strong seams. Just as the name suggests, these shoes have a forefoot gel cushioning system that allows them to absorb the hard impacts typical in court sports such as badminton.

You also get a solid rubber sole for a good grip and a molded EVA midsole for a proper shock absorption, as well as a comfortable interior lining and footbed that will help you play for long hours without tiring your feet.

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Mizuno Wave Lightning RX2


The Wave Lightning RX2 made by Mizuno are highly appreciated shoes that are great for a wide range of indoor sports. These shoes come with breathable uppers made of synthetic leather and mesh which ensure a proper transfer of water vapors from the inside out so your feet stay cool and dry even during the most intense games.

Thanks to the innovative Mizuno Wave parallel cushioning, you get a highly efficient layer that can absorb shocks from jumping and running. The enhanced AP midsole offers a proper support that stays flexible throughout the entire surface, while also contributing to increased shock absorbing capabilities. It also features a ventilation system to dissipate heat efficiently.

The rubber sole is tough yet flexible, and that’s due to the Dynamotion Groove technology. You also get a good grip on slippery surfaces so that you don’t lose your footing when you need it the most. The Dynamotion Fit Technology contributes to a snug fit that will allow you to play for extended periods of time without causing any discomfort, pain, or blisters.

These shoes will offer you a lightweight performance every time so you get to enjoy all your games.

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Copter Men’s Sneakers


If you’re looking for a sturdy pair of shoes, then the Copter Men’s Sneakers is just what you need. These shoes have a modern design and benefit from advanced technologies to offer a comfortable fit and reliable grip every time. You get extra help in winning over the opposition with these lightweight shoes that you can rely on for the most demanding sets.

This model features a pleather upper that is strong and can offer a good amount of support for sharp turns and high-speed maneuvers. This artificial leather is highly breathable so you don’t have to worry about getting your feet soaking wet even after prolonged playing sessions.

You get a laced design so you can snugly fit the shoes around your feet and make sure you can always adjust them for optimal performance. The midsole benefits from a modern manufacturing process which ensures that it can uniformly disperse the force of impacts evenly so you enjoy increased comfort every minute of the game.

With the anti-slip sole, you get superior traction and grip while also benefiting from enhanced flexibility so you won’t feel hindered even during the most adrenaline-packed moments.

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