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Best basketball knee pad reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Knee pads for basketball – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


We definitely understand if you have no time to go over our buying guide but we hope you would spare some time to read this short paragraph for some useful information to help you find the best knee pads for sale. According to what we have gathered, the GikPal Pro Basketball is popular based on value and quality thanks to the exclusive honeycomb design of the lining. This effectively slows down and deflects the force of impact while protecting your knee from injury when you exercise. It will not fall off because of the cool anti-slip band. Made from 85 percent polyamide and 15 percent spandex, this athletic gear features lining material made from EVA, which boasts a high density while being breathable and comfortable. Considering that the pad has an embedded elastic slip strip, you will appreciate how it doesn’t become loose when you move. In some cases, stocks of the GikPal Pro Basketball can run out. Don’t let this bother you too much because there’s still the second best option, the Bodyprox Protective.


Top features to consider


While we cannot pick out any single product that is perfect for your needs, we do have some helpful information to help you choose the right pair. Based on consumer feedback and comments, these are the elements you should find in an option worthy of high ratings in knee pads reviews.



Material and construction


For any sport or activity that requires twisting, plenty of running, jumping, lunging, stopping, or bending, there has to be extra protection on your knees. This is where the finest quality knee pads excel.

Although there are plenty of options available on the market, the most common knee pads comprise some kind of shock-absorbing, thick padding. This padding resembles high-density or memory foam held in one piece by fabric. It is the first critical element. While memory foam retains the shape of your hand when you press on it, high-density foam molds itself to the body.

The primary work performed by this component is to deliver a stable form during the manufacturing process. It is also responsible for maintaining the level of flexibility and comfort.  This is highly important considering you have to be on the court for the good part of an hour. Indoor courts have floors that are hard enough to cause terrible injury without ample knee protection.

The fabric is also critical. Because different kinds of materials are utilized as knee pad fabrics, it is not uncommon to find pads layered with cotton shells, mesh shells, and other types of shells. The fabric is the component that comes in contact with the skin the whole time you have the pads on. You can find spandex and polyamide or nylon and spandex composites in many products.



Comfort and a good fit


It is important that you get knee pads of the right size. This will entail knowing how to measure the circumference of your knee in the proper way. This also enables you to consider the various sizes available for the best basketball knee pads.

There are three areas that require focus in this aspect: the lower leg on which the pad’s lower section will be; the middle part of the knee; and the area above the knee on which the pad will rest on.

Take all the measurements of those sections. Then use the measurement of the middle part of the knee to find the right product. Take note of that figure in the sizing chart of the knee pad maker to ensure you have the right size.

The knee pads should stay still and not keep riding up or rolling down regardless how the action intensifies on the court. Many products feature an elastic strip that prevents the pads from becoming loose when you move. They should be breathable. If the knee pads have a shell, it should not dig into the skin of the leg.



Dependable performance


There are a number of performance-driven yet cheap knee pads for basketball so you need not shell out a ton of money to ensure your knees are protected while you play. The important thing is how they perform in terms of cushioning your knee against impact and hard landings on the court.

They should be durable and not hinder your freedom of mobility. Some boast moisture management technology so your legs stay dry and cool, helping you focus on the game. Others have a low profile to accommodate players who do not want an extremely high leg coverage. The legs should get enough support and stabilization from the pads.

The bottom line: the pads should give you the confidence of knowing you can play and not worry about injury or pain.



Top rated products



While we cannot point out an exact product to suit your needs, we do have some suggestions on good basketball knee pads that are available on Amazon. Based on the reviews and ratings they have earned, they fit the bill for those who want nothing less than quality athletic gear.



GikPal Pro Basketball


Made out of 85 percent polyamide and 15 percent spandex, the GikPal Pro Basketball comes with a revolutionary honeycomb design in its lining. The configuration works effectively to reduce and deflect any impact force while protecting the knee from injury during exercise and games. The knee pad won’t fall loose inadvertently because of the anti-slip band.

For those who want quality athletic gear, this knee pad makes a good choice. The mixed polyamide and spandex fabric and EVA-lined material work together to deliver a snug and comfortable fit without constricting the legs. Using exquisite design technology, the knee pads provide a smooth, light, and high elastic fit to prevent them from riding up or rolling down on your legs.

You’ll surely appreciate the way the material makes perspiration evaporate quickly. It also ensures ample breathability so your skin can breathe. The knee pads provide enough support to prevent pulling of the muscles on the knees and legs during rough play.

Customers also rave about the leg sleeves not coming loose with movement thanks to the innovative embedded elastic slip strip.

This model is suitable for all kinds of sports as well as all outdoor activities that require extensive use of the knee, including badminton, basketball, tennis, football, martial arts, running, skating, riding, gardening, and more.



Designed to be versatile, this pair of knee pads can be used for a variety of outdoor activities and sports. They protect the knees from injury due to impact or forceful lunging, sliding, etc.

Made not to fall off so easily, the knee pads feature an embedded elastic slip strip that prevents them from coming loose when you move every which way.

Constructed out of a quality mix of 85 percent polyamide and 15 percent spandex, these knee pads offer just the right fit and elasticity not to constrict your legs. However, they still support your lower limbs when you jump, slide, lunge, or do other actions during game play.

You knees are protected from injury by the honeycomb lining design that cushions the joints during a hard landing.

The skin of the legs can breathe and stay cool thanks to the rapid drying of perspiration provided by the fabric.



One customer says the size is a bit smaller than usual. This could be due to the elastic band that needs a break-in period to provide the perfect fit.

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Bodyprox Protective 


With its unisex design, the Bodyprox Protective can be used by both men and women so it simplifies the search for this kind of athletic gear for both male and female athletes. Available in two sizes, the knee pads guarantee your satisfaction thanks to their ergonomic design that provides a snug and comfy fit.

What customers will like about this pair is the high-density strengthened foam used in its construction, which effectively disperses the harmful energy forces during knee impact that could cause irreparable damage to your legs.

Offering good elasticity, the knee pads support free mobility so you can be in your top form during games. The breathable fabric keeps the skin of the legs dry, keeping sweat at bay so your limbs stay cool.

These lightweight knee pads will not drag you down so you can stay active in your sports and outdoor activities. Providing effective impact resistance, the knee pads also help reduce stiff muscles and joints by keeping those body parts supported where it counts.

The high-density sponge provides superb shock absorption. It deflects potentially injurious impact forces from the knees so you can play with confidence. The knee pads also help increase blood circulation by helping channel the flow of blood strongly to the joints involved in jumping, sliding, and more.



Suitable for both male and female athletes, this pair of knee pads simplifies the search for custom athletic gear to suit every gender.

Thanks to the ergonomic design of the knee pads, you won’t have to worry that they are not going to be easy to use nor difficult to care for after the game. They slip on and off easily and can be used for training exercises, sports, and fitness activities.

Thanks to the high-density sponge, shock absorption is effectively carried out by the knee pads. The potentially harmful forces during knee impact and hard landings get dissipated away from the knee bones and to the padding instead.   

These extra-lightweight knee pads will not restrict your freedom of mobility and can support you when you perform those awesome moves on the court.

Made from high-quality material, the knee sleeves are easy to pull on and take off. They have a huge elasticity level to keep the blood flowing like it should on your legs.



While some users have noted how dense the knee pads are, one customer who may have bought them in a smaller size thinks they are not that dense.

Buy from for ($13.99)




Kuangmi Knee Brace Compression Sleeve


Able to buffer the pressure and shock during strenuous knee movement and impact, the Kuangmi Knee Brace Compression Sleeve supports the knees so you can stay in top form. These knee pads provide just the right pressure on the knees so you can take part in the game actively and not be impeded by thoughts of injury or harm if you play too hard.

Suitable for a variety of activities, the knee pads can be used not just for basketball but also for baseball, tennis, soccer, football, skiing, hiking, cycling, rugby, exercise, running, yoga, weightlifting, fitness training, and other activities where you expect your knees to take plenty of pressure.

There are three available versions you can also choose from so you can enjoy customized knee protection. For daily living, choose the Common version, which is ideal for activities with low intensity. The Advanced Version features wavy, anti-slip strips to prevent the pads from slipping up or down when you do plenty of movement.

The Upgrade Version comes equipped with a nifty silicone pad with lattice particles that disperse the pressure that the knees are subjected to. The patella is also kept in a neutral or stable position by the silicone component.



If you are not one to take any chances, this pair is made for you. The knee pads offer pressure and force dispersal from the knees to protect them from injury during impactful landing on surfaces.

Versatility is another thing the pads are exceptional at. They can be used in basketball, baseball, football, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, tennis, soccer, etc.

In addition, the knee pads also promote faster muscle recovery so you can keep on doing the activity without feeling leg pain or fatigue too quickly. Because of the compression design, the knee pads support strong blood circulation on your legs.

The knee pads do not slip off easily because they are equipped to stay up on the leg where you pull them to.

You can choose from three versions based on the level of knee activity needed. Choose from the Common Version, which is ideal for daily use and low-intensity exercise. The Advanced version is ideal for moderate to heavy knee movement as it features wavy anti-slip strips. The silicone pad on the Upgrade Version makes it suitable for activities and sports where you expect the knees to take the heavy pressure.



These knee pads are guaranteed to be of the right size as long as you take the actual measurements of the critical sections of your leg before ordering.

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