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Best basketball mouthguard reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Basketball mouthguards – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you’re too busy to waste precious time, but you still need to find the best mouthguard for basketball, this is the place for you. We’ve found just what you need. Based on consumer reports and specialized forums and surveys, we’ve reached the conclusion that the LiteBITE Basketball 2-pack is the one you should be looking for. This mouthpiece covers all your needs because it’s a boil and bite product that can be easily molded for a precise fit. The result is similar to custom-made mouthguards used by pros. It’s slim and light, so it enables you to speak, drink and breathe easily while you’re wearing it. Providing flexible protection and ideal comfort, this is just what basketball players should be wearing on the court. In case the LiteBITE Basketball 2-pack is not available, then perhaps you could benefit from turning to the second-best alternative with similar features, the Oral Mart Strapless Sports.


Top features to consider


All sports have some injury risk, and basketball has the highest incidence of dental injuries out of all sports. Mouthguards are becoming more common now that basketball players know how easy it is to chip or lose a tooth, even in a game that prohibits aggressive conduct. Here’s what you need to consider when you’re looking for the best basketball mouthguard.



Safe impact


Shock absorption is the top feature that you’re looking for. Depending on the material and design, some of the mouthpieces that are up for sale provide lower, average or high impact protection. You should choose the one that keeps you safer considering the risks you are exposed to.

Thinner mouthguards could be a better choice since it’s unlikely that you’ll receive direct or repeated blows. Stronger blows are frequent in contact sports but less probable in basketball games.



Comfortable wear


Bulky mouthguards are less comfortable, and that is not a negligible aspect. When you have to make a decision, think about the fact that you’re supposed to wear the piece during a typical game that can last up to 2, maybe 3 hours. Discomfort is the last thing you need when you have to focus on the game.

A comfortable mouthpiece shouldn’t leave room for play. Any gap between the teeth and the protective equipment could cause injuries instead of preventing them. It’s also distracting to adjust it frequently.



Fit size


It’s important to find the right size. Otherwise, you could have problems pertaining to adjustability. One of the problems that athletes encounter is the standardized size. People don’t have similar dentition, and it’s a challenge to find the one that is right for you unless you can customize it somehow.

Oversized protection can stick out and create soreness, while undersized mouthguards could hurt your gums and offer less protection than you’d need.


The right type


You’ll notice that basketball mouthguard reviews refer to several types of mouthguards. You’ll have to choose the one that brings you multiple benefits.

Stock mouthguards are easy to purchase, for instance, and inexpensive, but they inhibit breathing and speech and have limited sizes. They’re often uncomfortable. Boil and bite mouthguards are easier to fit and don’t cost much. But these, too, can sometimes hinder speech and breathing.

Custom fit mouthpieces are great for comfort and protection, but they’re much more expensive, and it takes time to get them.

Dental protection should also be tear-resistant and durable as you’re going to use it frequently, including during your training games. You’ll also need to communicate with the other team members, so look for the mouthguard that allows you to speak while you’re wearing it.



Top rated products



Manufacturing protective gear for sports has become a flourishing industry, but that is also a problem for customers, as they are unable to get to their target fast and easy. Save yourself from ads and irrelevant reviews and take a look at our choices which are showcased below.



LiteBITE Basketball 2-pack 


This mouthguard is a great solution for basketball players. It presents several advantages that you cannot overlook.

The LiteBITE Basketball 2-pack contains two boil-and-bite type of mouthguards so even if you don’t get the mold right in the first place, you can try again with a second product. However, customers reveal that it’s really easy to boil and very simple to mold, so you shouldn’t have a problem with it.

Its high moldability can create a super custom fit, similar to the custom made mouthguards used by the pros. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on customized gear, you can make it yourself in just a few minutes and save some money in the process.

The slim design offers you a simple way to improve protection while being able to speak, breathe and drink. The mouthguard molds on the teeth and gums, providing you with a protective layer, but thanks to its fine, thin material, you can speak with your team, breathe without effort and drink from a bottle without removing it.

At the same time, the clear look and very light material are ideal if you want to look great without giving up on comfort.  

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Oral Mart Strapless Sports


This product is also a boil and bite mouthguard, but it has some features that make it stand out, like the dual density material and special design. They have an important role in reducing the setting time and contribute to a precise fit around your teeth and gums.

A lower layer of the mouthguard is made of a special material that absorbs and disperses shocks, preventing injuries even in high-impact sports such as boxing or Muay Thai. This improved protection also results from the special design, the outcome of intense research.

By purchasing this product, you also get a complimentary case, which is great because you don’t have to put your mouthguard in a pocket and get it dirty or lose it in your training bag. A case is nice for carrying, and it keeps it clean for a hygienic use.

For those players that are concerned about health risks posed by manufacturing materials, the Oral Mart Strapless Sports is good news. It passed all safety tests, and it uses medical grade materials. The product is BPA free, latex free and phthalate free, using only high-quality silicon.

Unlike other mouthguards that have a limited set of instructions, this mouthguard offers precise step by step instructions on how to mold it correctly.

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Zooshine 4 Sets Moldable 


The Zooshine 4 Sets Moldable offers a tempting deal by including 4 mouthguard sets in the pack. As it is recommended to change a mouthguard every 3 months, this set could be what you’re searching for in case you want to ensure your dental protection for a longer period.

The material used by this manufacturer is a clean, odor-free and BPA-free medical-grade silicone. That should keep you worry free as you’re not only protected from injuries, but also from toxic substances.  

Shaping these mouthguards to fit your dentition is fairly easy as it only takes three steps and less than a minute. You have to sink the mouthpiece into the water at 70 degrees Celsius for 30 seconds before molding it with your fingers for another 20 seconds. Keeping it for 5 seconds in cold water will complete the process.

Not everyone manages to make the molding in their first attempt, but if you feel any discomfort, this set is suitable for re-molding.

Another advantage that you should consider when you place these mouthguards among your options is that the product also includes individual box packages. It’s annoying to misplace your mouthguard, so you can use the boxes to carry the items and keep them clean.

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