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Best Basketball Shin Pads Reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Basketball shin guards – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you don’t have the time to go through thousands of reviews and you just want to know which are the best basketball shin guards, this short paragraph will tell you everything you need to know. We have done research online, through reviews, and sales figures, and we have found that the Grandcow is the right choice because these shin guards for basketball are constructed of revolutionary fabric to keep you dry and comfortable. This material has the ability to wick moisture away and maintain enhanced breathability. This means no clammy feeling despite the low-profile padding that ensures soft comfort while protecting the shins from accidental impacts. Besides, it’s worth noting that this model comes with a contoured design that makes them even better at protecting the area they’re meant to cover in the event of an injury. If the Grandcow option is unavailable, you can confidently choose the FakeFace as it is almost just as good.


Best basketball shin pads 1000


Top features to consider:



You need the athletic cushioning provided by the best basketball shin guards whether you intend to protect a lingering injury to your shins or are just trying to avoid one in the first place. Designed with basketball in mind, this kind of protective gear is engineered to deflect impact on the hardwood court without limiting your freedom of mobility when you jump or run. Protecting your shins from getting bruised, basketball shin pads also provide muscle support without easily sliding down during the game. To ensure maximum functionality from this kind of gear, these are the elements to look into during purchase.



Comfort-geared material


You want your basketball shin pads to be made of breathable material that will not only enable maximum ventilation but also wicks away extra moisture. When you run or jump, you body loses moisture through sweating, and this includes your lower legs and calves. You wouldn’t want to feel clammy after hours or practice or actual play as this can feel really uncomfortable and can even cause irritation and itchiness when the sweat is just allowed to dry.

Thankfully, fabric technology has made possible the introduction of such impressive textiles as Dri-Fit, which easily wicks away moisture while keeping the skin underneath ventilated and comfortable. This is perfect for athletes who tend to lose a lot of moisture through perspiration during play. It protects the skin from the unwanted irritation and itching that can happen when sweat dries on the skin to clog the skin pores and cause accumulation of irritation-causing bacteria.



Flexibility and strength


Cheap basketball shin pads that never make it with high ratings in the best basketball shin pads reviews are not made of premium material that allows maximum flexibility and unrestrained movement while playing. They rip or tear easily because of the absence of elastic fibers that do not constrict the muscles but flex easily with every movement.

Premium quality basketball shin pads, on the other hand, incorporate highly elastic high quality fibers that move as every muscle moves, following the contours of the body without being constrictive in any way. The fibers are scientifically designed to be flexible without breaking easily under stress, ensuring optimal coverage and secure fit. The shin guards should not weigh down your quickness on the court. When buying basketball shin guards, check out the fabric technology to ensure the product can keep up with your active needs and not just look fashionable and eye catching.


Adequate protection


You don’t just buy basketball shin guards to look good on the court. Primarily, you get them for protection against impacts. You never know when you would suddenly take a tumble out there and land on top of other players whose basketball shoes could accidentally deliver a kick to your shin. Or you could hit a barrier on your way to stopping that ball from getting out of bounds. Since there’s no telling what could happen in a every physical game such as basketball, you should be outfitted with shin pads with low-profile padding that still provides adequate protection against blows and impacts to your shin, reducing the likelihood of sustaining injuries at play.



Top rated products



There are plenty of award winning brands offering their own line of protective gear such as basketball shin guards, so even the most seasoned athlete can be overwhelmed with the sheer number of choices. Hopefully, the buying guide above will help you make an easier decision on which product to get. We have also showcased the best shin guards for basketball below to make your shopping journey less stressful.





Protection is essential when you are playing sports, but this does not mean that you should overlook other important aspects, such as comfort. These shin pads are designed to provide superior comfort, and they are allergen free, for people with sensitive skin. Because they are also anti-slip, they will remain glued to your legs, and will not cause any unpleasant mishaps.

They are very versatile, and you will find it easy to use them for a wide variety of physical activities, such as football, volleyball, basketball, skateboarding, wrestling, mountaineering and many others. The superior protection will be, however, the most convincing factor, since your shins will be kept safe against falling and hard hits.

Therefore, the chance of suffering an injury will be significantly reduced. If you take a closer look at them, you will notice that the contoured design will follow the shape of your shin, thus guaranteeing freedom of movement.

You will be able to wear these shin pads underneath your clothes since they are designed to be lightweight. Due to the innovative technology employed, they are extremely comfortable, without sacrificing protection, as many buyers indicate in their reviews.



These shin pads are made from an allergen free material, so you will not experience any discomfort while wearing them.

The pads will not slip from your legs, allowing you to focus on your game, and letting them handle the protection of your shins.

The beautifully contoured design helps with freedom of movement, which is why this particular product is so much appreciated by most buyers.

You will be able to engage in different physical activities, such as playing basketball, skateboarding, snowboarding, mountaineering and even dancing, since these pads are highly versatile.

The pads are lightweight, and they will not encumber you, an essential aspect to consider when it comes to playing sports.



One aspect mentioned by buyers is that the shin pads tend to run a bit small and you may have to order a larger size if you want to feel comfortable.

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Protection gear is essential when you play sports, or you exercise because all kinds of things could go wrong. Your muscles may stretch the wrong way, and you may suffer injuries to your shins and knees that are more involved in sports that count on your ability to run fast and kick a ball. These shin pads are designed to the needs of people like you in mind.

Whether you are playing football, tennis, or golf, or you only exercise at the gym, you will discover that the right type of protective gear can make a difference. For contact sports, these shin pads will make sure that your shins will not take the brunt of hard kicks. This is only part of the superior protection they can offer.

Because of the compression factor, these pads will provide your muscles with the much-needed support while you are exercising. Bad stretches can lead to injuries, and you may have to take a break from practicing sports altogether. The unique material used increase ergonomics and will help your muscles be more efficient during any physical activities. These shin pads help with preventing sprains and pains in your muscles and bones.



The pads are made from lycra, a type of material that is highly elastic, stretching and compressing your muscles, to prevent injuries due to stretching when you commit to a riskier move while on the playfield.

The honeycomb design is employed to help absorbing shocks from hard hits, therefore reducing even further the risk of injury when you are involved in physical activities.

The pads will not slip from your legs since they are designed to stay on your skin by stretching, but without becoming uncomfortable.

One aspect that you will surely like about these pads is that they will increase the efficiency of your physical activities since they will keep your muscles in perfect condition.



The only thing that can be said against these shin pads is that they tend to be a little more expensive than other models that offer the same performance and protection.

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Unavailable products



Nike Pro Combat


1.Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong CompressionThe Nike Pro Combat utilizes superior fabric technology to ensure reliable protection, comfort and durability. Made of advanced Dri FIT fabric, the shin guards keep you dry and comfortable at play. The exclusive Nike Dri FIT technology has been employed in making a variety of Nike products that have been lauded for performance and durability. Dri FIT is a high-performance, microfiber polyester fabric that wicks away sweat from the body to move it to the fabric surface quickly, where it evaporates, keeping the athlete comfortably dry.

Dri FIT boasts strategically positioned ventilation zones that enable air to flow freely so the body is cooled well. It also provides minimum UPF 30, for ultraviolet protection to let you just focus on your game and not on sun protection. The Dri Fit technology also makes the shin guards easy to wash.

Durable and comfortable like every Nike Pro apparel, these shin guards feature flat seams that help minimize chafing so your skin is protected against irritation. Improperly seamed apparel can be utterly uncomfortable because of the rough way they rub against your skin. Cheap products that do not undergo quality control at the factory are not subjected to quality control from top to bottom, but this product ensures that you get what you pay for with world-class construction that doesn’t take anything for granted. The flat seams stay comfortable on your skin, making the shin guards suitable even for those with sensitive skin.

The flexible, low-profile foam padding offers protection against impacts. It cushions blows and hits so your shins are shielded adequately to prevent injury and pain. The shin guards feature a compression fit to ensure snug support without constricting your movement. You can move, jump and run with ease while your muscles are pushed to deliver great performance so you will always be at your best on the court.




Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong


2.Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong CompressionThe Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong shin guards come with a one-piece construction that ensures solid and durable use for practices and competitions. They are made with extra strong fabric that delivers enough compression to keep your muscles working at their best so you can jump and run like a true basketball legend.

The compression fit also delivers a flexible locked-in feel. To deliver reliable moisture management, the shin sleeves employ Dri FIT technology, which is common in all Nike PRO apparel. Dri FIT technology offers terrific performance and consistent durability via a high-performance microfiber polyester fabric that absorbs moisture to move it away from the body quickly and transfer it easily to the fabric surface. This makes moisture evaporate faster and not allowed to dry up on the skin and cause irritation.

The Dri FIT fabric keeps the athlete dry and comfortable while playing, with virtually invisible ventilation zones strategically positioned all over to enable air to flow freely, providing a cool feeling even after hours of practice and games. As an added bonus, the Dri FIT fabric also delivers a minimum ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) 30 so the athlete can play out in the sun without having to worry about not getting a lot of protection against the sun’s harmful rays.These shin guards are also easy to maintain thanks to the Dri FIT fabric.

Chafing and irritation are reduced thanks to the flat seams on the shin guards. The flat seams are comfortable, strong and flexible so even if they lie against the skin for hours, they won’t cause blisters, itching and other skin irritations. The DeTech foam padding is integrated directly into the base layer to provide resistance against high impact for lightweight protection. The padding is designed to deliver contoured body mapped flexibility and mobility with minimum bulk plus maximum quickness with a 40 percent thinner construction.




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