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Best beginner field hockey stick reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Field hockey sticks for beginners – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Whether you’re just started to master the art of hockey or you simply don’t consider yourself a genuine connoisseur of this sports game but still want to purchase the best field hockey, we are here to help you. Together with our team of researchers, we have gathered precious information from buyer’s reviews, experts feedback, and even social media activity and the conclusion is that the most highly acclaimed product is Harrow Revel Field Stick. The reason we were so impressed with this product is that it is the best option for those who seek to improve their hockey skills, the compound fabric is made from top notch materials, and the stick is very light. Unless the item is out of stock, go with the Stryk Burst Beginner Stick, the second best in line.


Top features to consider:


Given the fact that it’s not an easy task to decide which field hockey sticks for beginners to buy, below you’ll find a short presentation of a buying guide that aims to show what pointers and features are essential for best products on the market.



What is the best material for hockey sticks?


Before buying a product, you should take into consideration which material it is made from. According to best hockey sticks for beginners reviews, the composition of a stick has major importance to the effect that it creates.

Generally, most hockey sticks for sale are made of wood, fiberglass, and carbon but also from aluminum, graphite, kevlar and technora.

For beginners, the ideal stick has wood in their composition because it adds flexibility and forgiveness in the stick, even if you don’t have super technical skills. But, they also break more easily, and for users that have some field hockey practice, they could feel a little bit stiff.

Compound sticks, made from carbon or fiberglass, on the other hand, give more power to the movement and feel lighter in hand.



Size does matter


In order to execute the movements properly, you need to choose the products in correspondence to the field hockey sizing charts.

For instance, the length of the stick is an essential factor in making a tackle or completing a pass. Longer sticks are preferred for driving the ball further while shorter ones are ideal for better control. Just keep in mind that no matter what model you choose there is a general rule that the stick should be the same size of your hipbone.

The weight of the hockey sticks depends very much on your personal preference. Some players like to feel the extra weight because it gives them full control while others like to move faster and a lightweight stick does the trick for them.



Choose according to your skill level


Best field hockey sticks brands have models for every kind of skill reference such as beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Beginners tend to opt for power and stiffness while more advanced gamers need to move fast and therefore, go for flexibility and light materials that allow them to gain speed.

If you are a beginner, then you should choose a hockey stick that with a classic bow, made from a composition of fiberglass and carbon. Also, a light stick can bring more benefits to your game compared to wood ones, and the risk of damaging the product is overall removed.  



Top rated products



After learning what are the key features you should search for when purchasing field hockey sticks for beginners, we continue to give you some useful product suggestions that we believe can lead you on the right buying path.



Harrow Revel


The Harrow Revel field hockey is a durable stick made from a combination of carbon, fiberglass, and kevlar that is considered to be a more advanced version of beginners stick. Nevertheless, the product has received many praises from buyers that claim that the product is so well built and so easy to use. The stick becomes of great need once the hockey skills start to develop and progress is visible, giving the user more control over his movement and improving his sense of coordination.

The extraordinary combination of carbon and fiberglass actually brings the game forward and gives extra power and strength when driving the ball.

Because the hockey stick has a midi toe design, the power of control is highly increased during the game. Plus, the exquisite combination of colors, white, cyan and black make for a great combo scheme while playing hockey, catching all sights and making a wonderful impression.

Also, the maneuverability gets easier due to the fact that the stick is so lightly built and the design of the bow is standard. Despite the fact that it is light weighted, the product still offers stability even if you are not a professional hockey player.



This field hockey stick is ideal for users that want to make a smooth transition from beginner level to more experienced one.

Because of the standard size bow of 21 mm and the fact that it has a midi toe, the stick provides ultimate powerful control over movements.

Also, the material composition of this hockey stick from Harrow is a mix of 50% carbon, 45% fiberglass and 5% Kevlar.

Quite easy to handle, the stick weight only 550 grams, therefore, it is great for forwards that need something lightweight so they can do all sorts of maneuvers while running.

Plus, the product features a sleek white, cyan, and black design.



What makes this field hockey stick unique is the fact that it is built as a beginner item but has elements that can be easily appreciated once the skills are developed. The only disadvantage this product has is that it comes in only two sizes.

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Stryk Burst


Stryk offers a beginners field stick package for every person willing to learn some notions about hockey and don’t want to waste time looking for items separately.

The deal is great on given the price and the quality you get. Inside the package, you will find plastic shin guards, a field hockey ball, a bag as well as the stick itself.

One major benefit in case you are a beginner is the material the stick is made from, more precisely the wood composition. This fact makes the stick more solid, it gives strength but also add mobility in the movements and improves considerably your flexibility. Plus, the midi toe feature and the standard bow provides excellent control of the stick and makes the product ideal for those eager to improve their game skills.

The stick bag included in the package can hold up to two sticks and has a breathable mesh pocket perfect for shin guard storage. Plus, the small zipper closes securely, and the shoulder strap is adjustable.

Another important item in the package are the shin guards that provide great protection for both shins and ankles. Designed with adjustable straps as well and venting holes, these shin guards are a close fit, offer ventilation and are sized to fit the player’s height based on the size of the stick.



The package deal from Stryk is a great price value. Compared to other products on the market or for sale in sports gear shops, the price and value don’t stand a chance.

You can buy everything you need for a field hockey beginner player in one item, such as the hockey stick, the stick bag, the shin guard and the field hockey ball.

The stick is made from wood which gives the product more durability and flexibility, essential features for someone just starting to understand the art of hockey games.

According to some buyers’ reviews, the color of the product, blue and yellow are a major add to its design.

Plus, the best part is that this package comes in a variety of sizes that suits each beginners needs.



Although the package deal is quite a bargain and the quality of the products is top notch, in case you don’t need every item included you might prefer something else.

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STX Field Hockey Surgeon 50


The STX Field Hockey stick has a high fiberglass content which provides great reinforcement for the carbon option, therefore, making it so comfortable to use.This means that this stick is still a field hockey stick for beginners but also this is one will be a more useful choice as your field hockey skills progress. Not to mention the fact that the fiberglass layer is responsible for the ball improvement of the speed, the vibration reducement and a better ball control and handling.

Specially designed to feel light, this hockey stick is a great option for beginners. Plus, the midi toe design really does help with maneuverability and improves flexibility and coordination skills on the field.

The white/green combination looks rather sleek and professional, and the price value adds, even more, reasons to purchase this fantastic item. Also, this product can be a perfect option for beginners looking for hockey sticks that want to become a strong and powerful player.

As for the weight distribution, this stick has a great balance from one edge to the other. And the combination of value and price makes this hockey stick quite an affordable offer that should not be missed.



A great item for a field hockey beginner, the STX field hockey is made of 100% fiberglass composition. This means that the stick is quite light but offers extra mobility and support while on the field. Plus, the passes are easier to receive when using this type of stick.

Specially designed for first time players, the product is equipped with a midi toe that comes handy when learning the handling skills in hockey.

Also, the bow size is a standard 19mm, great size for hockey players that are just beginning to control the stick.

This field hockey stick is quite light weighted which gives the player the opportunity to learn how to control the ball.



Even though the product is of great quality and the price more than decent, the fact that the stick can be purchased in only three sizes may be a disadvantage for some buyers.

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