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Best beginner lacrosse stick

Last Updated: 13.04.19


Beginner lacrosse sticks – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you don’t have the time to check out all the reviews of lacrosse sticks for beginners out there but still want to find a good product that your child could use, then the following short paragraph should provide you with all the information you require. After conducting in-depth research, our team found that the STX Stallion 50 might be the product to look for, as it’s features greatly facilitate its use by middle school aged players. The handles are shorter and thinner than usual to fit smaller frames while the head is made from a softer than usual material to better absorb the impact of the ball. Furthermore, this item is reasonably priced, so if your child doesn’t pick up the sport, you won’t be left with any substantial loss of investment. If you’re willing to pay extra for a starter kit, then the STX Exult 200 might fit your bill.



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Top features to consider


It’s often hard to find the right sporting equipment for our kids, and lacrosse sticks make no exception. On the one hand, we want to provide him or her with the best beginner lacrosse stick available, on the other, the child might lose interest in playing the sport, leaving us with a bunch of expensive items to fill storage room with. So when looking for a beginner lacrosse stick for sale, we must carefully weigh in a series of factors to ensure a good purchase.



The right price


Because of the factors mentioned above, this will probably be the first thing to consider when making a decision. Manufacturers themselves are aware that lacrosse sticks aimed at beginners probably won’t see quite the same amount of use as those intended for already dedicated players, so they adjust accordingly.

You won’t find any models in excess of $100 here, but they can still get pretty expensive. No matter the intended age bracket, the cost of a lacrosse stick is primarily driven by the item’s durability, as lightweight materials that are also rugged tend to be fairly exotic.



Do you need resilience?


Fortunately, durability isn’t all that important when it comes to children’s lacrosse, as the players themselves aren’t strong enough to damage the equipment. Add to this the fact that you’ll probably need to buy a better model as your child grows older, and you’ll end up concluding that the best lacrosse stick for beginners might be a cheap one, that is also properly adapted for juvenile use. At least, this is what most experts recommend.  



Kid-friendly features


Almost all models intended for beginners have special design features aimed at making them easier to play with, or for improving an inexperienced player’s game.

Softer plastics might be employed for the head, as to give more sway when the ball hits it in order to diminish the force of the impact. Flexibility is also important, because it will make it easier to run with the ball once it’s in the basket, and some sticks have two flexing point, particularly for that.

The mesh is generally made softer, to prevent scratching, and also overall flatter, so that a beginner will find it easier to pick the ball from the ground in one straight move. For the same reason, the head will also be wider than on regular models.

The handle is usually made out of aluminum or an alloy material. Among the two, aluminum is the cheaper solution, but it is substantially flimsier than all other materials available. Alloy shafts provide a better strength-to-weight ratio and might be confidently used for high school matches. The size of the handle is sometimes adjusted to better fit smaller players.



Top rated products



All the choices available out there might make it hard for us to decide upon a good beginner lacrosse stick. That’s why we’ve looked through most of the products available on the market and selected a number of especially good ones, based on the positive reviewed they received from specialists and satisfied customers alike.



STX Stallion 50


This very affordable unit from STX is considered one of the best beginner’s lacrosse sticks out there, as it provides a lot of features for a very affordable price. The head is inspired by the likewise successful U 500 model, only that its front-end is slightly wider so that the ball will be easier to pick off the ground.

The framing for the head is made out of a soft material, to cushion the force of the impact when hit by the ball. This added leeway will also prove more forgiving to any rash, inattentive mood made by the player.  

The mesh is also softer than usual, partly for the same reasons as above, partly to make it safer against scratching.

The handle is downsized to less than the regular 30” that you find on the smallest adult models. This will make it a lot more comfortable to use by short children, and particularly effective when employed in the attack field position, where a short, wieldy stick is required.

A small downside to this is that the STX can only be used in minor league regulation matches, but by the time the wielder reaches high school, he or she will want a “grownup” model anyway.

Buy from for ($29.99)




STX Exult 200 


This is essentially a value pack directed at beginners, not necessarily children, as the shaft is the regular length and the item meets international specifications. Allowances have been made, however, to meet the specific requirements of those who are just getting into the game.

Both the material used for the head and its shape will make it easier to perform certain moves. Scooping the ball off the ground can be made in one move, due to the way the front end is angled — generally steeper than on regular models. There won’t be a great deal of precision required for this, as the same part is also wider, which furthermore makes it easier to catch a pass.

The choice of colors is youthful, making it attractive to children or tweens, but it might also satisfy those young at heart, and it shouldn’t bother people who are unconcerned with these things.    

The starter kit also includes an Essential stick bag and a pair of protective goggles, which might be all the equipment a casual player needs for backyard lacrosse. The eyewear is sized for juveniles, so adults who would purchase this for themselves attracted by a good deal might want to consider buying a separate pair.    

Buy from for ($79.99)




Brine Clutch Rise Attack 


The Rise Attack is advertised as the beginner version of Brine’s most popular head “of all time”, the Clutch. The name seems to suite this model better, as it definitely provides a lot of support for newbie players.

First off, the angle at which the top of the head meets the ground will be even shallower than with the STX products we’ve looked at, so picking up a ball with this thing should be a breeze. The whole basket is significantly deeper compared to other models, which should make it ideal for a defensive or a goalie position, as it will make it harder for players on the opposite team to steal the ball.  

It also has some features that would appeal to mid-fielders, such as a wider face, that makes it easier for them to catch the ball.

The whole item has the same construction quality as that provided by the STX competition, which makes it great for the price and it will probably last well over a season. If it manages to survive until high school, its owner can use it in official league games as the handle length fits regulations.  


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