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Best bike gloves for numb hands

Last Updated: 12.04.19


Bike gloves for numb hands – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


We can certainly understand if you don’t have the time to go through our carefully researched buying guide and product descriptions below but this short paragraph should have enough information for you. We have studied product differences by comparing reviews and ratings in expert review sites for athletic gear and actual user feedback and consumers apparently consider the SUPOW Shockproof their number one choice because of its high-quality microfiber fabric construction that delivers a windproof and breathable quality to ensure protection and comfort during use. The specially-designed floss cloth provides a means to wipe your sweat away when the action gets intense while biking. The palm section is gel-padded to provide a cushioned effect that works effectively to relieve fatigue from your palm while reducing the likelihood of the glove slipping off when riding. The thickening palm pad dissipates the vibration to prevent your fingers from becoming numb on bumpy terrain. Because the SUPOW Shockproof tends to run out of stock quickly because of its popularity among bikers, we definitely recommend the second best option, the Morethan Gel Pad.


Top features to consider:


It is not unusual for many avid bikers to think the hands do not really need that much protection as the knees, elbows, and head, but that mindset has never been more wrong. The hands are vulnerable to the cold, blisters, fatigue due to constant vibration, and abrasions. It is best to ensure you have the best bike gloves with the following aspects carefully considered:



Look at products in the best bike gloves for numb hands reviews that are of the right type


Sweat is easily wicked away with the fingerless design of track mitts, which provides a cooling effect. Track mitts generally feature a leather, synthetic, or gel-padded palm that delivers extra comfort.

Typically resistant to water and the wind, full-finger gloves are geared to serve as all-purpose gloves for moderate temperature and weather conditions. Generally, full-finger gloves can’t be used for winter riding because you can’t expect a great deal of warmth from them. Because they have a tendency to become warm on the hands after prolonged wearing, full-finger gloves are not suitable for high-summer use.

Equipped with a characteristic longer wrist, winter gloves cover a part of the arm for winter riding. The high level of insulation that cycling mittens provide is perfect for long, cold rides. That said, cycling mittens offer a limited range of finger movement so reaching for the brakes or gear shifting may be difficult.

Bear in mind that mountain cycling presents a variable intensity and physical shock level compared to urban biking so the greater padding your gloves have, the better protected your hands will be during a fall.



The products that get the best bike gloves reviews offer a great fit


Unless the bike gloves offer a nice fit, you are not likely to benefit much from the other features they come with. You can’t use extremely loose or tight gloves as all you want is a nice, snug fit and nothing less. Blisters and chafing can result from wearing loose or tight bike gloves because of the pressure from the handlebars.

The faster and stronger circulation of the blood in your hands is driven by the vigorous intensity of your biking activity so wearing tight gloves is a no-no. Bike gloves also have a certain break-in period though, so getting a snug fit is essential as the gloves will eventually follow the size and shape of your hands.



A good pair of bike gloves for sale is made of high-quality materials and has great features


Sweat on the skin can be easily wicked away by highly-breathable polyester gloves. For winter gloves, fleece is a good material thanks to the insulation and warmth you can get but breathability will be an issue. Polypropylene gloves don’t offer effective moisture management but are great at wind and weather-resistance.

Acrylic gloves offer the same low level of wind and weather-resistance as polyester gloves but are stretchable, warm, and breathable.

Bike gloves should offer moisture-wicking qualities, waterproofing, and breathability aside from warmth or insulation, and protection at the right level. Too much thickness can make the gloves ineffective at providing a good grip on the handlebars. Silicone grippers facilitate getting a grasp on the brake lever, gear shifter, and other bike controls operated through the hands.

Sufficient protection on the palm area is necessary to protect the skin from forming blisters because of constant contact with the handlebars. That said, the palm padding should not interfere with the free mobility and comfort of your hands and fingers.



Top rated products



Bike gloves are available from a wide range of manufacturers offering different lines or models. We have designed the buying guide above to provide enough information for the consumer to make a sensible choice. We have also featured the best products below for even more shopping guidance.



SUPOW Shockproof


Made of quality microfiber, the SUPOW Shockproof bike gloves are designed to prevent the onset of numbness due to the vibration from the bumpiness or inconsistency of the biking terrain. These bike gloves carry a specially-crafted floss cloth that wipes the sweat away from your face so you can focus on your ride.

The gloves feature a gel-padded palm that provides a cushioning effect to relieve the palm of pain and fatigue due to the constant bumpiness of the biking trail. When the inconsistencies of the rough bike terrain are cushioned adequately, there is less vibration transmitted to your hands so they don’t get numb too easily.

The gloves feature a half-finger/ fingerless design that not only keeps them amazingly lightweight but also allows the sweat to dry quickly so the hands and fingers can breathe well and stay dry and cool. The gloves provide a heavy-duty functionality along with a snug and secure fit thanks to the microfiber fabric that delivers comfortable support and compression without cutting the circulation off.

Made genuinely durable, the gloves also provide superb mobility and dexterity so you can use your hands to control the bike using the hand-activated gear shifters, brake lever, and the other components.



Made of high-quality microfiber, these bike gloves deliver breathability and a windproof quality that both ensure a great balance of comfort and protection to your hands.

The gloves feature specially-designed floss cloth for wiping the sweat off your face quickly and efficiently so you can focus on the ride.

The palm area features gel padding that provides cushioning to relieve the palm of fatigue due to vibration from the rough biking terrain, which also prevents numbness.

The gloves won’t suddenly slip off your hands even with the gel padding on the palm area as the component is designed to absorb the vibration from the bumpy terrain.

The fingerless or half-finger design supports the lightweight build of the gloves while effectively keeping the sweat away by enabling your fingers and hands to breathe.



It is best to ascertain one’s size by getting the circumference of the palm measured accurately so as not to have issues on glove measurement.

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Morethan Gel Pad


The Morethan Gel Pad bike gloves provide protection without compromising on the biker’s safety. These gloves feature practical features that make them suitable for the active sport of cycling without being overly rigid and difficult to have on the hands for extended periods of riding. The gloves are designed for ultimate functionality while having a balanced style.

These full-finger gloves protect the hands from the wrist to the tips of the fingers without compromising on your safety. They enable the easy and flexible control of the bike using the finger-activated components on the handlebar that you can reach and engage easily even with your hands covered in the gloves.

These gloves are light and flexible so you can enjoy the ride without your hands being weighed down unnecessarily by your protective hand gear. They will not compromise on your ability to work the bike controls easily and as needed. You can keep the handlebars securely within your grasp thanks to the slip-proof palm section of the gloves.

These bike gloves ensure your comfort via the warm and soft fleece on the interior aspect that not only keeps the sweat away but also provides a smooth surface for the hands. The index finger part is designed with a touchscreen capability to work a GPS or cell phone while on the go. The spandex back provides flexibility without sacrificing breathable comfort.



Made with 100 percent cotton rib-knit, these bike gloves are designed to offer flexibility so your hands can easily control the bike and the handlebars even when doing stunts or tricks.

The gloves feature a skid-proof palm area that enables you to firmly grasp the handlebars without losing your grip even when the intensity of the activity goes high.

These gloves are made light and flexible to allow the hands good flexibility to work the bike controls such as the brake lever and gear shifter.

The gloves feature an internal aspect made with soft fleece that provides an element of insulation and touchable comfort so your hands stay dry and sweat-free.

The index finger of the gloves comes with a special surface that provides touchscreen capability so you can work your GPS or cellphone during the ride.



A few customers might not have taken the exact size of their hands prior to ordering because they claim the gloves are sized a bit small.

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Louis Garneau Biogel RX


The Louis Garneau Biogel RX gloves are made of synthetic leather, which is a material that offers outstanding insulation properties in wet and cold weather. Synthetic leather dries rather quickly so even if the trail or the weather turns wet, the moisture will not soak through and leave your hands all wrinkled and sore. The material also ensures added flexibility and comfort so you can control the bike effortlessly without losing your grip.

The gloves do not scrimp on tear and abrasion-resistance either and the multiple-layer construction of the synthetic leather offers superb durability. Weighing in at just 4.8 ounces, these gloves offer a customized fit without the pressure. The nerves on your hands do not get pinched even with the increased circulation that occurs because of the intense biking activity.

These gloves feature an ergonomic cuff section that can be adjusted easily thanks to the Velcro closure system. This provides a snug and secure fit so the gloves do not unexpectedly slip off your hands even when you work the handlebars with great force during a challenging and adrenaline-pumping ride.

These bike gloves come equipped with an exclusive Biogel padding and a perforated palm section that make them more breathable while reducing the pressure on the median and ulnar nerves of the hands and also absorbing any vibrations channeled to the handlebars to prevent fatigue and allow good flexibility.



This pair of gloves is made of synthetic leather, which enables them to work optimally in wet, cold weather and makes them thinner and lighter than full-leather gloves.

These gloves offer extra comfort and flexibility without compromising on the critical qualities of hand protection gear such as tear and abrasion-resistance.

The gloves feature an exclusive air vent system called the Ergo-Air Zone that enables them to keep sweat and odors away through good breathability and air circulation.

The wrist and cuffs both carry an ergonomic design via a velcro adjustment system that allows easy on and off of the gloves along with a secure and slip-free fit.

These gloves feature a unique Biogel padding that works nicely with the perforated palm to make the gloves truly breathable while reducing the pressure on the crucial nerves of the hands to prevent numbness.



Some ladies have ordered the gloves in a bigger size as they had wanted a snug but not overly tight fit based on the recommendations of other happy customers.

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