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Best bike shin guards reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Bike shin pads – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Do you want to purchase the best bike shin guards? Look no further! We have you covered with essential information on what you should look for, or, if you don’t have time right now, with the most straightforward details on the matter. From all the models we researched, while reading customers’ feedback, experts’ advice and evaluating the balance between price and quality, the Fox Racing Launch Safety appears to be the most dependable. The shin guards will allow your skin to breathe, and, at the same time, they can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Made from sturdy materials, these shin guards offer superior protection for your legs and kneecaps. No matter what terrain conditions or weather you need to face, this pair of shin guards will help you deal with everything. In the case that the Fox Racing Launch Safety is no longer produced, consider the POC POC-12 as your second option.



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Wearing full leg protection while riding your bike for 30 miles or so can be counterproductive. However, if you’re just learning the works of BMX or mountain biking, it goes without saying that wearing knee and shin guards can make a difference. People often times say that pros don’t wear this kind of protection because they’ve learned the works of the craft. The fact of the matter is that even the most experienced BMX riders still wear knee and shin guards under their jeans. If they don’t, they probably have a lot of experience behind them and they’re at least aware of how they can handle a fall so that they don’t sustain a lot of injuries.

bike shin guards


Why wear shin guards while riding a bike?



Another reason you might feel tempted to look for such protection is that, if you were to damage your leg or shin area, you’d have to protect it somehow but still go riding your bike if you can’t refrain from doing so. Many manufacturers are constantly improving their products so that they offer enough ventilation. As such, even during the hottest days, you still have a higher chance of being comfortable while wearing your shin guards as long as they’re well-made. If you know the saying “Better safe than sorry”, we suggest you start living by it.



How to choose new bike shin pads in 2019 ?



If you were to go online these days and look for the best BMX shin guards or the best mountain bike shin guards, you’d come across a plethora of products. Advertising has its perks, but a prospective buyer can end up feeling a little baffled when being confronted with so many options. That’s why we’ve decided to give you a hand and put together a comprehensive guide that can assist you in correlating your expectations with the features you have to look for in such protection.





There are two kinds of knee/shin guards out there. Some are hard-shell and others are soft-shell. Hard-shell options make for the best motorcycle shin guards as motorbike riders have a high chance of getting hurt badly considering that their vehicles reach higher speeds. This type is also recommended for people who regularly bike on terrains with risks, such as a hard fire road. Soft shell alternatives are recommended for individuals who aren’t willing to sacrifice too much when it comes to ventilation. Keep in mind that these aren’t necessarily the top recommended choices for technical terrain. Instead, they make for good mountain biking shin guards or dirt bike shin guards that are worn for trail riding purposes.





Choosing the right size of shin guard is also a factor to consider. If you were to order the product online, you’d have a high chance to pick the wrong size if you’re not aware of your measurements. You should know the dimensions of your leg. Start by measuring the area starting off below your knee and right down to your ankle. Proceed by measuring the circumference of your leg. If the shin guards you want to buy have adjustable straps, they’re no-brainers. If they’re sock-like, they need to fit your shin perfectly as you’ll be pulling them over. Keep in mind that if they’re too tight, they can get in the way of your biking performance by blocking circulation.

bike shin guards2



Breathability and ventilation


Products in the line can be constructed out of various materials and many of them focus on durability and impact absorption instead of breathability. If you live in a hot climate area where temperatures are usually high, we recommend you look for shin guards that feature as many vents as possible. This characteristic will allow you to benefit from proper airflow even as you reach high speeds.



Bike shin guards types



This article will discuss each type of shin guard separately, as there are various differences among the categories. The best ones will be showcased below, along with the best product in that particular category.



Best BMX shin guards


Of the three groups that are available out there, BMX shin guards are the most comfortable of all. Most of the options we’ve stumbled upon during our research are not hard shell, which means that they allow the user to perform all the movements he or she feels like with as little restriction as possible. As is the case with other alternatives, these units can be purchased either as knee and shin guards or as separate shin guards.

In the end, it depends on what you most feel comfortable with using, but you have to keep in mind that the knee is a very sensitive area. If you don’t own a knee pad or guard already, perhaps you’d be better off with a combination of the two.

As for the fastening system, the vast majority of the units are likely to feature Velcro or elastic straps that can be adjusted in complete accordance with the circumference of the user’s leg. Few alternatives feature many vents on the front, but there are some. The price of a good-quality pair of shin guards can range from forty dollars to one and even two hundred, but you don’t need to break the bank. All you have to do is feel safe when wearing the product.



Fox Racing Launch Safety


1.1 Fox Racing LaunchThe Fox unit is one of the most critically acclaimed product we’ve encountered whilst doing our research.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that these shin guards have been vented for breathability but are virtually impervious to extreme weather conditions. What’s more, the model has ribbed hard shell knee caps and the shin plates just as hard.

They’re destined for buyers who’d like to feel perfectly safe while riding their bike, regardless of the condition of the terrain or the weather. Over 90 Amazon customers think that the Fox unit is worth taking into account as they took the time to provide positive ratings.



The most distinctive feature of this pair of shin guards is the venting system. Because the shin guards are vented, they come with breathability. The air can circulate around your lower legs freely so you feel comfortable and cool.

The shin guards comprise ribbed hard shell kneecaps along with asymmetrical hard shell shin plates to ensure maximum protection to the delicate parts of the lower leg. The kneecaps and plates can absorb the pressure from a wayward strike.

The exclusive X-up strapping system provides a secure and snug fit around the leg. You won’t be bothered by the shin guards coming loose.

Despite the venting system, the shin guards can be used in extreme weather conditions as the material is waterproof. The shin plates and kneecaps have a seamless construction for a solid protection.



One user considers the shin guards not suitable for mountain biking because the knee pads do not have enough flexibility when the biker uses clipless pedals.

Another user says the size of the shin guards is a bit off.

Buy from for ($69.95)




Best mountain bike shin guards


Most mountain bike shin guards are somehow in between the softness of the ones destined for BMX and the rigidness that characterizes the ones intended for motorbikers. What this means is that most of the models you’ll encounter are both knee and shin guards all in one.

Usually, they’re hard shell, but there are some softer alternatives, as well. We don’t necessarily recommend the softer versions, and that’s mostly due to the fact that they can’t do anything other than protecting the skin on a superficial level. Regardless of the restriction offered by a textile fabric, the fact of the matter is that it can do nothing with regard to fractures and patellar damages.

Mountain biking is a pretty aggressive sport, and this is mostly because it is performed on trails that are typically more dangerous compared to the routes you’d pick if you were to carry out some BMX biking. Since they’re harder and made of higher quality materials, mountain bike shin guards can be a tad less affordable compared to their BMX counterparts. Even so, they’re worth every penny in the end, as emphasized by the many people who wear them all the time.





1.1 POC Bone VPDThe POC is a knee and shin guard that has been constructed with durable polypropylene. While the model can strictly be purchased in two sizes, small and large, it’s still worth considering if your leg and shin dimensions fit the sizes in the chart belonging to the manufacturer.

The neat thing about this product is that it has a highly ventilated comfort lining, which significantly adds to the degree of comfort felt by the user.

Many of the individuals who’ve purchased the guards claim that they were impressed with their quality as they offer excellent value for the price.



These shin guards come with shields made of sturdy polypropylene, which is a semi-rigid material. This ensures the shin guards have enough flexibility to allow free movement of your legs. Polypropylene is tough and has good fatigue resistance so the shin guards are superbly durable.

To ensure continuous comfort, the shin guards come with ventilation holes that allow the air to flow freely so you don’t feel hot in the playing field.

The shin guards also come with a Visco-Elastic Polymer Dough (VPD) compound that is not only superbly impact-absorbent but also comfortable and adaptable for a custom fit. The material provides a high degree of protection and has the ability to become hard from soft when struck.

The shin guards do not require you to choose between flexibility and safety because it provides both. The normal cut ensures a comfy fit while the hard level of protection ensures safety for the user.



One user recommends continual adjustment of the shin guards over the knee when doing plenty of pedaling because they tend to shift with a lot of leg movement.

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Best motorcycle shin guards


Motorcycle protection is mandatory in many states in the United States and many countries around the world. While knee and shin guards might not be right up at the top of the list along with helmets and back protection, it might be worth noting that a knee surgery can cost a lot of money and can be very painful. What’s more, it can considerably restrict the movements of the person who suffered the accident.

The same goes for tibial fractures, which take a lot of time to recover, depending on the age of the patient. In short, it simply does not pay off to avoid wearing motorcycle shin guards at all. If your budget allows it, we recommend you make a serious investment and get the best unit you’ll discover, and one that has been highly spoken of by many other bikers.

The only disadvantage of motorcycle protection is that it usually doesn’t offer the same ventilation perks as the one that’s used for mountain biking and BMX. However, that’s pretty much the only way manufacturers can make their products safe to use. Even if you were to wear a pair of pants such as Kevlar or jeans made of highly resistant fabric, you could still damage your bones, ligaments, and joints.



Shift Racing Enforcer


1.1 Shift Racing EnforcerThe Shift model is an all in one knee and shin guard that comes in a universal size which has been found to accommodate the needs of various users.

As is the case with other units destined for motorbike riding, this one has dual elastic adjustment straps that can be customized depending on the leg dimensions.

Most of the ventilation is offered by the foam padded backing of this option. Since it’s among the most affordable yet fully capable units in the line, it doesn’t come as a surprise that over one hundred Amazon customers took the time to award it positive ratings.



This pair of shin guards features dual elastic adjustment straps with hook and loop closures that enable you to get a customized fit. The straps and closures allow you to find the right level of snugness and comfort from the shin guards.

The ventilated foam padded backing offers comfortable wearing every time. The air flows freely through the padding to ensure your legs stay cool even when the biking trail gets intense.

The abrasion-resistant binding on the padded backing ensures a secure and snug yet comfy fit so the shin guards protect the legs without causing pain or blisters on your skin. The padded backing provides sufficient material that absorbs impact without pinching.

This model comes in a universal size that enables it to handle the needs of different users. Since there is no specific size, the shin guards offer functionality for bikers of all body builds and heights.



For one user with extremely thin legs, the shin guards rotate around the legs easily and this causes the user to worry a bit.

Buy from for ($24.95)




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