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Best BMX shin guards reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


BMX shin pads – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you don’t have the time to go through thousands of reviews and you just want to know which are the best BMX shin guards, this short paragraph will tell you everything you need to know. We have done research online, by looking at the user reviews, the sales figures, as well as the value offered for the price of many products in the line. After going through the vast majority of the top rated units out there, we’ve reached the conclusion that the Fox Racing Launch Safety is the best because it offers all the protection one might ever be looking for in such a product. What’s more, the model comes with a unique strapping system, hard-shell knee caps and shin plates and has been vented for breathability. If the FoxPrint is unavailable, you can confidently choose the Triple Eight EXOSKIN as it is almost just as good.


Comparison table







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Top features to consider:



The market nowadays is overflowing with countless alternatives. What should you do if you want to get the absolute best BMX shin pads? It’s simple. Just continue reading and browse through our short yet comprehensive buying guide as it can help you separate the wheat from the chaff and ultimately assist you in making the right call. We’d like to point out that your needs must always come first, which is why we recommend correlating the following considerations with your personal requirements.





BMX knee guards or pads can be either hard-shell or soft-shell. Hard-shell options offer the best protection particularly in the event of an accident. If you ever fall and collide with any object or just the concrete on the road, you’ll be perfectly reassured that you won’t suffer any serious injury if you’re wearing a hard-shell option. The single disadvantage of some models in this line is that they’re often times more rigid and thus, less comfortable to wear compared to their soft-shell counterparts. The latter doesn’t offer the same amount of protection but are considerably lighter and smaller, which is why many people ultimately choose this kind. Purchasing a soft-shell product that doesn’t have a durable plastic cap covering the shin area defeats the point of the buying process entirely.





Some prospective buyers might already own a knee pad or guard and may only require protective gear for the shin area. Unfortunately, we have seen that there’s a limited number of BMX shin guards that cover just the shin region, and thus excluding the knee area. We recommend choosing a combination of the two as it is more convenient that buying the two units separately. Even so, some people prefer wearing two pieces of equipment instead of just one, as it is their personal preference.





Airflow is important when it comes to offering the user a good degree of comfort. If you live in a hot climate where things are likely to get sticky, you’ll probably end up hating to wear the shin guards completely if they’re not well-vented. Look for info regarding the number of vents featured by the model and whether or not it has any vented caps at all.



Top rated products



This guide should allow you to find the shin guards for your needs. If your time is limited and can’t be spent on further research, have a look at some of the best BMX shin guards that are now available in today’s marketplace. All of these alternatives have gathered the critical acclaim of many U.S. and Canada buyers as they’re comfortable, convenient, and offer the right amount of protection you need to feel safe.



Fox Racing Launch Safety


1.Fox Racing LaunchThe Fox Racing Launch Safety  is one of the most functional and well-designed products in the line.

There’s little to nothing that can bother a user when wearing these shin guards, as they’re a nicely developed piece of protective gear that get the job done without sacrificing anything in terms of comfort. The brand’s engineers have managed to create the system in such a way that the guards never slip or twist while being used.

What’s more, the model features a unique strapping system that allows owners to adjust the unit in complete accordance with their physical characteristics. The knee and shin plates are hard shell, thus offering a reassuring feeling to the BMX bike rider.

Having gathered some of the best BMX shin guards reviews on Amazon and a variety of other online retailers, it’s safe to say that the FoxPrint option is worth considering. Besides, it’s backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty which means that owners can get a replacement or a refund if they feel dissatisfied with the quality of the unit.



With the patented X-Up strapping system, these BMX shin guards provide a secure and firm fit around the legs so the protective pads do not move around with the shifting of the muscles on the lower legs.

The ribbed hard-shell kneecaps work nicely with the asymmetrical hard shell shin plates to cover the critical parts of the legs that are prone to injury during unexpected tumbles and scrapes when navigating the biking trail.

The shin guards are also adequately vented to promote breathability and prevent the lower legs from overheating when the action becomes tough.

Engineered to protect the legs from the hard knocks that come with mountain cycling, these shin guards offer a coverage system that will not twist or slip out of place during use for truly dependable protection.

You can adjust the shin guards to strap around your legs for a great fit.



One user recommends that buyers ascertain the perfect size for them to prevent any issues on this element.

Buy from for ($69.95)




Triple Eight EXOSKIN


2.Triple Eight EXOSKINThe EXOSKIN is another top recommended choice of BMX bike riders out there. Available in three sizes (small, medium, and large), this is a special kind of equipment as it covers just the shin area. If you are the owner of a knee pad or guard and are looking for an affordable alternative, this is the right product for you.

The model has a perforated neoprene body that has been tested and proved to offer enough breathability so that the user feels comfortable while performing his activity.

This is not a hard-shell option, which is why some buyers might end up choosing the previously described FoxPrint alternative.

Even so, if you’re looking for a reasonably priced shin guard that features shock-absorbing EVA foam and PE Splints, you might want to check out the specs of this product. After all, the splints can be removed and cleaned with ease.



Practically working like an external layer of skin on your lower legs, these shin pads help you skilfully navigate the biking trail without fear that a rough tumble could result in injured or broken shin bones or lower legs.

Thanks to the ability of the shin guards to provide high-density protection, they can serve as both front shin and side ‘whip’ splints for all-around lower leg protection.

These shin guards are made with a slim-enough design that enables you to wear them under biking pants thanks to how they are not overly bulky or heavy.

The sleek construction also means the shin guards do not weigh the legs down and hinder free mobility while navigating the tough biking trail.

Engineered for the aggressive riding style, these shin pads are made comfortable so your legs do not feel hot when enclosed in them.



Like most other athletic gear, this one requires the consumer to ascertain the perfect size for them so there won’t be any issues about this aspect during use.

Buy from for ($40.49)




Fox Racing Launch Pro MTB 29034


The Fox Racing Launch Pro MTB 29034 shin guards are designed to provide the ultimate leg protection during intense mountain biking activities. The pads shield your kneecaps and shins from impact without hampering your mobility and the blood flow in your legs. These shin guards are designed with the welfare of the avid biker in mind.

The shin guards are made with perforated neoprene that ensures breathability. The air flows freely around your legs to enable the skin pores to breathe and not feel overly warm even when the biking trail gets really tough. You can navigate the twists and turns of the biking trail without your legs getting all hot and sweaty.

The shin guards carry a pre-curved ergonomic fit to follow the contours of the biker’s legs and prevent slipping and constant re-adjustments. Because the shin pads conform to the shape of the legs, you won’t have to constantly pull on them just to get them to fit.

The proprietary strapping system provides an ultra-secure fit so even during hard pedaling, the shin guards stay put. You can enjoy a great combination of protection and a great fit with these shin pads. Behind the knee section is a silicone gripper that keeps the shin guards in place.



The shin guards cover the kneecaps and shins for the ultimate in leg protection during your mountain biking activities. They are designed expertly not to leave anything to chance for the benefit of the cycling enthusiast.

The perforated neoprene ensures a remarkably breathable product to accommodate the intensity of your mountain cycling needs. The material allows the free flow of air around the legs.

The pre-curved shin pads deliver an ergonomic fit to follow the contours of the legs. This reduces the need to constantly adjust the guards.

The top-and-bottom elastic strapping hugs the legs snugly for a customized fit while ensuring the pads remain in place. They also provide an easy and convenient means of pulling the shin guards on and off. The strapping is also designed not to cause abrasion or irritation to the skin of the legs.



The shin guards come in just two sizes, which one customer finds a drawback despite their great design.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




Dainese Black Hybrid


The Dainese Black Hybrid shin guards offer a remarkable level of knee and shin protection without compromising on flexibility for the biker. These shin pads carry a rigid kneecap and shin plate that absorb the impact while preventing bruising and fracture.

For side protection, the shin pads are made with thermoformed polystyrene along with soft memory foam. The fabric material is jersey hole mesh. All the materials used in the shin pads are premium-quality for durability and lasting use.

The hook-and-loop straps provide easy on and off. They also provide a means of keeping the shin guards secure on the legs by preventing slipping. The convenient design of the closure system provides an effortless functionality.

Designed with a perfect fusion of flexibility and protection, the knee pads are not rigid and stiff on the legs. They do not interfere with your easy mobility without sacrificing exceptional impact protection.

The shin guards are also expertly designed to bend and flex easily with every stroke on the bike pedals. The silicone elastic bands provide a slip-free wear. These shin pads protect your legs from impact and bruising as well as fracture and other more serious injuries that come from cycling on mountain trails.



The rigid kneecap and shin plate deliver dependably tough protection during the rigorous mountain biking activity. The shin guards provide an adequate defense from bruising and fractures when you hit something on the trail or go through stunts.

These knee guards feature the proprietary Pro-Shape internal protection system that enables them to bend and flex with every pedal stroke you make. The ability to adapt to on-bike movements makes the shin guards easy to wear.

The breathable jersey hole mesh supports the need for cool comfort while wearing the shin pads. Go through intense and spectacular bike stunts while keeping your legs cool all the time. You’ll even forget you have them on.

The shin pads are designed to absorb impact from the delicate shin bone in case you take a fall while executing various bike stunts. The silicone elastic bands provide slip-proof wear to eliminate any constant readjustments.



The Velcro straps tend to rub behind the knees and cause some irritation, according to one customer.

Buy from for ($148.14)




Unavailable products




3.Tenn DH-BMXThese shin guards are very hard to say no to, partly because they don’t make them more affordable than this, and partly because they’re comfortable and totally efficient, at the same time. This unit is made of a combination of EVA foam padding and hard shell, which means that it offers just the right amount of impact absorption one may require at one point or the other.

The model comes with a neoprene support. The three Velcro straps featured by the Tenn DH/BMX allow owners to customize the dimensions of the guards according to their preferences and leg characteristics. We’ve seen that the Tenn DH/BMX can be bought in just two sizes: small/medium and large/extra-large.

This sizing system makes it a bit difficult for some individuals to get the correct sizing, but it’s still manageable thanks to the Velcro straps. Offering excellent ventilation, the Tenn DH/BMX is ideal for cycling.





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