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Best boating cooler


Boating coolers – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you are looking for the best boating cooler, but your schedule is too packed as it is, so you cannot read all the information supplied by our researchers, you will find here the information you seek. According to most reviews from users and experts alike, the model you should invest money in is the Coleman Coastal Xtreme, due to its outstanding features. This model has a low CO2 insulation, so you don’t have to worry about increasing your carbon footprint by using this particular cooler. As far as capacity is concerned, we can safely say that it is extraordinary, as the cooler can hold 204 cans. This is intended for long time use, as it can retain ice inside for six days, while outside the temperature is 90F. If you’re unlucky and cannot find this model anymore, you will have another excellent choice in the RTIC Cooler, a model that comes with almost the same advantages.


Top features to consider


If you want the best marine cooler, you will have to be quite clear about getting specific features that you should not live without. Don’t settle for a model that does not provide the necessary protection for the items you will place inside the cooler, and learn from our buying guide what aspects to focus on right from the start.



What kind of insulation is provided?


The primary role of a cooler is to keep the inside cold even on hot days. The manufacturers usually provide precise information on such aspects. For instance, they will talk about how many days you can count on your cooler to keep the temperature inside at low values that will not allow your drinks to get warm.

External conditions matter, of course, so the manufacturers will also talk about what weather and outside temperatures the cooler can withstand. It all depends on the type of insulation provided, so it is a good idea to get a bit informed on the matter.





Depending on what you want the cooler to carry, you will be interested in the capacity offered. Some people want to keep the fish they catch inside, while others only want a cooler for their beers and sodas. If you are traveling with a party of a few people, their needs must be accommodated, too.

That means that you should see how many quarts the cooler can hold. There are many models for sale, and you may notice a lot of variations between the capacities of various units. Most manufacturers will express the capacity in quarts, and also give you an idea of how many cans can be stored inside.

As expected, the larger capacity a cooler has, the better, but be aware of the maximum weight you can carry with you on the boat. Some boating rules and regulations clearly state what the maximum load you can have is, and you surely do not want to get into trouble.



Durability and overall construction


Your cooler can be a pretty hefty investment. That means that you should not leave things to chance. When you go shopping for a new cooler, make sure that it is made from sturdy materials, and can take a bit of wear and tear.

The external housing should be made from durable plastic that, even when dropped, will not suffer dents or other damage. This way, you can rest assured that the insulation will not be damaged, either.



Top rated products



To get a good boating cooler, you need to pay attention to aspects as those described earlier. We want to help you and make your choice even easier, which is why we offer here a list of the products that have already convinced many buyers that they are useful and convenient.



Coleman Coastal Xtreme 


This excellent cooler should be your choice if you’re planning a fishing or a boating trip with friends. Its large capacity will convince you that there is hardly a better choice out there. With a capacity of 120 quarts, which is the equivalent of 204 cans, the Coleman Coastal Xtreme doesn’t have to worry about the competition.

As far as its insulation is concerned, you should know that this brand produces a low amount of CO2 in the manufacturing process, to prevent environmental impact. For people who are conscious about how they affect the world around them, this is an excellent choice.

Now, onto the next important consideration, you should know that this unit can resist in hot weather – 90F – for six days, so you will not have to refill your drink stash, unless you have already gone through it all, together with your friends. All the boating coolers reviews praise this particular model for its outstanding performance.

The cooler is treated with a particular antimicrobial additive that will not allow bacteria to accumulate and grow on the cooler. Also, the surface will not turn yellow due to exposure to sun rays, as a UV inhibitor substance is used to protect it.

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RTIC Cooler 


This cooler is built for heavy duty, and that shows in every little aspect. The roto-molded design ensures that this model will withstand the test of time, while the T-latches will keep all the contents protected against high temperature and other factors.

Everything about this model spells sturdiness. The 3-inch insulated walls will make sure that your drinks will be kept at the perfect temperature so that you can enjoy a cold beer with your friends, regardless of how hot it is outside. The locking system is sturdy and reliable, and an interesting aspect that must be mentioned is that the cooler is designed to prevent smart bears from opening it.

The unit comes with an excellent draining system, so cleaning it after a trip is a breeze. You will find it much easier to carry back once it is adequately emptied.

Even if the temperature inside the cooler can keep your drinks cold, there will be no sign of condensation on the exterior surface. The side handles are molded, too, and they will allow you to carry the cooler around with ease. As you can quickly notice, this model is extremely durable. It is also versatile, as you can use it as a stool, or cutting board if the need arises.

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Igloo Marine Contour 


Not everyone has money to spend on an expensive item, which is why we decided to include a cheap boating cooler in our selection, as well. The Igloo Marine Contour may not be as large as the other models mentioned earlier, and it does not come equipped with any bells and whistles, but it gets the job done, which is to keep your drinks cold on a boating trip.

The cooler is treated with UV inhibitors to prevent yellowing and other sun damage. It is equipped with Ultratherm insulation, so you will be able to enjoy a cold beer when you want. The elevated design is another factor that contributes to keeping items inside cold. A nice touch is the fish measuring ruler that is molded into the lid.

If you don’t need a large cooler, this one is for you. Built for marine use, it is an excellent way of providing you with the means to transport the fish you catch. The 25-quart capacity will let you carry it around with ease, unlike larger models that might not be that easy to transport.

The cooler can withstand marine environments, as even its screws are made from stainless steel to resist corrosion and rust. The UV protection adds to the abilities of this model to withstand different weather conditions.

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