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Best boating hat

Last Updated: 22.05.19


Boating hats – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you’re planning a new outdoor adventure with your boat and you want to stay protected from all that could make you sick, a premium boating hat is a must-have. And because looking for one can be a time-draining process, we’ve researched the market for you and came up with a list of caps that will provide both quality and comfort for a price that won’t shock you. One item that both reviewers and customers enjoyed a lot is the Columbia Sportswear because it is created from top fabrics, it feels nice if worn all day long and because the materials are breathable to combat sweat and odors. The product is also fully adjustable to fit your head shape and size. If you feel like you also need an alternative, or if the first piece is unavailable, the Sunday Afternoons Offshore could offer the same attractive and indispensable benefits.


Top features to consider


If you want to pay for the best hat for boating, then you need to know a couple of things about boating hats. For example, materials play a vital role in the lifespan of the product, and the design of your option will be the decisive factor when it comes to wearing the hat daily or not.





When it comes to the best boating hat for your needs, one thing has priority. And that element is a design that allows for enhanced air circulation. This will prevent sweating and bacterial buildup and will keep your skin fresh and healthy which is not an easy task.

Some materials are porous, while others are entirely opaque to block the rays from reaching your head. If manufacturers opt for the latter alternative when creating a good boating hat, then they should add patches of materials with holes on the sides, to allow fresh air to get under the cap and to cool you down.

Another clever thing is to use reflective fabrics for the same purpose, but things might get too shiny and the hat might even distract you. The same things could happen if you want to buy boating shoes with reflective patches.





Speaking of things from which to create a cheap boating hat, this year the market has seen a rise in products made from nylon. Usually, caps are created from cotton, because it is naturally breathable and because its colors don’t fade away after repeated washes. One downside for the clumsy boat owner is that it is not waterproof.

Besides that, the model you buy has to have sturdy stitches and to be comfortable if you want to add it to your exclusive boating gear collection.

Dry skin is sensitive, and if the hat doesn’t have some sort of lining, it might irritate you, thus, forcing you to remove it. If this happens, we can consider that the product failed to fulfill its purpose, so be careful, boating hats reviews tell us.





The aspect of the piece is important, not only for superficial reasons but because nobody wants to look silly while they’re enjoying boating or fishing. Experts don’t recommend a particular style, but they do mention the buyer needs to make sure the hat provides adequate coverage and that it leaves no areas exposed to the sun.

When it comes to the colors of the boating hats for sale, it is better that you avoid something that doesn’t attract you. Lighter pigments are to be preferred, as they absorbed less heat, but even black is ok if the design features a smart ventilation system, just like if you were to invest in cheap and comfortable sailing boots.



Top rated products



Down below you have some of the standouts on the boating hat market. We chose them based on their craft quality, and also took into consideration what buyers had to say about the comfort they bring to the table. Moreover, each piece is made from sturdy materials and has an appealing design.



Columbia Sportswear


Anglers and sailors who enjoy long adventures under the unforgiving sun need to stay protected with the help of a quality piece like this. The hat has a simple and modest design, but which gets the job done. Additionally, it is suited for all genders as it has a universal style.

The product is created from textured nylon poplin, a material that is known for the fact that it can survive heavy-duty tasks and intensive wear. Its blackness won’t fade in time, even if exposed to UV rays repeatedly, which is a sign of quality.

It is imported and it features an adjustable drawcord and toggle, handy additions hidden at the back. This way, you can make sure the piece fits your head, and that powerful winds won’t sweep it. Its adjustable chin strap will help serve the same purpose.

You’ll also be happy to hear it comes with UPF 50 sun protection. This can add an extra layer of safety alongside your sunscreen against the harmful actions of UV rays which are known for causing burns and even more severe conditions like skin cancer, which shows you a premium hat like this should be a mandatory addition to your boating accessories.

Buy from for ($22.5)




Sunday Afternoons Offshore


This model has a design created by boating experts who know what the buyer needs and which area requires the most protection. The yellow product is crafted from a particular type of nylon, so it can resist even wild environments without any hole appearing on its surface.

It is certified for providing protection against sun rays, at UPF 50+, and it also has a vented type of mesh on the sides, to make the hat breathable and to help you sweat less. Thus, it will prevent burns and dehydration, both things which can be real problems for most sailors.

The design also includes a 3″ front brim, equipped with a floatable foam core, which blocks the sun from getting in your eyes. These clever enhancements will determine you to enjoy your travels and even fish more, as you won’t be distracted by the sun or itchy skin.

On the back, it has an attached neck cape that doubles its protection, and the piece will feel comfortable and it will provide a good match around your head, so extended use won’t be a burden but an actual pleasure. In your bags, it won’t take up a lot of space, as it can be compacted.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




Aegean Unisex


Protecting yourself against burns has never looked more stylish. This Aegean product will make everyone appreciate you for your taste, as it has elegant details and a design that is both efficient against the sun and eye-catching for a pleasant experience.

It is crafted from high-quality cotton, a material that has many properties like the fact that it is breathable, it retains colors for a long time, and it is easy to clean by hand or with the help of your washing machine. Although the product is black, overheating won’t be an issue as the design allows for improved ventilation and air circulation.

The rope overlay and anchor buttons add a touch of class, and the faux-leather sweatband and satin lining will transform the piece in the ideal hat for extended use, as it will be kind to your skin. The stitching is solid, so you’ll own this piece for many years to come.

Due to its high quality and polished design, you could also offer the cap as a gift to a loved one. It’s a choice that won’t disappoint, especially if you like black hats that don’t get discolored if you wash them frequently or if exposed to sun rays.

Buy from for ($41.25)




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