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Best boating watch


Boating watches – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you’re in a hurry, but you still want the best boating watch money can buy, this guide will tell you in a few words all there is to know about this fluctuating market. After going through some popular alternatives, reviewers’ rants and after comparing craft quality and prices, we narrowed down the list to just of few items worth your attention. One standout is the Nautica Men’s N14536 because the watch is made from top materials which guarantee it will have a long life, it is water-resistant and because it will tell the time accurately. Plus, it comes with many other features that you’ll find useful and enjoyable. It won’t feel heavy around your wrist, and the strap is adjustable for a universal fit. If you also require a second watch, or if you can’t find the first one in stock, an equally premium product is the G-Shock Grey.


Top features to consider



Before picking the best watch for boating for your particular needs, you need to learn what are the must-haves and the don’ts. First of all, the product has to be water-resistant and to feel soft and light around your wrist. It must pack plenty of cool features and have an appealing design that will stimulate you to show it off and to put it to good use more often.





There’s something satisfying and cool about a multi-function water-resistant sports watch designed expressly for life onboard your boat. And that’s why a good boating watch to invest in should have a highly-polished design which adds a little class to the one who wears it.

The color of a cheap boating watch is not a topic in which you should invest time, but they should at least be contrasting or modest so they won’t distract you as you’re enjoying your lake activities. Avoid neon colors, as they can seem tacky and because a rainbow watch can’t be worn for all occasions as a classically styled watch could.



Other features


The most sought-after feature a watch can provide is an alarm, a boating watch review pointed out. For those who have a thousand things to do on a daily basis, the alarm function can be vital. This way, even if you forget your phone at home, you’ll still have a gadget that can remind you of your urgent tasks and appointments.

Another thing that could make you invest in a product for sale from this category is if it comes with a stopwatch. Some models feature a backlit panel for nighttime readings, and other even come with a pre-set calendar, which can be handy if you don’t have your phone nearby. There are even high-end boating GPS devices that work as boating watches.





When it comes to things manufacturers should craft premium boating gear out of, the list is extensive and full of equally impressive alternatives. One favorite option is stainless steel, because it is resistant to rust and because it gives a high-fashion vibe to the product itself.

Other materials include leather, which is kinder to your skin, resins and even wood – although the last choice is not ideal for water-related sports. For the front panel, brands choose glass, as it is a timeless element that allows you to see everything your watch has to offer while being sturdy at the same time.



Top rated products



If you’re curious how we chose the best models the boating market has available, you should know we’ve only considered those that have exquisite quality and that can stand the test of time. Each watch has many useful features and attractive aesthetics for any style.



Nautica Men’s N14536


A quality boating watch is a rare find on the market which seems to be filled with knockoffs. That’s why you should read more about this model. Nautica created a timeless piece from the most elegant and sturdy available materials that are rust-free and scratch-resistant so that the watch will keep its brand-new shine for a long time.

The stainless steel piece is imported, and it has a sporty design, that will feel comfortable around your wrist. It features a multi-function dial with a handy date window. And the strap is made of blue resin, which adds a lot of class to the product and your outfit or gear.

Water resistance is ensured up to 330 ft, so if you splash it with water as you’re boating, the watch won’t malfunction. This way, it is a suitable choice for many activities that involve wet environments such as swimming, snorkeling, and even surfing.

The analog display is a pleasure to look at, and the glass on the front is reinforced, so it won’t break easily if you have an accident. It is battery operated and very accurate in telling you the time, which is why buyers seem to trust the product so much.

Buy from for ($155)




G-Shock Grey


This watch is more than a fashion statement or something you buy on a whim – it is a piece that will work well in all weather and humidity conditions, and that will tell the time accurately so you won’t ever miss your appointments even when you’re boating or enjoying the water in other ways.

It can survive impacts like a pro, and it is water-resistant, so even if you take a quick swim, it won’t underperform. If you like to catch fish at night, the LED backlight will allow you to see the time even in pitch darkness. The model also features a countdown timer and world time.

Daylight savings won’t ruin your plans as you can switch that setting on and off, and you can also add up to five daily alarms to remind you of your most important tasks. It’s almost like a smartwatch without the huge price tag that those gadgets come with.

And the list of premium features doesn’t end here as it also comes with a low-battery warning system and a calendar. It fits nicely due to its ergonomic design and soft materials, purposefully chosen to make wearing it a pleasant experience and not a chore.

Buy from for ($74.99)




Timex Men’s T5J571


If you want a watch that will become your loyal companion when it comes to boating adventures, this clean and nifty model can be one of the contenders. It has a round design, with a blue strap that contrasts well with the silver-toned faceplate of the main body. This balanced contrast makes it a favorite among consumers.

It has Quartz movement and a protective acrylic crystal dial window that transforms the watch into a scratch-resistant piece of jewelry. Even if you’re boating for many hours under the sun, the watch won’t overheat or feel uncomfortable around your wrist, so you won’t avoid wearing it.

Additionally, it features buckle closure so you can put it on and take it off with ease, a bright night-light, a very nifty 24-hour stopwatch, and more importantly, water resistance up to more than 166 feet, so you can forget you’re wearing it as you take a dip into the water.

The Timex offers a crisp and high-quality digital dial with a 24-hour chronograph and even a daily alarm. The light-weight resin construction makes it ideal for any routine. Plus, it offers to the one that wears it a two-time zone setting that makes traveling effortless.

Buy from for ($48.95)




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