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Best body protector reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Body protectors – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Whether you’re a casual boxing practitioner or a full-time contact sports athlete, having the best body protector can provide you with the safest and most efficient way to train. You don’t just get the best protection for your sparring partner, but also protection for your hands against impact, allowing you to train harder. We have compared dozens of products on the market in order to bring you the most valuable in terms of qualities and price. If you’re considering a serious protection for intense training, then we recommend that you buy the Contender Fight Sports Chest Shield PBP. The exterior is made of durable and hard synthetic layer while the dense foam padding layer has great shock-absorbing abilities, making it ideal for all sorts of combat sports training. This vest is not too bulky either and comes at a great price. But just in case it is sold out, you might also want to try the Ringside Gel Super Body Protector SBP 5.


Top features to consider


Regardless of which contact sport you’re into, having good protection is vital to effective and safe training. You want to get the best chest protector so that your coach and trainer doesn’t have to return home with sores after every sparring session, and you also need to have your hands protected from impacts. Here are a few things you might want to consider before buying a body vest.



Not all body protections are equal


While you may think that they look pretty much the same, not all body vests for sale are good for intense training. You want a vest with adequate padding, otherwise, it will not absorb enough shocks and cause sores and aches or even injuries, especially when it comes to heavy hitters.

You also want the outer layer of the vest to be made of a durable material unless you want to repair it after every training session. Look for body protections with quality stitches that can hold up to a lot of abuse.



Bulkiness matters


Depending on the fighting discipline, you want a vest that’s thick enough to absorb every kind of hit you can throw. You don’t want a vest that’s too thin unless you’re practicing martial arts. On the other hand, if the body protection is too big and bulky, then your trainer or sparring partner might not be able to move much, making for weak training that’s not realistic.



Only choose models that are easy to equip


When reading body protector reviews, you might want to check that the products are easy to put on or take off. The last thing you want is to need someone to lace up your vest every time you need it. Your coach may also hate such a chest shield since he might want to be able to quickly switch from one outfit to another in order to provide you with intense and versatile training. Only choose models that come with buckles or Velcro straps which are easy to equip and take off.



Top rated products



If you want the best protection a body vest can provide but have no idea which model to go for, then our top-rated product descriptions should more than help you choose the right one for your needs. Here are some chest protector reviews you definitely want to read before buying.



Contender Fight Sports Chest Shield PBP


The Contender Fight Sports Chest Shield PBP is a great choice for boxers, mixed-martial artists and other contact sports practitioners which is meant to provide maximum body protection against powerful blows. This vest has a high-quality, dense foam layer which is great for absorbing shocks from all sorts of blows and kicks. The thick foam layer and the synthetic exterior leather ensure that even the hardest hits are easily manageable by trainers and sparring partners.

This body vest is excellent for training both at home and at the gym, and one of its greatest qualities is the fact that it is easy to equip and take off. This vest comes with strong nylon straps and quick-release buckles which allow coaches to quickly switch to other forms of training without the need of an aide to remove the body protection.

This highly versatile chest and rib protector will take the hardest hits and allow contact sports athletes to seamlessly incorporate heavy and tactical punches and kicks into their routines without taking a heavy toll on the sparring partner. Thanks to the adjustable straps, this model will suit any size, ensuring a tight fit and maximum protection every time.

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Ringside Gel Super Body Protector SBP 5


If you’re looking for a great body protection to help you train easily and safely, then the Ringside Gel Super Body Protector SBP 5 is just what you’re looking for. Made of dense and durable synthetic leather, the exterior of the chest vest will withstand all punches, kicks, and chops, providing martial artists, boxers, and other athletes in contact sports with a great sparring tool. The exterior features extremely hard stitches so that you don’t have to fear wear and tear even after prolonged use.

The most important part of the Ringside Protector SBP 5 is its superior padding that makes use of the innovative Gel Shock Technology. This gel layer, combined with the conventional padding of the vest, will be able to absorb a huge amount of impact force even from boxing heavy hitters, providing gym trainers, professional coaches, and sparring partners with great protection.

With the Ringside Gel Super Body Protector SBP 5, the fighter’s hands are also greatly protected. You don’t just get protection from the hand wraps and fighting gloves, but also from a target that absorbs shocks even more, making focus mitt drills as well as power punching training a breeze.

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Ringside Fairtex Protective Vest TPVEST


The Ringside Fairtex Protective Vest TPVEST is a great addition to any boxing gym or even your home. With a hard and durable synthetic leather outer layer that’s hand-made, you get increased protection from all those blows and kicks. This vest can provide maximum shock protection against any kind of hit in a multitude of sports, from boxing to Muay Thai, mixed martial arts, and other contact sports.

Thanks to the multi-layered foam core, this vest will ensure that even the most intense training regimen won’t leave sores or injuries on yourself or your sparring partner. You can now easily adjust your hitting power and precision without having to pretend to hit an opponent. You can train for the real fight without injuring your coach or partner, hitting as hard as you can while also improving your technique.

Despite its great shock-absorbing capabilities, this vest is not overly bulky, a fact which makes it great for realistic training. Fighters can now follow a free moving target and go for high-value strike zones such as the liver, spleen or solar plexus without hurting the sparring partner. This vest will fit any size, and the best part is that it is easy to put on and take off, thanks to the buckles and adjustable straps.

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