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Best bodyboard reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Bodyboards – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you’re in a rush but you need to make a sensible decision regarding which piece of gear will be most suitable for the sport you intend to practice, seeking professional advice would be your safest route. However, choosing the best bodyboard on the market isn’t simply a matter of receiving suggestions, you need to understand the characteristics in order to know what to look for. Luckily for you, we’ve read many of the best bodyboard reviews and bring forward this comprehensive guide to help you gain valuable information. According to our findings, the first product to take into consideration would be the 662 7011190 All in One, because of the features that make it stand out from the rest. For example, the unique combination of materials provides a final result that’s lightweight, hydrodynamic and stable. A crescent tail helps you maintain your direction and the slick bottom makes the board slide easily on the surface. Should this item be unavailable, we suggest you check out the BZ Bodyboards Morey Mach instead.



Comparison table





Top features to consider


When looking for a good bodyboard for the money, it’s crucial to take many different aspects into consideration and to know which details deserve to be more pricey and which products are simply a waste of your money. In order to be able to make this judgment, you need to understand the basic characteristics of a bodyboard.

Our buying guide contains vital information in the form of the primal aspects you need to base your search on in order to find the item that’s suitable for you and that will best respond to your requirements.





A good product is one that you will be able to use in many different environments. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, you’ll still be faced with circumstances where the resistance of your board will be tested.

It’s best to look for a model that behaves just as well in oceanic waters as it does in an environment that’s easier to control, such as a pool or even a lake. This can be achieved by raising the bar on material quality and keeping an eye out for design details that truly make a difference.



Material mix


The best of bodyboards are produced using a combination of materials with different properties, all to make sure that the final result extracts the many useful aspects of each of them. For example, the core of the design should be a lightweight foam that increases buoyancy and doesn’t add much to the mass of the product.

Some alternatives feature a third material on the bottom that provides a slick surface that will allow the board to float and slide on the water surface. The one you end up buying might or might not have this additional feature, but it definitely should have a deck made of a stronger material in order to increase resistance and stability.





Despite the small differences between the sizes available in terms of bodyboarding gear, a few inches can make a huge difference if it means your plank will fit your height and stature flawlessly.

You might prefer a universal size that can be used by all the family members, but if you plan to take this sport seriously and truly invest in a good quality item then we definitely recommend you keep an eye out for brands that offer a wider size range.



Top rated products



In order to help you make up your mind and make a reasonable choice out of all the items available for sale, we’ve showcased a few of our favorite picks below.  



662 7011190 All in One


This bodyboards model master the combination of materials required in order to create a useful alternative. For example, the core is made of EPS foam, light and spongy, which increases buoyancy and makes the plank easy to lift and to maneuver.

For manufacturing the deck, 662 opted for IXPE, a stiff material that offers stability and is a lot tougher than the interior, making the board fit for enduring various weather conditions and environments.

Another interesting feature that makes this design stand out from the rest is the addition of a third material, a HPDE slick bottom that makes the plank slide on the water surface thus increasing the ease of movement and making a beginner’s ordeal a lot less stressful.

In order to give you a sense of direction and increase your speed, the manufacturers added a little design hack that will exponentially improve your performance. We are of course talking about the crescent tail on the rear side of the item. It will be especially helpful to have this feature if you’re not used to this sport and need to gain more experience.   

Perfect for all ages and all environments, including oceans, lakes or pools, this alternative is definitely worth considering.

Buy from for ($27.71)




BZ Bodyboards Morey Mach


This bodyboard from BZ Bodyboards comes in three sizes, and although the difference might not be striking, you will be amazed to see how important this small detail is in the bigger picture.

A piece of sports gear that doesn’t perfectly align with your body type and size will probably hinder your movement and ultimately prove to be inefficient serving its purpose.

In order to produce a model that can adapt to various circumstances, the brand combined two different types of materials. The first one is used for the core of the board and we’re talking about PE foam, which gives the final result it’s lightness and makes it easy to maneuver.

The second material is used for the exterior layer, in order to give it a more smooth appearance. Not only that, but the HDPE provides a slick surface and increases resistance, making the Morey Mach a design that can endure various weather conditions.

For a better sense of direction and improved stability, the manufacturer also added a single power rod stringer. A crescent tail on the rear side of the item will make it even easier to use, even if you’re inexperienced when it comes to bodyboarding.

Buy from




California Board Company 7 Riptide


This particular model of bodyboard is perfectly suited for beginners since it is equipped with thumb pins and arm wells and gives the user a greater sense of safety and stability without hindering your movements.

Such a feature also increases the control you have over the device, making it easier to handle. Another factor that contributes to this is the special materials used to manufacture this alternative. The interior material especially, an EPS foam, improves buoyancy and keeps the plank light and easy to maneuver.

The role of the exterior material is to protect the core and offer a slick surface that will easily slide on the water surface. Another design detail that adds to the hydrodynamic capacities of this item is the bat tail, which manages to increase speed and maintain a sense of direction. It’s also easy to use for beginners.

A straight leash is also included and it can be important for people who don’t have much experience regarding this particular sport to know they have an extra feature to make them feel safer when trying something new.

The size might look a little too small for seasoned bodyboarders, but for many body types and age groups, it might be just what they needed.

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