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Best bodyboarding book reviews


Bodyboarding books – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you have little time to spare, but you still want to be able to find the best books about bodyboarding, the following short paragraph has all the useful information that you need. Based on the bodyboarding book reviews that have garnered the best customer ratings as well as sale figures and specialized surveys, we have come to the conclusion that the option you should bear in mind is Born To Boogie: Legends of Bodyboarding by Owen Pye. The reason why this is our top pick is the fact that it makes for an incredibly fascinating read that any sports enthusiast will devour. It tells the entire history of this amazing sport from 1971 all the way to the present day. In this book, you will find a profile for all the major champions and pioneers. If Born To Boogie: Legends of Bodyboarding by Owen Pye is not available we recommend you consider getting The Bodyboard Travel Guide by Owen Pye.


Top features to consider


Finding the best bodyboarding book for sale is a lengthy process that requires you do a lot of research, unfortunately not everyone has that kind of time on their hands, and this is where we come into the picture. We have done the research for you by reading some of the best reviews, customer feedback, and sales figures.

With our buyer’s guide in mind, you will find it much easier to identify the product that interests you without having to sift through all the options available. Take a quick read if you have the time.



Easy to read


Whether you want a book to guide you through the steps of how to become a bodyboarder or just want to find out fun facts about this incredible sport, you want your book to be easy to read. The last thing you want is a book that floods you with information that you cannot possibly keep up with.

The hallmark of a good author is the ability to synthesize a great quantity of information in a format that is quite readable and that does not ask the reader to do their own research to get a grasp of what they are reading.

To make sure that you get a great purchase we recommend you focus on books written by authors that have a long history of bodyboarding. This will guarantee that the read will be infused with passion and love for this great sport.



A fun and informative read


Reading is informative but it can also be quite fun, and for bodyboarders, there’s nothing more fun than learning curious and fascinating facts about their favorite sport. Books that show the history of bodyboarding, the most famous athletes and champions, combined with little fun tidbits can be extremely enjoyable to read while also helping you learn a ton of new things.



Travel guides for bodyboarders


If you are already well versed in this sport and don’t need a manual but you still want to expand your knowledge, we recommend you consider getting a travel guide. This option makes for a great gift as the one thing that unites millions of bodyboarders worldwide is the unsatiated desire to travel the world.



Top rated products



If you are nevertheless unsure about which option to choose, we can assist you by offering a list of the best-selling books praised by both readers and critics alike. These have been showcased below. Since they have garnered the best reviews, we believe that they are well worth considering.



Born To Boogie: Legends of Bodyboarding by Owen Pye


If you’re looking for an interesting read that is both informative and fun, Born To Boogie: Legends of Bodyboarding by Owen Pye is a book we can’t recommend enough. Bodyboarding is an intense sport, and Owen Pye manages to convey the dangers and excitement of this sport so well.

It’s true that this is a history book but it doesn’t read like one, and that has to with the author’s talent of presenting events in a fun and refreshing way. Born To Boogie tells the story of this sport from 1971 to the present day.

It introduces the reader to the champions, the underground chargers, and the pioneers that have helped shaped waterboarding into the amazing and exciting sport it is today. As a plus, this option is also packed with high-quality iconic images that are a joy to look at.

Including names such as Tom Morey, Ben Severson, Pat Caldwell, and so many more, you will be able to find something about all your favorite idols. The concise and easy to read format will help create an experience that does not overstay its welcome. The author knows which information to add and which to omit so as to never bore the reader.

Buy from for ($26.96)




The Bodyboard Travel Guide by Owen Pye


If there’s one thing that all bodyboarders love, apart from practicing their sport, that thing is traveling to new exotic and beautiful places to ride new waves and meet new friends. The Bodyboard Travel Guide by Owen Pye is a great resource that will help you discover places that you never knew existed.

This travel guide presents the 100 places on the planet that have the most awesome waves that every bodyboarder should consider visiting. From exotic places to more accessible ones, you will have little difficulty in finding a location that you can realistically visit.

As if to make things even better, apart from being a great travel guide, this book also includes a comprehensive section that includes all the little things that you should know about practicing this great sport. You’ll get to know more about the equipment, boat and road trips, meteorology, training, and first aid.

Customers love the fact that The Bodyboard Travel Guide by Owen Pye is a good resource for all level of athletes in this sport, suitable for both beginners and professionals. With each location, you will get a typology of the wave plus tons of pictures as well as the ideal season to travel there.

Buy from for ($22.95)




The Bodyboard Manual by Ros Barber


If you’re a beginner and you’re looking for a great resource book to help you learn all the essential information about this sport, The Bodyboard Manual by Ros Barber is a great starting point. As you through it you will find sections that are dedicated to intermediate and advanced riders.

This is an amazing thing given that it means that you will be able to advance as you read without needing to buy a new book once you have mastered the basics. The author of this book is the editor of ThreeSixty, Europe’s leading bodyboard magazine, as well as a bodyboard instructor with two decades of experience. You can be sure that the information you’ll get is accurate and helpful.

The layout of the book is also straightforward and contains a lot of excellent photos that will make understanding some of the key concepts a lot easier. You will get advice on how to pick the best boards, how to ride the wave as well as how to handle emergencies such as head injuries.

For more advanced riders you also get advice on how to get fit, where to find some of the best waves, how to win contests, and so much more.

Buy from for ($16.68)




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