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Best bodyboarding fins reviews


Bodyboarding Fins – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you’re in a rush but you still need to find the best product available, checking out our suggestions might help you make a satisfying decision. Finding the best bodyboarding fins certainly isn’t easy, and you could use a little help from someone who’s done their research on this subject. That’s right, we’ve read dozens of swim fins reviews to put all this information together. According to our findings, the first product that you should have in mind is the Churchill Makapuu, because their specific features distance them from other options. For example, the combination of soft and stiff rubber is perfectly coordinated to give you both comfort and speed of movement. By having complete control over the model, you can adjust your pace and direction as you wish. They come in many sizes in order for you to get a perfect fit. Should this item be unavailable, we recommend you to try the Ally 13000960 ERS4 as an excellent second choice.


Best features to look for


When setting off to buy gear for your hobby, it’s important to invest in good quality items since this is a leisure time activity you certainly want to feel good about. The best way to tell good fins for bodyboarding from mediocre options is to learn which qualities are the most valuable in a model.



Material combinations


In order to obtain the best result, a manufacturer has to master the mix of materials while creating a product. This can be achieved by mastering a combination of soft elastomer when it comes to the foot pockets, to give you freedom of movement and comfort, and a more stern, stiff structure for the blade, to gain speed and strength.

Most producers don’t use a single material, and it’s a good idea to avoid the ones that do since their products are likely to be of lesser quality. If you can afford it, we definitely recommend you to buy a pair made of natural rubber, since it’s both eco-friendly and behaves better in various environments.





Instead of going for a pair of swimming fins that can only be used when swimming, try to find the ones that have unique features which will allow you to practice various watersports, such as bodyboarding or surfing.

These particular characteristics include rugged surfaces on the back to increase stability when surfboarding or to enable you to walk at a reasonable pace on a slippery surface, be it above water or underneath.





Most models come in a wide range of sizes to help you pick out the perfect fit since a product that’s not your size will hinder your movement. Although, if you have a large family and want to save a few pennies you can always go for a pair that features an adjustable strap on the back.

This type of item is not only suitable for multiple users but also for businesses like rental departments, since they can adapt to any size the customers might have.

Generally speaking, it might be a good idea to pick an elastomer that stretches and molds according to your own shape, to make sure the fins perfectly fit you and won’t accidentally come off when performing an ample movement.


After reading dozens of bodyboarding fins reviews, we came to the conclusion that the best product you could buy is the one that perfectly adjusts to your requirements and that can adapt to various circumstances.



Top rated products



Among the many options available for sale these days, it’s certainly a challenge to try to find the one that’s right for you. In order to help you do so, we’ve showcased a few of our favorite products, to outline the main qualities you should keep an eye out for.



Churchill Makapuu


This pair of swimming fins from Churchill perfectly combines two types of rubber, in order to provide both comfort and force. A softer material is used for the area that covers the foot, to allow you to wear this accessory without feeling pain or discomfort, while a more stiff rubber is used for the blade to increase kick power and allow ample movement.

Due to this unique combination of materials, the model will offer you great movement accuracy. You can adjust your speed and direction according to your own will, because of the patent dolphin design which optimizes your power and acceleration and helps you catch waves.

You might also find this item useful if you’re into surfboarding since the design allows it to act as a skeg when used on a surfboard, to help you maintain control over your movement.  

They come in many sizes, both for female and male customers, so there’s a big chance you’ll find a perfect fit. This is important when it comes to footwear since you won’t be able to properly perform unless you feel comfortable wearing your gear. Also, a better fit will allow for more precise movements.  

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Ally 13000960 ERS4


This model from Ally is manufactured entirely using natural rubber, and it’s designed for sports enthusiasts. If you’re into watersports such as bodyboarding, bodysurfing or simply swimming, we recommend you take a look at this product.

In addition to the comfortable feel of the natural rubber, to offer a better fit and allow you to move freely, this model comes with a V Thermo ankle strap. This way you won’t have to worry about the fins accidentally slipping out of your feet when making a more ample move.

For the best performance and fit, the material used molds according to the shape of your feet. You will almost feel as if you’re not wearing any gear, but your speed will be generously increased.  

Another interesting feature of the natural rubber is that it floats in salt water, which can be unpleasant for professional divers but for mere amateurs seeking to enjoy regular swim this adds a bit of safety.

Drainage exit holes provide a quick exit for small sediments such as sand or gravel and will keep you comfortable while underwater. In order to be able to walk on slippery surfaces, a rugged surface is featured on the back of the fins.

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Cressi CRS-03 Short Adjustable


Designed to aid you in many underwater sports such as scuba diving, snorkeling, or simply to help you swim with increased speed, these fins from Cressi are a good choice for both large families and rental departments, considering the fact that they’re multi-sized and can be adjusted within a few seconds.

The lightweight blade is designed to respond to any sort of swimming style and increase your speed regardless of your movements. Short and made of strong materials, it will increase your accuracy by multiplying your strength.

To obtain the maximum surface area for the blade and thus maximize its propulsion force, the design extends it from the top of the foot pockets. In contrast to the stern material used for the blade, the pockets are made of a softer elastomer, in order to give you the comfortable feel you need to perform properly.

The adjustment strap placed on the back not only serves to shift between different sizes depending on the customer, but it also makes sure this piece of gear stays in place regardless of the hydrostatic pressure. You can move freely without worrying about losing your fins in the process.

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