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Best bodyboarding wetsuit


Bodyboarding wetsuits – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Looking to get the best wetsuit for bodyboarding but you don’t have the time to prospect the market? You have come to the right place as in this short paragraph you will find all the information you need. After taking into account consumers reports, surveys, and specialized forums, we have concluded that the model you should bear in mind is the Seavenger Scout 3mm. This high-end option offers some of the best quality available on the market, all at a price that will not have you break the bank. Built out of a special AtomicFoam super stretch neoprene, with this option you will get the freedom of movement you deserve. As a plus, the poly fleece lining will help keep you warm so that you can enjoy practicing your favorite sport. If by any unfortunate event the Hyperflex Voodoo 4/3mm is not available, we recommend you also consider the Hyperflex Voodoo 2.5mm.


Top features to consider


Finding the best bodyboarding wetsuit for sale is not that easy of a task, especially if this is your first time prospecting the market. There are countless alternatives to consider and each one offers its own set of features. So how exactly do you set the difference between the good from the bad?

Doing your own research is a good starting point, but that takes time and effort. To make things easier for you we have gone through some of the most popular reviews and specialized forums to pinpoint the features that matter most when looking to buy a quality bodyboarding wetsuit.



The thickness of the garment matters


If you want to feel comfortable and warm, it is crucial that you pick the thickness of your suit accordingly. Wetsuits nowadays are made from neoprene, and this synthetic rubber comes in a variety of degrees of thickness. The thickness value is indicated by two number separated by a slash mark.

The first number indicated the thicknesses in millimeters of the portion that covers your torso. The second number is an indicator of the thickness of the area covering your limbs. The reason why the extremities have generally less thickness is that they require more flexibility and freedom of movement.

As a general rule, a 4/3 and 3/2 is a great option to use in water that has a temperature of down to 53 degrees. Any lower than that and you will need a thicker product.



Get a good fit


Your wetsuit should fit like a second layer of skin on your body because otherwise not only will you feel uncomfortable while wearing it but your performance will also start to suffer. If you’re wondering what a good fit should feel like, most riders agree that it should be tight enough so as to maintain a warm layer of water between you and the suit but in no way should it be too tight and cut off your circulation.



How often do you plan on bodyboarding?


If you’re an amateur rider and you only plan on bodyboarding during the weekends, you can spend less on your product than someone who practices this sport every evening. This also depends on your own budget because if you have the means to purchase the best of the best, we can’t advise against it.



Top rated products



While we can’t make a choice for you, since you and only you know what product you require, we can assist you by presenting you with a list of some of the top-rated models available on the market today. Take a look and see how easy finding a good bodyboarding wetsuit can be.



Seavenger Scout 3mm


If you’re looking for a high-quality wetsuit for your kids, the Seavenger option is the right choice due to its focus on comfort and protection. The snug fit will ensure that the wetsuit can conform to the body for flexible, easy movement, and a carefree play. The 3mm neoprene material will give proper thermal protection by conserving the body heat and keep the kids warm and cozy.

This option is also very versatile and suitable for all water sports such as diving, surfing, bodyboarding, rafting, canoeing or snorkeling. The super stretch panels at the armpit will ensure a full range of motion. The panel will also guarantee the durability of the unit, and the stretch properties of the fabric will keep the seams from getting damaged.

The easy-reach zipper leash is straightforward to grasp and the dual hook and loop tie down tabs at the collar will ensure that the zipper will always stay securely closed. The anti-abrasion and flexible knee pads panels are built to provide additional traction and will prevent wear and damage without hindering mobility.

The flat-lock stitching and the ankle zips will minimize flushing and prevent skin chafing. As a plus, the wetsuit is available in a wide variety of fun and stylish color options that your kids are going to love.

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Hyperflex Voodoo 2.5mm


If you’re looking for an alternative to use in warmer waters, the Hyperflex Voodoo 2.5mm is a wetsuit that won’t disappoint. It offers the same features that you would expect to get from high-quality models while also surprising the customers with something extra. The super stretch neoprene infused construction will offer the insulation you need to remain warm, comfortable, and dry.

Apart from that, this model also sees the use of the new reactor core insulation panels that are purposely built to offer great heat distribution. What this means is that in colder waters the heat of your body will remain trapped, making you feel prepared to face any challenge that the sea or ocean have in store for you.

All of this is achieved without the need for heavy and thick materials. You will be able to get a performance that is comparable with models that are thicker and that weigh more. The lightweight construction will improve your mobility.

To ensure that you will experience no issues whatsoever with finding the size that fits you best, the Hyperflex Voodoo 2.5mm offers a huge variety of sizes that you can choose from. You will undoubtedly be able to find your best fit in no time.

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Hyperflex Cyclone2 2mm


If you’re looking to purchase a quality bodyboarding wetsuit, but you don’t have the time or energy to go and sift through all the options available on the market, this short paragraph will help you get the best product with as little hassle as possible. After considering some of the critically-acclaimed models available, we concluded that the unit to get is the Hyperflex Voodoo 2.5mm. This option features the use of the new AtomicFoam 100% super stretch neoprene that will give the wearer increased freedom of movement and comfort. The proprietary AQ6 thermal fabric combined with the smoothskin panels on the chest and back will improve insulation and wind protection. All the padding and the protective layers will not increase the thickness of the product, allowing you to surf lighter, warmer, and for longer. If our first choice is not available, we recommend you consider the Hyperflex Cyclone2 2mm.



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Hyperflex Voodoo 4/3mm – Not available


If you want the best of the best, you might as well give a shot to the Hyperflex Voodoo 4/3mm  as it is a model that has won the satisfaction of customers worldwide. With a construction that features atomic foam and neoprene that is infused with super stretch, you will get a higher count of air cells which will achieve a better water insulation factor without actually increasing the thickness and weight of the product.

What’s more, the super stretch infusion will make it easier for you to move around while wearing this model. You will get a better range of movements which in turn will make you perform better. For when you swim in cold water, the AQ6 Thermal Fabrics increases warmth and comfort. This soft and thin fibrous fabric has quick dry properties so that water never slows you down.

This multi-sport option is designed to be used for surf, paddle board, windsurf, waterboarding, and water ski. With just one purchase you get a product that will expand your opportunities. The entry point and the closure system makes putting this garment on and taking it off a quick and easy process. You also won’t have to worry about water getting in as the anti-flush head gusset panel will seal water out.



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