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Best bowling ball bag reviews

Last Updated: 12.04.19


Bowling ball bags – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Are you after the best bowling ball bag and have no idea where to start? If you’re too busy to perform a thorough research on the topic, here is all the information you need. According to buyers, experts, and sales figures, the model that you should spend your money on is the BSI Deluxe. Good organization makes this particular model a must-have for any serious bowler. The bag is made from heavy-duty materials, so you can expect it to be very durable and have it for years and years. The shoulder strap can be detached or adjusted, as the need arises, so you will be able to enjoy the versatility of this particular model. In case you cannot find the BSI Deluxe anymore, the next model that you should think to purchase is the Pyramid Path Deluxe, another bowling bag that offers you excellent storage space and other benefits.



Comparison table





Top features to consider


Serious bowlers know very well how important it is to have a bag for carrying your bowling gear. You may use just a regular bag, but that will not be able to accommodate the specific needs you might have as a bowler. We want to help you by offering you all the necessary recommendations for getting the best bag for bowling ball you can find on the market right now.



What are you going to use the bag for?


At a minimum, the gear you may have, as a bowler, includes a bowling bowl, shoes, and a towel. You must think whether the bowling bag you want can accommodate everything you need to carry when you go bowling. Some models are ideal for moving only one bowling ball, but others can help with the transportation of two and even three balls.

Extra storage is another thing to bear in mind. There can be many things you may like to have with you, such as your keys, your phone, and other accessories for bowling. A model that is well organized with proper compartmentalization is your optimal choice if that is the case.



Materials used


What material is your bowling ball bag made of? This is an important aspect if you are looking to make a sound investment and purchase a model that will serve you for years to come. Leather is a recommended choice. Leather models look stylish, and some even have a nice vintage look that many bowlers love. However, you must remember that leather is not that durable, due to the weight of the bowling balls it will have to carry.

The bowling ball bag reviews you can read online recommend polyvinyl because it is much more durable. Pay attention to the thread count, though, which is named Denier. The higher the Denier number, the thicker the material.



Extras you may need


You can tell a good bowling ball from others by taking a look at several features. For instance, higher quality bags come equipped with solid zippers. The models with two zippers that can move one against the other are the most popular.

Overall, the finishing touches can tell you whether a bag is worth the money or not. There should be no unfinished stitching or parts that look like they will come undone at the slightest tension. Durability is of the essence for such a product.



Top rated products



When looking for a bowling ball bag for sale, there are so many choices to pick from that you may feel at a loss. We want to eliminate all this confusion, by offering you the information you need to purchase to get a high-quality model. The most critically acclaimed models are listed below.



BSI Deluxe


You can count on the BSI Deluxe to be a dependable companion for your trips to the bowling alley. Made from durable materials and equipped with all the necessary features for good organization, it is one of those models that deserve all the praise offered by its buyers.

A blend of Ramie and the polyvinyl fabric was used to make this particular bowling bag ball. Besides being capable of carrying around your ball, it comes with a unique shoe compartment where you can keep the footwear you will use when bowling. The maximum size it can accommodate is Men’s size 14.

If you want to make sure that your ball will not suffer any scratches during transportation, make use of the foam cup installed for keeping the ball in place and prevent any such problems. In case you do not feel like this feature is much helpful for you, you can remove it, to make more room for other things.

The organizer pocket is ideal for keeping all your belongings in the same place. You will also appreciate having the reinforced handles to carry the bag around in perfect safety. All the hardware is made from durable metal, for increased durability.

Buy from for ($24.95)




Pyramid Path Deluxe


The solid construction of this bowling ball bag starts with the choice of material. The 600 Denier polyester fabric with oxford design makes sure that this bag will not let you down, even if you carry a heavy bowling ball with you. One of the excellent aspects of this bag is that it comes with rubber wheels that allow you to maneuver the bag around.

A lot of people are not fond of having to carry the bowling bag around, seeing how much weight such an item will have to pack. The rubber wheels on this model make things much more comfortable. The wheelbase is quite broad, offering the bag more stability.

Another thing that helps with easy transportation is the extendable handle. You will be able to move the bag around just by dragging it by the handle, which is a great plus. The bag can accommodate one pair of shoes; the maximum size allowed is Men’s 16.

You can also use the bag to carry other accessories and necessities like your phone and your keys. The convenience of this bag is excellent, and it may just convince you that it is precisely what you need for carrying around your bowling gear.

Buy from for ($66.99)




Pyramid Path Pro Deluxe


In case you want to splurge a little and buy the bowling bag you deserve, this tote model may be just the thing you need. The black fabric the model is made from carries a few accents in royal blue that will make you feel like a professional heading over to the game of their lives. The solid construction is another benefit of this good looking bag.

The material used is 600/840 Denier polyvinyl, and it is very durable. Everything about this bag spells high quality. The padded strap can be easily adjusted for your comfort, and carrying handles are made from durable webbed nylon, and all the hardware is made from welded steel.

This model is the epitome of style and function. From the exterior design that does earn its Deluxe name, to the good organization inside, this bowling ball bag is everything you need.

The main compartment contains a ball holder made from foam. The shoes pockets installed on the sides can hold shoes up to Men’s size 16, and you can also use the extra space for towels, training aids, and other accessories. You can even stuff a tablet inside one of these pockets.

Buy from for ($36.99)



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