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Best bowling ball cleaner reviews

Last Updated: 12.04.19


Bowling ball cleaners – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Do you want the best bowling ball cleaner, but your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to spend a lot of time searching for the ideal product? In this short paragraph, we will tell you everything you have to know for an informed decision. The reviews written by users and experts alike, the social media reactions, and the sales figures point in only one direction: the Monster Tac. This product is made in the US, and it is meant for heavy-duty cleaning, so you can use it to maintain in proper shape even bowling balls you should use during professional play. The cleaner is USBC approved, which means that it is used by professionals, too. Any debris, regardless of whether we talk of oil, marks, or dirt, is no match for this cleaner. Should the Monster Tac be out of stock, the Storm Reacta Foam should come as a solid second option, no questions asked.



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Top features to consider


Missing a hook, you thought impossible to miss, can be a shock. But what could have gone wrong? One of the most common answers can be that the ball was not properly cleaned after the last use, and it gripped the lane too much. Bowling balls can accumulate a lot of debris, and that can make them unusable. Here are some ideas on how to select a good bowling ball cleaner for your gear.



What does USBC approved mean?


If there is one thing that sets apart the cleaners used by professionals by any others, that would be that the first category is USBC approved. USBC stands for the United States Bowling Congress, and they are the organization that has something to say about the bowling equipment used for competitions.

The types of cleaners available are two: for cleaning your bowling balls before or after a game, and those that can be used during the game. The first category is usually stronger, and you may tell it apart by the strong smell. However, you can find cleaners that can be used at any moment, while being USBC approved at the same time.

There are significant benefits to consider when you get such a bowling ball cleaner. You stay clear of toxic products, and you do not risk damaging your equipment.



How much cleaner do you need?


One thing you will notice about the products available for sale, even without reading any of the bowling ball cleaner reviews available, is the size of the bottle offered by the manufacturer. You must decide the quantity you need for cleaning the equipment you usually use.

You may feel tempted to reach for the smaller, cheaper bottles, but these are not the most efficient, price wise. If you are a regular player, you may do well to invest in a good value bottle, of 32 ounces, because that offers the best bang for the buck.



A universal cleaner is your best option


Among the many products available for sale, you may notice that plenty contain acetone. It is true that this substance can cut through any grime, but it will most likely damage the cover stock on the bowling ball it is applied on.

Search for universal cleaners that are proven to be efficient. They are your best bet if you want to keep the bowling balls you use in perfect shape.



Top rated products



There are so many products on the market you can choose. Picking just one bowling ball cleaner for sale seems like a risky move, which is why we want to make things easier by offering you this short selection of models to choose from. Monster Tac


This universal cleaner is an excellent choice for any bowler. The substance is USBC approved, and it can be used for cleaning bowling balls before or after play, but the remarkable part is that it can be used during the play, as well. That is what makes this product number one on many bowlers’ books, and why we list it here, as well.

You get more than just a simple cleaner when you purchase this particular product. You get a product that will make your bowling balls live longer. Cover stocks are usually durable, but this does not mean that they cannot get damaged.

The Monster Tac protects the cover stock against damage, and it is safe to use. Any debris is dealt with beautifully, and you don’t have to worry anymore about oil buildup, belt marks, and other issues.

The cleaner is available in bulk for purchase, so if you own a shop selling or renting bowling balls, you can make great use of it. If there is one more thing that must be said about this cleaner is that it is proudly made in the US, so you can expect it to comply with the strictest requirements and quality standards.

Buy from for ($34.99)




Storm Reacta Foam


This foam dispenser can be used for cleaning bowling balls on a regular basis. There is one advantage in the way the cleaning liquid inside is delivered. Because it transforms into foam, it offers more coverage, while using less liquid; that means that investing in this cleaner would be a wise choice if you are looking to save a little money.

The dispenser allows you to spray the liquid over the surface of the bowling ball, and see it in action right away. One thing to keep in mind is that the Storm Reacta Foam is made to be used for reactive balls. Another important aspect is that it is both a cleaner and a rejuvenator.

The bowling balls you usually use will look better and enjoy a longer lifespan if you regularly clean them with this particular cleaner. You no longer have to worry about the sticky appearance of a well-used bowling bowl.

The foam will remove all the marks on your bowling balls and will leave only squeaky clean surface behind. If you want to treat your bowling gear with proper cleaning substances, this should be a solid choice, and you will have no regrets. The easy delivery method contributes to its success.

Buy from for ($13.59)




Storm Reacta Shine


Do you want your bowling balls always to look clean and as good as new? Then you should look no further than the Storm Reacta Shine, a two-in-one solution that will help you maintain your bowling equipment in mind condition all the time. This product does more than just clean bowling balls; it also polishes them to shine that makes them look brand new.

The sticky feeling bowling balls develop when used time and time again can be a significant downside and one that can only be corrected if you are willing to invest in a good quality cleaner. This product will not cost you a lot of money, yet, it will still deliver the results you are after.

The cleaner will cut through any debris, and it will remove all the oil, dirt, and marks. You can utilize it just like a regular polisher, as well, even when your gear does not look like it is in need of a thorough cleaning.

The cleaner helps with restoring proper backend reaction, which is a great plus, in case you have noticed your bowling balls getting a little too tired. This cleaner works for 1500-grit models.

Buy from for ($8.93)



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