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Best bowling ball for synthetic lanes


Bowling balls for synthetic lanes – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Are you shopping around for the best bowling ball for synthetic lanes? We have here the perfect suggestion if you are in a hurry and only have one minute to spare. By comparing critically acclaimed models on the market, we concluded that the Storm Pitch Black should be your first consideration. This bowling ball is made to offer superior performance on synthetic lanes, as it comes with a solid urethane coverstock. It must be said that the ball will put you in charge of your flare abilities so that you can land the perfect throw with great ease. The 1000-grit finish makes sure that the ball hooks on the lane without a problem. Is the Storm Pitch Black no longer available? The next recommendation in line would be the Storm Mix, which is a model that offers almost the same level of performance.


Top features to consider


When looking for a good bowling ball for synthetic lanes, you will need to focus on what this means, and how various specifications of the ball can influence its behavior on real lane conditions. We are here to help you decide on a top-notch model by providing you with easy to understand recommendations.



Things you need to know about synthetic lanes


If you read the specs on various bowling balls, you will see that, quite often, the manufacturer offers information on how the ball will behave on an oily lane. One thing you should know is that synthetic lanes are smoother than wooden lanes, and that, when oiled, they tend to retain the oiliness for quite a long period.

On another side, when the oil dries, you will notice that synthetic lanes will offer you more chances for a good hook. That being said, you should bear in mind how these aspects influence the way your bowling ball will travel on the lane and land the hook.



Flare potential and what it means


You will be able to land better hooks if you pay attention to the flare potential of a bowling ball. When you deal with oily lanes, like synthetic lanes that have just undergone the process, you will need a bowling ball with a higher flare potential. As you go lower on how oily the lane you practice on is, you will need less flare potential.



A lower grit value for good gripping


As you read the bowling ball reviews created by users and experts alike, you will get a good understanding of how much a low grit value matters for a model that must behave well on a well-oiled lane. You will find that bowling balls with low grit values tend to grip better, and this is something you surely want to find in your bowling ball, as well.

Of course, your style of play can also have a role here, as you will be able to take advantage of lane conditions in such a manner that you will be able to make the ball hook sooner or later.



Top rated products



With so many bowling balls available for sale, it can be hard to take your pick. That is why we want to offer you the shortest path towards selecting a model that will work for you. The following items are all praised by buyers, and they offer excellent performance at a decent price.



Storm Pitch Black


One thing you may want to enjoy when bowling is precision. That cannot be acquired without predictability, and this is where you can make a difference by picking the Storm Pitch Black from the pile of bowling balls offered by manufacturers.

You can now truly put a spin on your game with excellent results. Technology is often important when it comes to building a superior performance ball. In this case, the Storm Pitch Black is the ideal choice, because the way it is designed gives you control over the way you throw the ball. The coverstock is made from solid urethane, and that can give you a true advantage on the lane.

Let’s not forget about its core, either. The Capacitor core is essential in controlling the flare potential of your bowling ball. It is easy to predict how your bowling ball is behaving, once you are the one in charge.

The 1000-grit finish will allow you to hook the ball with ease on synthetic lanes. There is no more lack of precision to worry about; if you are looking for a bowling ball to help you get your game perfected to the highest standards and results, this one should be on your list.

Buy from for ($128.95)




Storm Mix


This colorful ball is a fantastic addition to your bowling equipment. Whether you just start to love bowling or you are a seasoned bowler with plenty of experience under your belt, you will discover that this model is precisely what you have been looking for. Throwing straight may not be easy to achieve, but, with the help of the right equipment, anyone can improve their game.

This is one of the purposes that the Storm Mix makes easy to attain, so it is a great ball for practice and shooting straight. As a beginner, you need good predictability in your bowling ball and how it behaves. It is good to know that this model from Storm delivers as promised.

You may not want to spend an awful amount of money on new equipment, which is why you need to know that this bowling ball is a sound investment. Its urethane coverstock makes sure that this bowling ball will serve you for a long time.

In case that the oil on the synthetic lane you practice on is already dried, you will find this bowling ball an excellent bet for hooking. The 3500 grit with polished reaction will make your bowling ball go smooth.

Buy from for ($63.95)




Storm Tropical Breeze


Bowlers often pick their equipment based on their personality, and if yours demands that your gear should reflect your love for tropical settings, then maybe you will find this particular bowling ball a good option. However, the Storm Tropical Breeze has more than just looks to go about it.

One of the first things that should be taken into consideration is the Reactor Reactive coverstock. This material allows the ball to glide like a charm on the surface of the lane, while it still manages to provide the necessary reaction for optimal pin carry.

If you are looking for more control and increased predictability, this bowling ball is perfect for you. It is true that this manufacturer is famous for providing players with excellent options, known for improving ball action predictability. The Camber Core has a special shape, resembling an inverted bulb shape, which adds to the smooth control the bowler has on this ball.

Available in different colors and fragrances, this bowling ball is bound to make an impression on the lane. The 1500 grit with polish will help you hook the lane with ease, and your ball will also glide on the lane without a glitch.

Buy from for ($85.49)




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