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Best bowling ball under 100

Last Updated: 12.04.19


Bowling balls under 100 – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you want the best bowling ball under 100, but you’re too much in a hurry to peruse all the information comprised in this article, find out here all you need to know for an informed decision. The Columbia 300 Nitrous is the product we highly recommend as your first choice. This bowling ball is ideal for a broad range of players, as it is easy to use by people of all levels of expertise. The model is an excellent option for medium to light oiled bowling lanes, as you will be able to tell if you give it a try. Superior performance is ensured by choice of coverstock and core, and overall, you will get a good deal for your money. Should the Columbia 300 Nitrous be out of stock, we highly recommend going for the Pyramid Path, as this model offers almost the same advantages.



Comparison table





Top features to consider


With so many excellent options for sale to consider, you might feel at a loss in regards to what you should purchase. Getting the right balance between value and performance is not an easy feat, which is why we want to help you make the right decision. Read further to see what features you should take into consideration when shopping for the best budget bowling ball.



Your play level and ball type


Whenever you go shopping for a bowling ball, you should take into consideration your play level. Are you a beginner just getting the hang of the game? Or are you an advanced bowler looking for the right piece of equipment? There are several available choices, depending on what you need.

For instance, if you just want to learn how to throw straight, you can always opt for a polyester ball. These are very decently priced, and they can be used when you just want to go bowling with a few friends. Of course, when you want to get serious about your game, you can always upgrade, but know that, as a new bowler, there are options to consider.

While polyester balls are a good idea for practice, you can go for a low entry performance model, if you want to start playing more often. Such bowling balls are available at good prices, as well. Do not fall for ads trying to tell you that you should spend a lot of money on a hooking ball. There is a good bowling ball under 100 available for you.



Get the right weight for your bowling ball


Not many people can afford and are even interested in getting a bowling ball that has the gripping holes drilled to the anatomy of their hands. When you find a bowling ball that fits in your hand, it will feel lighter, which is probably something you should bear in mind. If you want to learn what weight is the most comfortable for your hand, you should try picking up a few different models at the lane.

Once you find one that seems comfortable and just right up your alley, check its weight and add one or two pounds, as you don’t want a ball that is too light. That will be the best affordable bowling ball you can get.



Should you get inserts or not?


When it comes to the right grip, there are a few things to know. Inserts are often used, and some people consider them an excellent choice, while others are not fond of them. When you use inserts, you will find it easier to induce more revolutions. However, you might get too much lift, which is something not everyone likes.



Top rated products



We want to help you find an excellent bowling ball at a decent price, which is why we have put together the next selection of items.



Columbia 300 Nitrous


When reading the cheap bowling ball reviews done by actual users, you will notice that there is one model that seems to gather all the attention. This model is the Columbia 300 Nitrous, a bowling ball made with the needs of all bowlers in mind. This ball is made for players of all levels of expertise, and it does not matter if you prefer to shoot the ball straight or hook it.

All the components of this bowling ball are top-notch. The core is made from two pieces, and that provides the bowling ball with superior consistency when you play. It is worth taking a look at the coverstock as well. The Boost coverstock used for this model will help the ball grip the lane and makes for a great team with the Nitrous core.

You can use this bowling ball with great success on medium to light oiled medium lanes, which means that synthetic lanes may look friendlier to you than dry lanes. The model also comes in a nice pattern of red and silver.

The 500/2000 Abralon finish will make the ball slide on the lane with the desired speed and smoothness. The excellent polish also makes the ball stand out.

Buy from for ($73.25)




Pyramid Path


Another excellent option for bowlers of all skill levels, the Pyramid Path offers you the possibility to start loving this sport or just practice for good fun. It must be said that if you prefer to use this ball for straight shots, that is what it is best at. As you may well know, polyester coverstock is ideal for practicing throwing straight.

You may also fall in love with its beautiful design. This is not the kind of bowling ball to let people pass by it, completely unaffected. If you notice other bowlers throwing looks of envy your way, you will know why they do that.

Versatility is essential for a bowling ball that sells at an affordable price. You cannot be sure you made the right choice if you don’t try a few models, and that can be expensive. It’s ideal for your peace of mind to just choose this one, because it is such an excellent pick, regardless of your skill level.

The bowling ball comes undrilled, and with a 2-year warranty that shows the manufacturer’s trust in this product. You will love it especially if you are a beginner because it gives you the ability to land precise shots without too much practice.

Buy from for ($47.99)




Brunswick Tzone Deep Space


Beginners prefer a cheap ball because they don’t want to spend a lot of money all of a sudden. Advanced players also go for such an option, when they need a spare ball. For this reason, the Brunswick Tzone Deep Space is simply an ideal alternative for all these bowlers.

What makes this bowling ball stand out is its ability to help you land accurate shots with ease. While you may not need it as your primary weapon, it will still help you a great deal with practice. You will notice that there are plenty of versions to choose from, as the manufacturer offers a broad range of assorted colors and patterns.

This polyester ball makes for a fine first pick for a beginner, too. Nothing can be more disheartening than trying to land a shot, only to fail every time. The forgiving action of this bowling ball will surely make you fall in love with this sport.

The high gloss finish makes the ball very visually appealing. You will feel proud while attacking the lane with this bowling ball. You can get a complete list of specs from the manufacturer’s description, telling you everything you need to know about this bowling ball.

Buy from for ($53.91)




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