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Best bowling gifts

Last Updated: 12.04.19


Bowling gifts – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


What are the best bowling gifts? If you have bowlers among your friends, you surely want to offer them an excellent gift that is bowling related. However, if you are pressed for time, you will find here, in this short paragraph, the most straightforward solution for your searches. The BSI Deluxe is the ideal gift you can offer a bfriend in love with bowling, for a variety of reasons. The tote bag is made from highly durable fabric, and the person using it will count on it for a long time. One thing you may notice about this bag is that it comes with a separate shoe compartment that can store a pair of bowling shoes up to men’s size 14. The ball cup is made from foam, and it serves for keeping your bowling ball scratch-free. If the BSI Deluxe is out of stock, we suggest getting the Brunswick Vapor, as the second perfect solution for a bowling gift.


Top features to consider


What are the criteria that you need to bear in mind when you go shopping for bowling gifts? As a considerate friend, you surely want to make a great impression on the special bowler in your life. That means that there are several things that you should bear in mind to make sure that the gift you pick will make a long-lasting impression on your friend.



Who is it for?


How much of a bowler your friend is? It is evident that you cannot buy the same gift for someone who is just getting the hang of the game and someone who is already on par with a professional player. When you seek the best gifts for bowlers, it is highly advised to bear in mind the level of experience your friend has.

Also, you should try doing some digging, to see what items your friend needs or wants. With so many excellent options available, it would be quite a shame to just purchase a duplicate for something they already have.

Another thing you may want to do is to ask other close friends what they intend to buy, for the same reason of avoiding duplicates. In case there is a more expensive gift you have in mind, you may enlist other friends so you can purchase the respective item together.



Categories of nice gifts for bowlers


As mentioned earlier, there are many things you can consider to purchase as good bowling gifts. For instance, if your friend needs a new, better bowling ball than what they already have, you will have quite a broad selection to choose from. Also, there are many excellent bowling bags that your friend can use to transport all the bowling equipment they have.

Bowling apparel is another good idea for a gift. Maybe your friend will like a new pair of bowling shoes, for instance. Regardless of what you choose, do not forget that the ultimate purpose is to make your friend happy.



Consider quality


Do not skimp on quality when you go shopping for a bowling gift for your friend. Many manufacturers sell top rated bowling gifts at more than decent prices. This means that you don’t have to break the bank just to purchase an awesome present for someone close to you.



Top rated products



Do you still feel at a loss in regards to what to buy for your friend? Here is a short selection of fantastic gifts that your bowler friend will surely appreciate.



BSI Deluxe


When someone has all the bowling equipment they need, what could be that they are still missing? The answer can be a bowling bag, like the model reviewed here. The BSI Deluxe is an excellent option for a gift, or for yourself if you are passionate about bowling. Due to its durability and other superior features, this bowling item is mentioned in many of the bowling gifts reviews you can read online.

Good compartmentalization is good for any bag, and this one truly excels in this aspect. There is a compartment for storing your bowling shoes that can hold a pair up to men’s size 14, and there is also an organizer pocket where you can keep all your valuables. This pocket is zippered for extra safety.

The ball cup comes in handy for transporting your bowling ball in perfect conditions. However, if you need the extra space, you can just remove it and make room for other things. The model comes with a shoulder strap that can be adjusted or just removed.

The bag is made from heavy-duty materials, and the handles are reinforced for more durability. All the hardware is made from metal, so you can count on this bag to last for a long time.

Buy from for ($24.95)




Brunswick Vapor


When you shop for bowling items, you will notice that there are many bowling shoes available for sale. Regardless of whether you want a new pair for yourself or you want to offer new bowling shoes to a friend in need, you will find many high-quality models, and you will only have to take your pick. The Brunswick Vapor belongs to the category of bowling shoes that are worth every penny.

The uppers on these shoes are made from synthetic materials and designed for superior performance. What counts most for any footwear is the comfort, and this is where these shoes will not disappoint you. The collar and tongue are both padded with foam for extra comfort.

The outsole is made from molded EVA so that you can expect superior comfort here, as well. It is also extra light, allowing the wearer to focus on their game, and not on how heavy the shoes in their feet feel like.

Do not forget to buy the right size, if you opt for them. In case you want to offer the shoes as a gift to someone, make sure that you know what size they wear. Nothing will rain harder on your parade than picking the wrong size.

Buy from for ($47.95)




Storm Xtra-Grip Plus


Here is another excellent idea for a bowling gift. A high-quality glove will make anyone happy, and the person who is going to receive this present for you will surely be grateful. The Storm Xtra-Grip Plus is a good looking model that addresses all the needs of a bowler in an attractive package.

When playing bowling, you need to make sure that your wrist does not get strained by accident. This glove offers the possibility to hold your wrist in a consistent position, thus limiting the risk of injury. You will also notice that the glove is made from a material that provides excellent grip.

Besides the fact that it will not allow the ball to slip easily from your hand, it will also provide you with more control so that you can aim your shots more consistently. Another thing you will love about this glove is the superior comfort offered.

The material is breathable and allows good ventilation, which means that your hands will be kept dry all the time. The wrist wrap is elastic to support the tendon in your wrist to further ensure proper safety for the user.

Buy from for ($18.63)




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