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Best bowling towel

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Bowling towels – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you want to invest in the best bowling towel, we have your back covered. This expert-created guide includes many affordable buying alternatives, and it is rich in advice that will save you money and time from the start. As a side note, we have to mention that we’ve read dozens of reviews from past buyers to find those towels that give you the most features for as little money as possible. The Hammer Shammy is one of the most praised alternatives we could discover. People love it because it doesn’t scratch the ball’s surface since it was created from micro-fibers and because it lasts for years, even if you use it daily. Moreover, it is easy to clean and very compact so you can take it with you as you’re traveling. In case this option is out of stock, we could recommend the Brunswick Microfiber EZ.

Top features to consider


Even the little things matter when you are passionate about bowling. One of the things that some may overlook is having a good bowling towel for wiping the excess of oil from their bowling ball. If your bowling ball becomes too loaded with oil from the lane, it will not perform as good as expected. Here are some ideas on what you should focus on when shopping for such a bowling accessory.



Why shouldn’t you use a regular towel?


Seeing that you are only going to use your towel to wipe clean your bowling ball, you may feel tempted to think that just any towel should do. However, professional bowlers and those who are serious about this sport opt for towels designed explicitly for bowlers’ needs.

Usually, these towels come with attractive patterns or logos that draw attention from other bowlers. It is a way for bowlers to express their personality and that is why bowling towels are so popular. There are, of course, other considerations to bear in mind when you go shopping for the best towel for bowling, as you will see right away.



Materials used


Your bowling ball is bound to gather a lot of buildup from the bowling lane, and that is why it must be wiped clean on a regular basis and given a polish in the meantime. That means that you need your bowling towel to be able to deal with the oily residue that your bowling ball will have no shortage of.

Some people prefer 100% cotton towels for such a purpose, as cotton absorbs oil well, and it is also durable. Other models on the market are made from a blend of cotton and polyester, and their main advantage would be that they are cheaper than others. Microfiber models are a good pick, too, because they are not easy to stain.



Machine washable


If you are looking at the reviews of bowling towels left by users, you will notice that all of them will mention that a towel that is easy to clean is preferable to other models. That being said, check to see if the model you intend to buy is machine washable. That will save you time and make your choice more convenient.



Top rated products



You may find it difficult to choose a bowling towel from the vast variety available for sale. We are here to help you by presenting you with the most popular models at the moment, according to customer reviews.



Storm Bowling Products Woven


You will find that many of the positive bowling towels reviews written by experts and customers alike praise the Storm Bowling Products Woven as being an excellent choice for keeping your bowling ball in top-notch shape. This model is made entirely from cotton so that you can expect superior quality and durability.

The overall high quality of the product makes it a hit with bowlers everywhere. The woven design makes the thread more resistant to wear and tear, so you will make a sound investment should you decide to buy this one. The model comes in grey and black and has the Storm logo on full display.

Seeing that Storm is a company well known for making good quality bowling equipment and accessories, bowlers are always proud to display the products they buy from this manufacturer. Everyone will know you are serious about your passion for bowling, seeing your bowling towel.

The towel is thick and soft, and it will be a pleasure to use it for wiping the bowling ball. You will be able to use it to remove all the excess of oil from its surface, and you will also be comfortable with giving it a nice shine.

Buy from for ($12.95)




Hammer Shammy


The new Hammer pad is the ultimate oil removing tool that helps restore that tacky feel you love, and that ensures a strong backhand motion. It will remove the oil rather than leave a trail of it behind like some other types of products do, which is a sign of premium quality.

The front part of the unit comes in a black shade, while the back and the sides are orange. These contrasting colors make it look appealing to use it between your games and add a touch of style and sophistication to your persona. It also tells lots about your personality and taste.

The package also provides a plastic bag that you can use to store the piece so that it won’t have to occupy a lot of space in your bowling bag. Designed in a perfect size, the model can also be folded without losing its anti-oil properties.

Another great news is that it doesn’t require a lot of force for it to do its job. Just by touching the surface of the ball you’ll instantly remove any impurities that will prevent you from winning. Cleaning the cloth is easy since it is made from highly durable materials.

Buy from for ($16.44)




Brunswick Microfiber EZ


The Brunswick microfiber EZ grip towel is another highly praised option that will help you clean your bowling ball fast and efficiently. What makes it stand out from the crows is its craft-quality and the soft yet absorbent material it is made from.

This model contains small dots on its edges to provide better traction so that you can hold the bowling ball in place while you clean it. The EZ grip side also enhances the way you handle the ball so that you comfortably flip it in all the directions you want, to give it an excellent polish and not to miss any spots.

Since it is made from microfiber material, it feels very smooth on your hands so that you can use it without your skin hurting. Moreover, the material prevents the towel from staining, and it won’t stick to the surface of the ball. And to wash the product itself, all you have to do is use hot water and dishwashing soap.

You won’t have to worry about the piece wearing off quickly because the material doesn’t deteriorate in time. This is the feature that differentiates it from other cheap microfiber towels and makes it a great addition to your bowling accessories collection.

Buy from for ($7.98)




Unavailable Products:


Brunswick Bowling Solid Cotton


One of the things you might be interested in when shopping for a bowling towel is its size. Manufacturers usually specify such details in their description, so, depending on your needs for a larger or a smaller towel, you will be able to take your pick. In this case, this towel is quite large, as it has 16 inches in width and 26 inches in length.

The printed company logo will inevitably draw some attention when you go bowling. Many people buy products made by this company, and they appreciate the high quality the manufacturer’s name stands for.

The towel is so plush and soft to the touch that it will be a pleasure to use it for wiping your bowling ball. Made from solid cotton, it is durable, and it will serve you for a long time. The orange color stands out, and if you look for something that is more brightly colored, this one is an option.

When you go shopping for bowling accessories, don’t hesitate to purchase your much-needed items from manufacturers with a well-established tradition in making such products. This way, you can be certain that the bowling items you purchase will not disappoint you like it is the case with this particular model.



Brunswick Bowling Microfiber


If you prefer a bowling towel that is easy to wash and also offers good performance when you need to clean your bowling ball, you may want one made from microfiber. The material used by the manufacturer does a great job at absorbing debris and the excess of oil that accumulates on your bowling ball.

You can use the towel alone for cleaning the bowling ball, but you can also use it with a special cleaner, for even better and faster results. The towel dimensions are 16 inches in width, and 20 inches in length and the microfiber used can absorb up to 7 times the weight of the towel. You will be pleased with how fast the microfiber will retain all the dirt and oil.

The towel is available in two colors: navy and black. You can pick whichever you prefer. Due to the dark colors, the towel will not show unsightly marks after each use. It must also be said that this one is washable, but the manufacturer recommends against using softener.

You want your bowling towel to be able to absorb as much of the dirt and oil from your bowling ball as possible. This is precisely what this particular model promises and delivers.



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