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Best bowling wrist support reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Bowling wrist supports – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you’re a passionate bowler and you want the best wrist support there is, then our complete guide will appeal to you. We’ve made sure that it contains plenty of well-made products and that it is easy to read and tailored for all kinds of budgets. Moreover, we went through quite a few reviews from past buyers and experts so that we can find pros and cons to all of the models includes in our list. And one product that outshined the competition is the Mueller Fitted Brace. One way the brand made sure it is a premium product is by adding a thick layer of foam padding that is going to protect your hand. Also, the unit is highly comfortable and adjustable, so it won’t prevent you from improving your bowling skills. If you think you need an alternative as well, we can recommend the Kool Kontrol.


Top features to consider


Whether you’re a bowling fanatic or just someone who enjoys visiting the lanes every once in a while, then getting one of the wrist supports for sale should be a priority. You don’t have to be a professional to benefit from a proper wrist support, especially when the risk of injury is higher without one. Here’s a short guide to buying a wrist support.



Enjoy proper support with a reliable wristband


When searching for a good wrist support for bowling, you should look for one that is made of a resistant material such as neoprene. Regardless if you want a simple band or a positioner with metal or plastic inserts, you surely want a product that can keep your wrist in the correct position.

Especially if you’re just starting out, getting a solid positioner can help you correct bad release habits which might lead to injuries later on. You don’t have to fear losing flexibility as many of these models can actually allow a wide range of movements so you can bowl without any hindrance.



Breathability and comfort are important


Breathability is very important in a wristband so you may want to make sure that the fabric can allow water vapors to evaporate to the exterior. That way your wrist can stay cool and dry so you won’t have to take it off during intense bowling.

You should also make sure that you’re getting a supportive item that’s also comfortable to wear. If you’re a rookie, then metal inserts are okay, but the more you improve your skills, the more freedom of movement you’ll need, in which case a more elastic compression strap would be a better choice.



Other features to take into account


Depending on your style and particular needs, you might want to go for a standard wrist support, or for the best bowling gloves you can find on the market. With a wristband or strap, you also want to ensure that the closure is easy to operate. There are quite a few models using Velcro straps which are easier to adjust for a comfortable fit.



Top rated products



There are many things you might be willing to do to improve your bowling performance, yet spending countless hours reading bowling wrist support reviews might not be among them. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list with some of the most popular consumer choices to save you time and help you make the right pick.



Mueller Fitted Wrist Brace


This unit is considered to be a perfect remedy for people treating hand injuries but also for preventing bowlers from developing wrist disorders and long-term problems. This brace fits only your right hand, and it is high-quality and incredibly useful. Wearing it as you’re practicing, you won’t feel restrained in any way.

Moreover, the product is made from breathable materials that are ideal for all-day wear since they won’t let bad smells ruin your day. It is also a lightweight unit, so you can forget you’re wearing it. People also like that it comes with adjustable straps that feature a hook and loop closure.

This design provides a custom fit and controlled compression. Additionally, the contour is rigid which enhances the support the brace offers. Its core was made with non-petroleum based materials, and for the lining, the manufacturer used elements crafted from 67% recycled PET bottles.

Besides eliminating odors, the unit also inhibits the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. All in one, it is an eco-friendly product that should not be overlooked if you want versatility, safety, and durability for a price that won’t break the bank and that won’t fail you when you want to conquer new bowling titles.

Buy from for ($13.49)
 Kool Kontrol


One of the many highlights of the unit is that it features a unique fabric and construction that allows sweat to evaporate quickly to keep your hands dry. The innovative material is also soft and can be worn for more extended periods of time without getting sticky and without overheating quickly.

The styling is classic, and it lets your wrist stay in position during the release of the ball. This will also help you improve consistency and accuracy when it comes to competitions. The metal support on the positioner enhances comfort and stability throughout without hurting your skin. It also minimizes injuries and muscle strain.

This bowling wrist brace has three velcro straps that are easily adjustable and removable as well. Moreover, it fits many types of hands properly mostly due to the closure that enables it to stay firmly attached and not slide off your hand as you’re practicing.

Every bowler should undoubtedly own this brace as it will go a long way in improving his or her game. It can be easily kept clean, and its lifespan is impressive, considering its price and craft quality. Also, it can be used for other activities and to prevent hand injuries too.

Buy from for ($15.99)




BraceUP Compression Strap


With the BraceUP compression strap, you get to enjoy your bowling outings a lot more while also protecting your wrist from injuries. This band is easy to wrap around the wrist and the hook and loop system allows for an easy closure so that it stays tight and fit during the entire game.

This item is great if you are already experiencing problems with your wrist, as it will relieve pain or discomfort by applying pressure on the area while also keeping the wrist in a correct position. You don’t have to be injured to wear this compression strap. In fact, chances are that you’ll actually manage to avoid complications resulted from overworked wrists or improper releases.

The strap is made of a soft fabric that’s breathable so you don’t have to worry about bowling while soaking wet. This fabric also has antimicrobial properties which will inhibit the growth of bacteria and prevent unpleasant odor formation even during intense moments. The neoprene material is strong and durable and will most likely last for a long time.

In addition to offering extra support and ensuring a proper position, this strap will also keep your wrist warm and cozy.

Buy from for ($19.98)




Unavailable Products:


Storm Neoprene Support


Whether you’re having problems with your wrist or you just want to ensure a proper support for your aggressive throwing style, then the Storm Neoprene Support is exactly what you need. This wristband is made of strong neoprene that will offer relief for your wrist as well as minimize the risk of injury so you can play for extended periods of time without a worry.

This wrist support is an excellent choice for both amateur and experienced bowlers. Not only can it help alleviate pain in some cases, but it also features a rubber backing which ensures that this supportive piece stays in place without having to overtighten it.

You can adjust this item with the help of a large Velcro strap that makes putting this on or taking it off a breeze.

The band will offer a good amount of support without hindering movement so you can practice a wide range of throws without being bothered by it. This product is lightweight so you will barely feel it on your hand.

The neoprene construction ensures a proper wicking action as well as superior breathability so your wrist won’t get soaking wet even after extended bowling sessions.



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