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Best boxing games for Xbox One

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Boxing games for Xbox One – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you don’t have time to consider all our options and just want to find what the best boxing games for Xbox One are, then you are in the right place. Our findings have concluded that EA Sports UFC 2 is the best due to how it offers the best gameplay mechanics and graphics on the market. What makes this option such a good choice is the fact that it is the latest installment in EA Sports UFC series. You get the latest product that builds on the past iteration by adding a gameplay that is more fun than ever due to the new knockout physics system. The physics-driven hits will give you some of the most realistic and visceral KOs that you can witness on any gaming system. As a plus, you also get the newest and the biggest UFC and MMA stars for you to play with. If it happens that for whatever reason you can’t find the EA Sports UFC 2, then the first game in the series, EA Sports UFC, is a great alternative.



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Top features to consider


Finding the best Xbox One boxing games requires some thought and experimentation that takes time. The huge variety of products available for sale can hinder your chances of stumbling on the best game right away. This is where we come into play. You can take a look at our buyer’s guide and see how to tackle the problem of finding good boxing games for Xbox One.



Make sure the gameplay is fun


When you want to buy a game that can give you dozens of hours of fun, you need to be sure that what you get will not end up being a frustrating experience. The gameplay of a game is the most crucial criteria that you need to consider before spending any money. You can look at a gameplay on the internet to find out if the way the game plays is something that you find entertaining.

Some alternatives offer mechanics that are fun to play with, and they don’t punish the player if they’re not as experienced at playing as others. You don’t want to choose an option that is hard to play, and that can lead only to hours of frustration.

Once you’ve chosen the game that looks the most fun to you, you should make sure that it also offers some sort of multiplayer capabilities. Most options offer online multiplayer, but for even more fun you can get one that allows for local multiplayer. This means that with two controllers, you will be able to play with a friend at home.

The fighter roster is just as important especially if you’re a fan of certain athletes. There’s nothing more fun than stepping in the shoes of one of your idols, which is why a game that features them can be a truly engaging and entertaining experience.



Graphics matter too


There’s a deep argument between graphics vs. gameplay in the gaming industry, and while we don’t want to get involved in that, we need to acknowledge that graphics are important. They might not be the deciding factor, but they surely need to be taken into consideration when deciding for a game.

Good graphics combined with stellar gameplay can make for the best choice out there. Besides, if you’re more of a casual gamer, it is more likely that some good looking graphics are going to make you want to play the game more, even if just to admire those gorgeous created characters and environments.



Content to keep you playing


You also want your purchase to have enough content to keep you enthralled for as much time as possible. Make sure that the game offers many campaign modes so that you have enough diversity not to get bored playing the same thing over and over.



Top rated products



If you want to select the best product based on your particular needs, we can assist you by presenting some of the best-regarded choices available on the market today. We have looked at Xbox One boxing games reviews that had the most positive customer feedback, while also taking into account articles written by experts.



EA Sports UFC 2


Get the newest and most advanced boxing game on the market with EA Sports UFC 2, the acclaimed series that is beloved by both critics and customers alike. You get the latest game in this series with the most recent gameplay mechanics and some cutting-edge graphics that take full advantage of the capabilities of your Xbox One.

With the widest variety of star athletes for you to choose from, you won’t find yourself lacking characters to play with. Mastering and discovering each and every unlockable character will require a lot of hours of gameplay, meaning that you get a game that keeps on delivering new content to keep you busy.

The latest graphics engine also feature a new advanced knockout physics system which means that each hit you give to your opponent looks authentic and visceral. See details that you never thought were possible in a game such as sweat dripping from the body of each character. See skin and muscle move with every movement and hit.

Getting bored with this game is out of the question as besides the offline campaign, you can also make use of the multiplayer. Play with thousands of other players worldwide and get ready to become a legend.

Buy from for ($14.4)




EA Sports UFC 


Being the first game in the boxing simulator series, EA Sports UFC marks a great first step into providing an almost lifelike gameplay on the next generation of consoles. If you want to see what your Xbox One is capable of, you just have to load this and awe at the technical and graphical beauty of this alternative that has spawned one of the most beloved sports series.

Get the best-looking graphics that are powered by the EA Sports Ignite technology that makes characters look more lifelike than ever. Each fighter in the game has been created by 3D scanning the body, resulting in authentic movements and character likeness like it has never been possible before.

It’s not just the looks that impress but also the gameplay which sees the use of new and advanced artificial intelligence. The opponents you’ll fight will act like real fighters and adapt to your way of playing, giving you an authentic and fun experience.

The real damage system allows for precise and authentic non-linear damage system. This means that depending on where you hit or where you get hit, you can inflict a decisive hit that can score you a win. Just as in real life, one lucky hit can make you a victor or cost you a game.

Buy from for ($13.84)




Atari Flashback Classics: Volume 1


Are you an old-fashioned gamer and want to re-experience the thrill of playing the games that have been a big part of your childhood? You can now get a compilation of the best Atari games on your very own Xbox One by purchasing the Atari Flashback Classics: Volume 1. What’s great about this options is that you will not only get the game-changing RealSports Boxing but also some of the best classic games that Atari has ever produced.

RealSports Boxing is the game that has influenced an entire industry and remains even nowadays one of the best boxing arcade. You can now play it again on your TV and get your own dose of nostalgia by taking a quick trip down memory lane.

This option makes for a good gift for your kid or even a friend or family that are either fans of the old Atari console or just people that have never experienced these beloved classics. What better way of making them familiar with these games than by giving them the opportunity of playing them on their new favorite modern console.

Don’t let yourself be discouraged by the pixelated graphics, for these classics are famous for their fun and engaging gameplay. You can spend hours and hours playing and replaying them.

Buy from for ($38.99)



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