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Best boxing gloves in 2017


Boxing gloves – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you’ve gotten tired looking through plenty of articles about the best gloves for boxing but haven’t gotten any closer to finding the ones you really want, this short paragraph should help you a lot. To collect information about top-rated products on the market, we looked at ratings and reviews for athletic gear to compare what is there with user feedback. Thanks to that intensive work, we found what we believe consumers consider the best one, the TITLE Boxing TVVTG-Box. This product is built with a top full-grain leather shell that guarantees an extra-tough glove designed to go the distance with you. Its multi-layer foam offers optimal shock absorption to enclose the fist and the back of your hand protectively while delivering the coverage and power you need while training. Each glove in the pair comes with a full wraparound, twin-ply leather wrist strap geared with an innovative hook-and-loop closure to ensure reliable support, security and hitting power. Because plenty of people are also after the TITLE Boxing TVVTG-Box, it may go out of stock quickly, but you should go for the second-best option, the Everlast Prime.



Comparison table




Top features to consider:


Your choice of boxing gloves determines your ability to train long and hard to dominate in the ring. Like any other item in your boxing gear collection, your boxing glove should be carefully chosen to ensure dependable performance, which is critical for your success in the sport. These are what you want to consider in this kind of gear.



The best gloves for boxing reviews give high ratings to products with premium-quality construction


Leather gloves are always a top choice in boxing, as they are durable and not prone to rips, tears or scrapes. Cheaper gloves are made of vinyl. If all you really intend to do is go cardio boxing, vinyl gloves should work just fine.

Leather gloves, on the other hand, can be used for everything else. You might find vinyl gloves nice-looking and okay for the price, but you may only end up regretting your purchase when you put vinyl gloves through intense training.

Vinyl gloves wear out quickly unlike leather ones. Top-grain leather gloves offer the best choice thanks to their matchless durability. Nylon-based threading ensures a shift-free padding.



The best boxing gloves reviews also provide good ratings to products that offer an optimal fit


Gloves, just like clothes, come in the basic sizes small, medium and large, in addition to middle sizes. Bag gloves are primarily the ones that utilize this sizing scheme. That said, the sizing charts you can find on different brands and models tend to be rather confusing.

Some websites offer suggestions on suitable glove size based on the user’s height and weight. However, as some consumers have found out, the gloves recommended for them based on those parameters are not quite able to provide the needed daily protection

It is best to simply take a measuring tape and wrap it around the hand a bit below the knuckle. That circumference is more practical to use for sizing. The gloves should offer a perfect fit on your fingers, hand, and wrist. A loose glove can be dangerous both to you and your sparring partner.



The best boxing gloves for the money deliver dependable comfort and performance


The gloves should be comfortable to wear even when you have hands wraps on. They should not force your hands to assume an unnaturally-clenched fist. Your hands should not hurt when you punch. Aside from excellent cushioning qualities, the gloves should also stand the test of time. Do expect a break-in period with a newly-bought pair of boxing gloves.



Top rated products



The market offers plenty of options on boxing gloves. While this might cause plenty of confusion in the first-time buyer, we hope the above buying guide helps you become a more informed consumer. We have also highlighted the best products below for even more help.





The TITLE Boxing TVVTG-Box is a product of ingenuity in boxing gear. The gloves carry an ergonomic design that offers a comfortable fit on the hands. You’ll love wearing the gloves for training and competition.

The top full-grain leather shell ensures that these gloves have the needed durability and power to allow you to go the distance. The leather material is resistant to tears, rips, and scrapes so you can use the gloves for a long time without the need to replace them with another pair soon after purchase.

You will also appreciate the multi-layer shock absorbing foam built over the fist as well as the back of the hand to provide the much-needed coverage and power for a good pair of training gloves. The shock-absorbing foam ensures the dissipation of impact with every forceful strike, so your knuckles are protected from getting broken in case you hit too hard.

The full wraparound twin-ply leather wrist strap is outfitted with an innovative hook-and-loop closure, for optimal support, security, and delivery. The gloves won’t go loose with each strike, thus effectively preventing your hands and wrists from getting broken. The closure style also enables you to train alone as you won’t need assistance to pull the gloves on.

The satin nylon hand sleeves provide dependable moisture prevention, so the gloves stay fresh between uses.



A product of boxing gear ingenuity, this pair of gloves comes with an ergonomic design that makes each piece superbly functional and performance-driven.

Get a comfortable fit on the hands during competition and training without hindering dexterity when you have to unleash powerful punches onto an opponent or the training bags and mitts.

With the top full-grain leather shell, you are assured of a remarkable durability that will last through numerous workout sessions.

Over the back of the hand and the fist are multi-layer shock-absorbing foams that deliver the essential coverage and strong support you definitely need to train hard and well.

For an impressive personalized fit as well as support and security, the gloves feature an innovative hook-and-loop closure that also enables you to pull them on and off with ease.



It can never be emphasized enough that prospective buyers should get a good measurement of their hands before making a purchase since there are instances when the sizes are not as expected.

Buy from for ($39.99)




Everlast Prime


Made of high-quality suede leather, the Everlast Prime boxing gloves deliver the right level of comfort, protection, and coverage that every boxer needs to stay on top of their game. This pair of gloves provides long-lasting durability and an ultra-soft feel so you can enjoy years of use.

The gloves are outfitted with a firm and highly resilient foam padding that follows the shape of your hand for an ergonomic, contoured fit that ensures your hands get optimal cushioning as well as protection from impact. You can close your hands in a naturally clenched fist so you can build up enough power to go behind every strike.

The gloves also come with the exclusive Isoplate Technology that boasts a state-of-the-art vertically-oriented, foam-plated wrist construction to stabilize your wrist and prevent hyperextension when you hit your target.

To facilitate easy on and off, the boxing gloves come with a back-end hook and loop wrist wrap closure that supports the wrist, placing it in a natural, no-twist position to provide a secure yet comfortable fit.

The EverDri wicking lining works to reduce sweat for enhanced durability and to prevent foul odors. These gloves provide an extra-soft feel on your hands without compromising on durability.



If you are serious about boxing, you will surely appreciate that these gloves are made from high-quality suede leather, which not only ensures durability but also facilitates cleaning and maintenance.

Contributing to the essential element of comfort is the ultra-soft feel and firm, extra-resilient foam padding that delivers an ergonomic, snug fit.

In the objective of ensuring the gloves provide a contoured fit, they are designed with optimal cushioning that protects from impact and follows the natural shape of the hand.

Delivering yet another element of advanced technology is the unique Isoplate Technology that delivers a cutting-edge foam-plated wrist construction for support against hyperextension and twisting.

The back-located hook-and-loop closure system lets you wear the gloves and remove them easily without the need for assistance.



One customer finds the D-ring/strap system disappointing because it falls a bit short compared to the expectations of the buyer.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




JBM International


The JBM International gloves are made of durable polyurethane material to guarantee years of use. Supplementing the polyurethane material is the compressed cotton that fills up the fighting gloves for sufficient cushioning and a good level of comfort. The wrist section is 1.33 cm thick to provide enough support from twisting.

The case of the gloves is 5 centimeters thick to provide protection to your hands even with the hardest punches. Punch all you want and make contact without worrying about breaking your wrist and knuckles because of the punching power. The thick cotton also protects your trainer or sparring partner from sustaining a solid injury when you strike them during training.

These gloves come in three colors so you can choose the perfect pair you will surely love. The gloves also come in a variety of weights to accommodate any specification. The gloves are easy to store and carry so you can bring them to the training gym worry-free.

These gloves are suitable for the following activities: MMA, kickboxing; sparring; Muay Thai; Jeet Kune Do; karate; and TKD. There’s no need to get different pairs of gloves for every training activity you want to engage in.

You will love how these gloves provide adequate protection and comfort as well as critical support to your wrists and hands.



Constructed from durable polyurethane and compressed cotton, these gloves are designed to be strong enough to withstand the force from repeated punching and striking against surfaces.

The compressed cotton padding is able to absorb the external impact so you can do hard and vigorous punching without feeling the brunt of the pressure on your hands.

The 0.52-inch wrist strap supports the delicate bones of your appendages from fracture due to unexpected twisting on impact or improper striking stance.

Choose the weight that suits your punching style and application. This allows you to enjoy customized protection on your hands.

These gloves are versatile enough for use in sparring, MMA, kickboxing, Jeet Kune Do, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, and karate, so they are perfect for cross training



Any abuse or use of the gloves beyond what they are designed for can cause them to get worn out more easily than their expected lifetime. It is best not to overstep the boundaries of their functionality.

Buy from for ($23.99)




Affordable boxing gloves – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Getting the best affordable boxing gloves is not an easy task, but we got you covered. Praised by all the top review sites and loved by all its users, the Everlast MMA is by far the model to look for. With thick foam padding and a resistant exterior, these superb boxing gloves will keep your hands well protected during training, regardless of the type of bag used. Sturdy and durable, they are the perfect model for all those who want to take their boxing skills to the next level. Firmly secured in place by high-quality Velcro wristbands, they are considered to be the number one training gloves in use today. The open thumb design helps with landing each punch just as you like. If Everlast MMA is out of stock, then you can get the ProForce Leatherette gloves instead as they share almost the same features.



Comparison table




Top features to consider:


Used in an impressive number of sporting competitions and training sessions, boxing gloves are some of the most important equipment pieces you will need daily. Helping you get the best possible deal, we read all the best affordable boxing gloves reviews and found out the most important features that you must look before making a purchase.



Protection factor


The number one factor everyone should keep in mind before buying a new boxing glove set is their protection factor. Often overlooked, the extra protection offered by a good glove is essential in keeping your fists and wrists safe during sparring or bag punching.

Without proper protection, after repeated blows and hits, the skin and deep tissue will get bruised and will start to hurt. Together with larger and more critical injuries, these problems may lead to training breaks and even more important medical issues. Look for gloves with extra padding, additional foam or extra protective layers. Always remember that a good protection factor is the number one aspect found in all the high-quality boxing gloves.



Wearer comfort


Regardless of the training regimen or bag type used, all good boxing gloves must be stable and a perfect fit for your fists. Using a loose fit glove is never a good idea as it can lead to early fatigue, improper muscular alignment, and even wrist injuries. To make sure that your future boxing gloves will offer you maximum comfort during training, choose the appropriate size depending on your hand measurement.

Additionally, look for models that come with good, solid wrist straps. These straps ensure a better wrist grip and a tighter glove fit. Keep in mind to avoid buying one size fits all models, as they usually tend to be more unreliable and less comfortable than the rest.





The third most important aspect to look for is the model’s strength. The best boxing gloves for the money are made from durable and highly resistant materials that will not get damaged and ripped apart with ease. Able to withstand a lot of punishing, these gloves will offer the same protection factor as on the first day.



Top rated products



Searching through countless models available, we found the best affordable boxing gloves that you can get right now. Durable, comfortable and offering great protection, these excellent high-quality contact gloves are reviewed below.



Everlast MMA


Considered to be one of the best affordable boxing gloves, the new and improved Everlast MMA is a real champion in its class. Built for protection, comfort, and stability, this superb glove set is a perfect choice for anyone who wants a cheap alternative to professional boxing gloves.

Designed to offer enhanced protection, this boxing glove set comes with a full one inch of closed cell foam padding. With this much protection, you will be sure that your knuckles will barely feel a thing when punching even the heaviest bags.

Easy to put on and off, these boxing gloves use solid, wide, Velcro wrist straps. Enhancing balance and stability, and offering a superior grip, the wrist closure is a great addition to an already excellent glove. Perfect for both training and sparring sessions, these stable gloves are essential for daily practice.

With an open thumb design, the Everlast MMA delivers a compact and solid punch every time. Taking the pressure off the wrist and knuckles and protecting your skin from bruising, these high-quality, affordable boxing gloves are a must have for anyone who wants to keep training without interruptions. Durable, safe and highly resistant, these are often considered by their buyers the best inexpensive boxing gloves money can buy today.

Buy from for ($22.96)




ProForce Leatherette


Designed for a broad range of contact sports, these excellent boxing gloves earn top praises from both users and expert reviewers alike. Made from durable leatherette material, the ProForce Leatherette can resist a lot more than any plastic models.

Compact and perfectly shaped, offering high protection value, these superb contact gloves are made for winners. Used for boxing, karate, fitness or even cardio training, the ProForce Leatherette is one of the most versatile and adaptable glove sets money can buy today. Having such a wide range of use, these boxing gloves are often regarded to be among the best investments a contact sports initiate can make.

Easily fitted to any fist size, they come with easy to use hook and loop wrist closures. Delivering superior comfort due to their vented interior panel, these gloves keep your hands cool and sweat free even after a long training session.  

Excellent for any contact sport and used by men, women and even children, these highly versatile affordable boxing gloves are a perfect choice for all those who want to get a simple, hassle free glove set.

Buy from for ($21.12)




SKL Sanda


Designed mainly for beginners and light contact sports, these high-quality boxing gloves are among the most comfortable and straightforward models you will ever buy. Perfect for anyone looking to learn boxing without having to invest too much money, these are the gloves that will get you started.

Created from durable Bicast leather, the SKL Sanda is designed to take plenty of blows. Padded and solid, these boxing gloves will protect your fists, offering users plenty of room for mistakes. Using a Velcro strap for stabilizing and better fitting, these gloves can be utilized by a wide range of hand sizes.

Unlike the more advanced models, these simple and flexible gloves need almost no adjustment time; just put them on, and you will be ready to train or fight. Comfortable, simple and durable, these very affordable contact gloves are best used in light training and sparring sessions.

Used by many, the SKL Sanda boxing gloves offer plenty of protection at a fraction of the cost of any other contact glove set. Comfortable, easy to strap in and adjusted to your fists, these boxing gloves are simply too affordable and useful to ignore.

Buy from for ($10.58)





Boxing gloves for training and sparring – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you have no time to waste, but you want to find the best boxing gloves for training and sparring, you’re in the right place. Based on the consumer reports, sales figures, and specialized forums and surveys, we’ve come to the conclusion that the Sanabul Essential is the one you should bear in mind. Equipped with performance-engineered leather construction, this pair of boxing gloves is made of high-quality, tough material that can withstand the constant shock it is subjected to while being easy to maintain and clean. Solidly-built with exclusive Gel Impact Protection Foam, the gloves ensure your hands are shielded from injury while training, effectively preventing fractured knuckles and broken wrists even with rigorous boxing sessions. The gloves are also geared to fit your hands’ natural curvature to promote proper fist closure while hitting. Should you be unable to get your hands on the Sanabul Essential, perhaps you’d benefit from using the second-best alternative as the Venum Contender comes with almost the same features.



Comparison table




Designed to protect your sparring partner and you, sparring/training gloves are intended for developing technique and skill. They can be used for mitts and heavy bag training, sparring and everything in between. These are the features you want in the perfect pair of such type of boxing gloves.


Top features to consider:



The best boxing gloves for training and sparring are made with dependable support and cushioning


Considering how much pressure your boxing gloves for sparring and training will be subjected to, you want them to provide optimum cushioning and protection to your wrists and hands. This will ensure more comfortable boxing workouts despite the strenuous nature of the activity.

Adjustable wrist straps are quite helpful for those who suffer from sore wrists. To ensure maximum support, you can simply tighten the wrist straps as needed. Gel cushions and reinforced stitching, as well as sensible cushion positioning,  are just some of the strategic design concepts that are used on boxing gloves for training and sparring.

Despite the fact that bulkier gloves have greater heft and reduced flexibility, they do deliver a greater level of protection to enable the user to perform as expected. Furthermore, boxing gloves are typically the most durable and supportive type of gloves on the market.

They can take a lot of wear and tear and can withstand repeated and extended use. Check out those made of high-quality neoprene, leather, and nylon. You want the gloves to be able to soak up the sweat, but they should also be washable. Resistance to rips or tearing is a must.



Those that rate high in the best boxing sparring gloves reviews offer a reliable fit


The gloves should have an ergonomic arch design that supports the natural curvature of the hand inside them. This supports the closed fist for greater punching power during training. Even when the hands sweat, the gloves should stay on firmly, as this prevents injuries due to the improper curvature of the hands inside the gloves.

There has to be a balance between rigidity and flexibility in the gloves. It may take a bit longer for rigid gloves to break in, but eventually, they will start conforming to the shape of your hands as well as your natural grip. In other words, they grow on you with time.

That said, you still want your boxing gloves to be of the proper size at the onset. The size of boxing gloves is designated in ounces or simply oz. The following are the most common sizes: 8 oz; 10 oz; 12 oz; 14 oz;16 oz. You won’t find gloves in odd sizes such as 9 oz, 11 oz and so on.

Although glove weight and glove size are sometimes used interchangeably, that is not always the case. Thus, an 8-oz glove doesn’t necessarily weigh 8 ounces. The purpose of the glove size is to make it more effortless to determine the glove weight the user should train in. Glove weight is critical as it also has to suit the intended method of use.

Hitting a heavy bag, for instance, will require larger gloves with more padding to ensure greater hand protection. Then there are fighters who prefer to train with heavy glove weights to work on their punching speed.



Good boxing gloves for training have to provide breathability and flexibility


As mentioned above, the gloves should fit the natural curvature of your hands. That said, boxing gloves do not offer the same kind of mobility you would expect from weightlifting gloves. They do not have contoured fingers due to their sheer bulk. However, they are more efficient in hand protection.

To prevent the thumb from twisting, some gloves come with a fully-attached thumb to keep that digit in place. Velcro closures simplify on and off, so you seldom need assistance.

Neoprene gloves are very flexible and wick moisture away from the hands, providing a cool and comfortable experience for the duration of a workout.



Top rated products



The market is filled with a variety of boxing gloves for training and sparring. The above buying guide is designed, so the buyer becomes a more informed consumer. We have also showcased the best products below for even more help.



Sanabul Essential


The Sanabul Essential is a pair of training gloves boasting precision-engineered leather construction to withstand the punishment of working the heavy bag, mitts or with a sparring partner. Each glove is made of high-quality material that ensures durability for the long run.

The gloves are also easier to clean and maintain thanks to their leather construction, which makes them resistant to rips or tears. Inside each glove there’s gel impact protection foam or gel-infused foam that delivers superior protection and adequate softness to protect your hands from getting injured while training.

Equipped with an innovative longitudinal arch design, the gloves are made to fit your hand’s natural curvature to promote correct closure of your fists while striking. This means your punching power is not compromised in any way.

To facilitate easy putting on and taking off of the gloves, they each come with secure Velcro closure systems that also deliver a snug yet comfortable fit for training. No need to ask for assistance too frequently when taking them off or putting them on.

The mesh palm helps keep your hands cool because of how it increases the breathability of your gloves. Developed and created to enable you to train and spar well, these gloves make a sensible investment toward ensuring the effectiveness of your training.



High durability makes these gloves stand head and shoulders above the competition since they can withstand quite a lot of wear and tear, due to their solid leather construction.

The risk of injury while training is significantly reduced since the gel foam used for the inside lining makes sure that your knuckles and fine bones in your hand are adequately protected.

The longitudinal arch design is another significant benefit, and you will feel like your gloves naturally fit in your hands, without any need for more adjustments.

A snug fit is essential for making the best out of your training, and the Velcro strap closures are there to ensure that you get everything you need.



You may have to consider extra protection gear in the form of hand wraps since the protection foam is not designed to withstand heavy hits. Nonetheless, these gloves are ideal for beginners.

Buy from for ($39.99)




Venum Contender


Because they are amazingly designed for ladies, the Venum Contender is made of 100 percent high-quality Skintex synthetic leather to provide long service life. Thanks to how they are made of multi-density foam, the gloves offer a great level of protection to your knuckles, fingers, and palms.

Considering how they are geared to absorb shock, the gloves can withstand the wear and tear that typically characterizes any rigorous workout with the mitts, a heavy bag or a sparring partner. They do not give up if you won’t, and will probably even go beyond what you least expect them to do.

The gloves each come with a large Velcro enclosure that ensures a secure and snug fit. This means the gloves will not slip off inadvertently during vigorous punching and striking. You will also love the fully-attached thumb on each glove, as this element works to minimize twisting of that vital digit.

These versatile gloves have been designed to deliver a remarkable experience for those who do heavy bag training, mitt work, and sparring or are simply taking fitness classes. When you are bent on training hard, you need not hold back because these gloves can take it.

The multi-density shock-absorbing foam provides reliable hand protection that goes the distance. Engineered for training, these gloves are meant for the serious fighter.



These gloves are made for women, and their design is thought in such a manner, that your hands get the best protection possible, with a multi-layered foam system.

They are made from synthetic leather, which makes them cheap, easy to maintain and also resistant to all kinds of wear and tear they may have to withstand over the years.

Keep in mind that these gloves are quite versatile and they can be used for sparring and landing punches on a heavy bag, each time delivering as expected.

The shock absorbing foam makes sure that you can land heavier hits without worrying that you might end up seriously hurting your hands.



Breathability could be better, as some users indicate in their opinions. Since keeping your hands dry and comfortable is paramount for pro athletes, this may be an issue in case you purchase these gloves for more than just the occasional sparring session.

Buy from for ($34.99)




TITLE Boxing Pro Style


The TITLE Boxing Pro Style gloves are by no means a pair of run-of-the-mill gloves. They are designed to deliver the best training and sparring experience for those aspiring to capture one boxing title after another.

Developed for training and sparring, the gloves come in a simple black-and-white design that makes them professional-looking with a healthy dose of stylishness. The gloves are available in 12, 14 and 16 ounces to fit a variety of users.

Each glove is made with a top full-grain leather shell that enables you to train hard without getting torn or ripped because of the intensity of your strikes and punches. Built to go the distance, these tough training gloves come with multi-layer shock absorbing foam that takes on the force you use with every punch while still staying cool for the next session.

The foam is strategically placed over the back of your hand and fist to provide full coverage plus the power needed in any high-end training glove. You’ll also appreciate the full wraparound twin-ply leather wrist strap that features a hook-and-loop closure to provide maximum security and no-slip wearing.

The hand compartment made of satin nylon works to repel moisture to prevent the gloves from smelling bad between uses. These gloves are always ready when you are.



These gloves are available in 12, 14 and 16 ounces, so they address quite a large variety of users.

The black and white design is popular among users, and it makes the gloves look like the ones worn by professionals during competitions.

The full foam coverage for all the areas on your fist that may suffer injuries, if you hit too hard, is a recommendation in itself for those willing to go further with their training.

The satin nylon used for the internal lining makes sure that moisture wicks quickly, allowing your hands to remain dry and comfortable. This also helps with preventing your gloves from starting smelling bad.



Wrist protection could be better, according to some users, but, for beginners who are just learning how to hit a heavy bag, this model is still a winner in everyone’s book.

Buy from for ($39.99)




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