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Best boxing gloves to buy


Boxing gloves – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you have no time to waste, but you want to find the best boxing gloves, you’re in the right place. Based on the consumer reports, sales figures, and specialized forums and surveys, we’ve come to the conclusion that the Venum Elite is the one you should bear in mind. These gloves are made with Triple Density Foam, which ensures more-than-enough padding to keep your hands protected even with rigorous and repeated punching and striking. The gloves feature reinforced seams to prevent them from getting torn apart and ensure lasting performance through many bouts. Each of the gloves has a reinforced palm that offers optimal shock absorption and promotes proper closure of your fists. This also protects your knuckles and fingers from fracture due to improper curvature when hitting hard. Should you be unable to get your hands on the Venum Elite 0984-16oz-P, perhaps you’d benefit from using the second-best alternative as the Venum Challenger 2.0 comes with almost the same features.



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You are passionate about boxing, so you train hard to perform well in the ring, or perhaps you just want to do some high-impact workout in your free time. This means you need a great pair of boxing gloves, ideally those that can go the distance with you. These are what you want to find in a good pair.


Top features to consider:



The best boxing gloves to buy are suitable for their intended purpose


You must first determine what the gloves will be used for. If they are to be utilized primarily for sparring, you will want extra-padded training gloves that not only protect you but also let you strike a sparring partner without causing injury to them.

According to boxing experts, sparring gloves should not be less than 16 ounces in size. The only exception could be if the user is a small individual weighing under 120 pounds. Sparring with 14-ounce gloves may not prepare the user enough to compete in an actual bout where they need to put on 16-oz boxing gloves.

On the other hand, competition boxing gloves are used in actual boxing tournaments or competitions. Amateur boxers are classified based on their respective weight class and use 12oz, 14oz, 16oz and greater glove sizes. Moreover, amateur boxers have to use gloves recommended for boxing competition. Ask your trainer about the proper size and specifications for you.

Professional boxing gloves are frequently smaller compared to sparring/training gloves, which are thicker and heavier.



Good boxing gloves for the money offer superb protection to the hands


With a bigger glove, there is more padding. Training with a larger glove ensures greater and better protection for the hands. Striking a heavy bag will require that your hands have the best protection you can get to prevent injury with repeated and extended use for striking or beating. In order to move easier and faster without harming yourself we recommend reading articles on boxing shoes as well.

Training while wearing bigger gloves also helps you grow accustomed to the weight so you can punch faster and better when you have to use smaller size gloves or even bigger gloves during the actual fight. Training gloves are a bit smaller than thickly-padded sparring gloves, but the former still offer greater protection for the hands.

Bag gloves are of poor quality and are rarely used. Amateur fighting gloves come with quality padding. On the other hand, there is less padding in professional fighting gloves to ensure the maximum striking capability of the user.



Look for models in the best boxing gloves on the market reviews that are of the right size


Some factors determine the best glove size for you. This includes the glove type, fighter size, the type of competition and the fighting organization you are playing in. Larger fighters need heavier gloves.

Also, as mentioned earlier, training gloves are on the heavy side. Glove weight is principally determined by body weights, so heavier fighters need a heavier glove. Fighters weighing 180 pounds are best equipped with 16-ounce or bigger glove sizes. A fighter weighing 120 pounds or less ought to get training gloves with 10 to 12-ounce sizes.

Approximately 2 ounces larger than training gloves, sparring gloves are also chosen based on the weight of the user. Therefore, a 160-pound fighter ought to put on a pair of 14-ounce training gloves and will need a 16-ounce pair for sparring. Your sparring or training opponent won’t get injured because of the extra padding.

The lightest gloves are designed for competition use.



Top rated products



The market offers plenty of options on boxing gloves. We hope the above buying guide helps you make a more informed decision. We have also showcased the best products below for even more help.



Venum Elite


Made with Triple Density foam, the Venum Elite 0984-16oz-P gloves are designed for practicing your striking power during bag work or mitt work as well as fitness boxing. They have strengthened seams that ensure lasting quality for repeated and long-term use. The reinforced palm on each glove ensures optimal absorption of impact with each punch or strike.

Fully handmade in Thailand, the gloves boast 100 percent Skintex leather in their construction, which ensures you can enjoy top quality fighting experience one competition after another. The strengthened palms are supplemented with long cuffs to deliver not just unparalleled shock absorption but exceptional hand and wrist protection while also enabling you to train longer and fight better.

Designed for beginner to advanced users, the gloves even have a formidable-looking embossed Venum logo that speaks of premium quality and craftsmanship. This pair won’t give up if you won’t, with the gloves’ strengthened seams that ensure a solid structure for striking and punching without falling apart or failing to deliver the force as they should.

Providing optimal support, these gloves help you dominate during training, and they will surely help you become victorious during an actual bout. Make every effort count with every punch using these high-quality gloves.



The leather construction ensures that this pair of gloves is very resistant to wear and tear and will offer solid performance for a long time.

Since for boxers it is imperative to have their hands dry and comfortable, the individual mesh panel employed under the fists makes sure that proper thermal regulation is provided.

Using triple density foam, these gloves make sure that you are getting proper protection when hitting a heavy bag or when sparring. The foam will absorb the shock from heavy hits and your knuckles, and your fists will remain protected.

The palm is reinforced, contributing further to absorbing shocks, so these boxing gloves are great all around.

The attached thumb prevents the risk of injury and helps you keep your hand comfortable.



A better venting system would have been better, as some buyers notice. Nonetheless, these leather gloves are great, and they are considered an optimal buy even by those who have minor complaints.

Buy from for ($79.99)




Venum Challenger 2.0


The Venum Challenger 2.0 gloves are designed in Thailand. Each glove is a lightweight unit that offers unparalleled value for the modern boxer. If you want to train or fight with quality gloves, these are definitely for you.

The gloves have a distinctive 100 percent fully- attached thumb that protects that critical finger from getting injured during an intense sparring or training session. The breathable internal mesh protects from the excessive accumulation of sweat that could cause bad odors between uses.

Geared for beginners and intermediate users, the gloves come with quality Polyurethane or PU leather construction that ensures dependable long-term durability along with high-end performance during every use. These gloves are affordable but do not compromise on premium quality and craftsmanship. They offer remarkable value on all levels.

The gloves are another product offering from Venum, a popular Mixed Martial Arts & related combat sports brand made famous for its line of boxing warrior gear to fit any professional athlete, amateur combatant or avid boxing fanatic.

You are assured of superior technical expertise in every pair of Venum gloves. This particular pair boasts a curved anatomical shape that ensures injury-free striking for the user. The large Velcro enclosure on each glove is supplemented with elastic to deliver a snug and secure fit with more-than-enough support for rigorous training sessions.



Made from premium PU leather, these gloves are designed to last, and they will accompany you in many boxing sessions.

The curved design makes sure that your hands enjoy superior protection since you can curl your fists comfortably inside them.

The enclosures are made from Velcro, and the elastic hand bands will make sure that the gloves will not accidentally slip from your fists.

The overall design of these gloves is classy and therefore, preferred by boxers who are not that crazy about flashy looking gloves.

The fully attached thumbs allow your hands to enjoy perfect protection. When you strike, you will not have to worry about crushing your thumbs due to inappropriate protection.



The gloves seem to be a tad longer than expected and they may make some moves a bit awkward. It is highly recommended to buy a good fit, to avoid any unpleasant mishaps.

Buy from for ($44.9)




Venum Contender


Dominate and obliterate. That’s what the Venum Contender gloves are designed to do. Expertly crafted to deliver your punches fast and furiously, these gloves are made of a high-quality material in each section to guarantee lasting use.

You will surely love the 100 percent premium-quality synthetic material joined with a multi-density foam to create the perfect glove for any amateur or professional boxer or fan. Leave your opponents stunned with your striking power. Be awed by what you can do to prove how good you are in the sport of boxing.

These gloves can also be used for fitness boxing as they ensure you or your trainer do not get hurt when you punch. The multi-density foam provides superb absorption of shock when striking, thereby protecting your knuckles, fingers, and wrists from sustaining injuries during practice.

The large Velcro enclosure offers a secure and snug fit, enabling you to strike and punch at will without worrying about the gloves suddenly coming off. The fully-attached thumb minimizes the risk of thumb twisting as it keeps that digit in a natural position close to the rest of the hand.

Enjoy a fantastic punching experience during mitt work, heavy bag training, sparring or fitness boxing sessions.



The synthetic leather these gloves are made from is very durable and ensures that you will be using them for a long time.

On the inside, the gloves are layered with multi-density foam, which is ideal for absorbing shocks when you are landing heavy punches.

If you like your boxing gloves to have a secure fit, these will not disappoint you. The Velcro enclosure will keep each glove in place, preventing slippage. Also, when you need to take them out, you will do so with ease.

The fully attached thumbs make sure that you will not risk twisting your fingers during practice.



These gloves may not be for heavy duty users, but a proper choice for beginners. Some buyers report that, as professional athletes, they find these gloves to be lacking in durability, although not in performance and comfort.

Buy from for ($34.99)




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